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POSTED: November 29, 2013

On this long Thanksgiving weekend there is a lot to be thankful for. But most conservatives are painfully aware that we live in terrible times. Society as we've known it is constantly under intense assault. It's easy to get depressed and simply want to give up.

A booth in downtown Boston during "Gay Pride Week" 2013. Exposed by MassResistance.

Many conservative groups backing away from radical "gay" movement

Probably the most frightening part of that the homosexual movement has become even more aggressive and radical. It is marching even faster through our schools, government, media, and society's institutions. But confronting it can be terrifying. As the "LGBT" movement becomes more overwhelming and vicious, politicians, conservative leaders, and even pro-family groups are increasingly backing away in droves from that part of the culture war -- providing the radicals even more momentum.

NOTE: All photos from MassResistance.

But not MassResistance. We believe that good people must stand and fight back without compromise and without fear. In doing this, we have garnered worldwide respect from pro-family activists. And as 2014 approaches, we are dedicating ourselves to doing much more.

We depend on people like you -- big end-of-year opportunity!

But a major part that equation is broad financial support from people like you. You are the hope of America for protecting traditional values. You don't have to contribute a lot of money. Even a modest amount -- even $9 -- makes you a part of this fight instead of being just a bystander.

We are asking you to consider making a donation today, especially if you haven't done donated before (or recently). This is particularly important right now, because if we can raise $75,000 by December 31, a generous donor has agreed to match that. And you will be investing in uncompromising activism that really has no price.

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No one else does what we do!

Here are JUST A FEW of the things MassResistance has done during 2013:

Helped fight "gay marriage" in state (and foreign) legislatures. People around the country -- and around the world -- look to MassResistance when "gay marriage" is threatened in their state. Were were VERY busy this year, working closely with activists in Hawaii, Illinois, Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Indiana -- and even across the ocean in Australia, England, and France.

Confronted anti-Christian school play. In Northampton, Mass., we exposed and helped pro-family citizens protest a vile homosexual-themed anti-Bible play in a local school.

Supported Pastor Scott Lively against heinous lawsuit.
When the hideous "crimes against humanity" lawsuit against Pastor Scott Lively by a Soros-led group had its hearing Federal Court, accompanied by the homosexual Gestapo, we were there -- and documented it. (Watch our video here.)

Documented the same-sex "marriage" horrors in video. We created a powerful video "What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts," as a tool for activists, which has since been used around the world. It expands on our booklet, (60,000 copies distributed worldwide).

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No one else does what we do!

Exposed Boston "Gay Pride Parade"
Only MassResistance exposed and documented the bizarre transgender horrors and anti-Christian hatred in the Boston "Gay Pride Parade" in 2013.

Exposed outrageous Youth Pride activities.
Exposed the state-supported "Youth Pride Day" activities where homosexual activists target vulnerable schoolchildren. As part of this, we also reported on horrific program at Youth Pride recruiting teen boys for transgender activities.

Confronted state-supported transgender push targeting youth. Confronted the Massachusetts State Board of Education on their outrageous "transgender rights" directives to schools across the state and the larger transgender agenda targeting young people. (Note: Both people in photo at right are young men at Youth Pride 2013.)

Filed bills to STOP the radical LGBT agenda in schools. We filed STRONG pro-family bills in the Massachusetts State House to protect parents and children from the LGBT agenda in government.

Testified at numerous State House public hearings, confronting legislators on these issues.

. . . And much more. For example, we covered the annual GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) conference of radical educators revealing what their plans are for pushing the homosexual agenda in the elementary schools. We were in the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association's annual meetings, and exposed their plans to use journalists to help homosexual activists disrupt the upcoming winter Olympics in Russia. If we didn't do this, who would?

But we can't let up. We must do even more in 2014!

And what we've done this year is just a sample of what we must do in 2014. This fight is getting more heated, and we must to step up to it.

But we need your help. YOU are an important part of the battle. Please help MassResistance get this crucial $75,000 matching donation.

** DONATE TO MASSRESISTANCE - invest in the fight! **
No one else does what we do!

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