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Marriage victory in Finland! Parliamentary committee votes down "gay marriage." Help from MassResistance.

POSTED: July 3, 2014

A coalition of religious activists in Finland using MassResistance materials has blocked a “gay marriage” move in the Finnish Parliament, overcoming a well-funded and well-organized push by the homosexual lobby.

Finland isn't as easy to conquer as the homosexual movement expected!

On June 25 the Finnish Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee voted 10-6 to reject the "gay marriage" bill. The vote followed lobbying by coalition members and the distribution of MassResistance materials to all members of Parliament. In addition, the MassResistance video “What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts” was broadcast on national TV in May.

The Finnish Parliament in Helsinki.

This represents a serious setback for efforts to bring “gay marriage” to Finland any time soon. The homosexual lobby will attempt to bring the bill before the full Parliament this fall, but without the Committee’s approval it is much more difficult. It also makes it easier for individual members to vote against it on principle.

Thanking MassResistance!

Right after the vote on June 25, MassResistance received an email from the Finnish religious coalition leader:

Good News - we had a landslide victory in the legislative committee this morning 10 to 6, praise be the name of the Lord! This victory was overwhelming and a great surprise for many! Thanks be to God, to many faithful prayer warriors, to your support and the impact of your video and strong standing of our faithful members of parliament. We continue standing with you in this common cause!

A few hours later we received a followup email from him:

Yes, this is indeed amazing victory and big surprise for all of us! Prayers, videos, personal contacts and God working with and through all these have produced amazing results. However, this does not mean that the battle is over for homoseksual activists are planning some other ways to persuade parliament to revalue this matter. Finnish parliament will return back to work in September.

According to our knowledge most members of parliament are with us. So consequently, it seems that we have a good standing now to fight more victories thanks to your video and many other means whereby God has worked through this issue.

Your video will be translated to Swedish and Estonian languages pretty soon and TV7 [Finnish national TV] is able to show it [again] perhaps in September. [An executive] from TV7 is extending his regards to you and we all are thanking you for sending this video to move our people.

A two-year battle by the homosexual lobby

Finland is the only Nordic country without same-sex marriage. It has a very different language and culture than Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, including a relatively strong religious structure. Although pro-“gay” laws have been passed, Finland also does not allow adoptions of children to same-sex couples.

Finland, bordering on Russia, has a much different language and culture than the other Nordic countries;

In 2012 the homosexual lobby introduced a “gay marriage” bill into the Finnish Parliament, but it didn’t get any traction and died in committee.

So in 2013 they decided to do a “citizens’ initiative” petition which would require Parliament to take it up. Pouring in money and organizational talent, they gathered over 166,000 signatures by the December 2013 deadline. The Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee took it up in February, 2014 and began discussing it.

Fighting back: Special Finnish version of MassResistance VIDEO

In March a group of Finnish religious leaders contacted MassResistance. They began using our materials to educate their people. Here is one of their sites with information on the "gay marriage" fight.

But one of their most effective weapons, according to the activists, was a version of our MassResistance video with Finnish sub-titles which was promoted across the country and also shown on national TV.

WATCH: MassResistance VIDEO for Finland
Posted by Finnish religious leaders -- MassResistance video on marriage with Finnish sub-titles. Was also broadcast on Finnish national TV.

A big victory, but it’s not over

This was unquestionably a great victory. Had it passed that committee, given the momentum its supporters would have generated, it most likely would have went through Parliament without substantial problems. But now, it’s a rocky road and at this point is likely to fail -- though of course, anything can happen and our side should not let up.

The Finnish Parliament will be back in session this fall. But it won't be easy for the homosexual lobby.

An unflinching approach makes a difference

One of the things that we think makes a difference is that these religious leaders are bold enough to tell the truth without fear. Many of the facts about “gay marriage” that MassResistance brings to the table are uncomfortable but must be told. When people – especially legislators – hear them, they "get it."

Contrast that to here in the US, where religious and pro-family leaders tend to come to legislators and judges with relatively inoffensive arguments (e.g., “every child needs a father and mother”) that are more driven by their fear of name-calling by the Left than any kind of coherent strategy. And the results we get usually reflect that weak approach. Hopefully, that’s something our people can learn from our friends across the ocean!

The Helsinki Cathedral (Lutheran). The religious community stepped up to the plate on this issue!

MassResistance will continue to help the Finns in any way we can!