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"LGBT" Teachers Conference in Boston - Part III

How schools are pushing transgenderism to children. More radical and aggressive than ever.

POSTED: June 6, 2014

We are suddenly seeing more and more "transgender" children in schools across America. How is that happening? How do kids get these ideas, and why do they embrace them?

A teenage boy at a recent state-supported "Youth Pride" event in Boston.
[MassResistance photo]

It doesn't happen by accident. The homosexual-transgender movement is working hard to indoctrinate schoolchildren that "transgenderism" and cross-dressing are normal and just another way of becoming "who you really are."

This is the third part in our series on this year's annual GLSEN Conference in Boston which brought together LGBT teachers, activists, and supportive administrators to outline their latest tactics for the schools. Part II revealed their plans to push "gay clubs" in middle schools.

But Massachusetts (along with California) has enacted the most extreme legislation and regulations in the nation on this issue, forcing "transgenderism" into schools throughout the state. This is reflected in the GLSEN conference. Other states are certain to follow this path.

Training teachers & activists: Workshops on the transgender issue

As the Conference reflected, bringing the concept of "transgenderism" to schoolchildren is a high priority of the LGBT movement.

Although most of the conference dealt with the transgender agenda in some way, three workshops had it in particular focus - showing it's a top priority.

2.1 Supporting Transgender Youth in Schools
This workshop will serve as both a Trans* 101 and a resource for those looking for more knowledge about the rights of transgender students in schools.
Presenter(s): Ryan Ambuter, Paulo Freire Social Justice [sic!] Charter School

1.5 When a Teacher Makes a Gender Transition
We will share the successful experience of a faculty member's gender transition at Milton Academy, K-12, as well as communications strategies, documents, and lessons learned.
Presenter(s): Marshall Carter & Sam Landau, Milton Academy

3.2 Queering the Classroom: Providing a Safe Learning Environment for All
Providing a safe environment for GLBTQ youth promotes a more comfortable, creative environment for all students. Resources and discussion will address your classroom needs.
Presenter(s): Marie Caradonna, WAGLY (West Suburban Alliance of GLBTQ Youth)

Techniques and strategies from the conference

The conference covered techniques and strategies regarding (1) reinforcing the concept of transgenderism in the minds of students; (2) bringing the full agenda into the schools; and (3) threatening legal action to force reluctant school districts to accept it.

As with much of the other material we've exposed in this series, most parents have no idea what is being presented to their children by radical activists when they send their children to school. And each year, it seems to get more radical, outrageous, and psychologically intrusive.

Below are some of the materials from the conference -- being used against your children and your schools.

(1) "Queer Theory": Reinforcing transgenderism as a normal, healthy "identity"

The way schools do this should be very frightening to parents. Using so-called "queer theory" constructs that contradict reality, the radical activists manipulate the psychology of vulnerable children.

This poster -- distributed at the GLSEN Conference -- encapsulates the propaganda being told to students. Keep in mind that in Massachusetts (and many other places), this is being paid for largely with taxpayers' money:

Here is what the poster says:

  • "Transgender" is a term used to refer to individuals who identify completely or in part as a gender different from the gender assigned to them at birth.
  • Not everyone identifies as female or male; some people identify as both female and male, as neither female nor male, or as somewhere in between.
  • There have been documented instances throughout history and in many different cultures of individuals who live cross-gendered lives.
  • Transgender people have typically felt a sense of gender difference from a young age, often from their earliest memories.
  • Transgender people are not mentally ill or suffering from a disorder, but face obstacles in a society that enforces a binary gender system.
  • Gender identity is distinct from sexual orientation; transgender people identify variously as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and heterosexual.
  • People who identify as genderqueer or who otherwise do not see themselves as male or female are not confused or experiencing a phase.
  • For transsexual people who are transitioning, hormone replacement therapy and surgeries are necessary and basic health care.
  • Transgender people should be referred to using the names and pronouns they prefer; if uncertain, ask politely which pronouns to use.
  • Events and groups that call themselves "LGBT" are not always inclusive of transgender people.
  • Transgender people often experience harassment and discrimination and many are unemployed or underemployed.
  • Many transgender people cannot safely use public bathrooms; they risk harassment in both women's and men's restrooms.

Another example is a pamphlet distributed to youth in schools. It's particularly perfidious because it has the American Psychological Association (APA) logo on it. Most people don't know that the APA, like the American Medical Association and professional organizations, caved in to the homosexual movement years ago and now has major LGBT-dominated committees within it with virtually no accountability, publishing material for the public that's more political than scientific.

This pamphlet unfortunately includes much of the same pseudo-science and unhealthy advice that the rest of the homosexual-transgender movement pushes on society, dressed up as "medical fact."

(2) Bringing the full agenda into the schools

This 60-page booklet given out at the conference gives techniques for persuading non-compliant adults to accept the transgender agenda. Titled "Welcoming our Trans Family and Friends" it is written and distributed in the schools by the well-funded national homosexual organization PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

It includes a section on "Tips when working with schools" that helps activists and radical teachers re-focus these techniques into the public schools.

In addition, the GLSEN Conference makes liberal use of the recent directive by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education outlining what they consider necessary steps by schools in order to obey the state's "transgender rights" law and provide a "safe" school environment for transgenderism.

It is arguably among the most overtly radical documents ever released by a state agency. As outlined in our report from February, 2013, it directs that:

  • Schools must differentiate between a student's "assigned sex at birth" and his "gender-related identity."
  • Schools must allow students to determine themselves as "transgendered" if this is who they feel they are, and that decision must be respected by the schools.
  • Schools must cover "gender identity" issues in policies, handbooks, written materials
  • Schools may discuss hormone treatments and possible surgeries with students.
  • Schools must address a student by an opposite-sex name if the student desires, and change school records to reflect that new name.
  • Parents can be excluded from the process if student desires.
  • Schools must allow "transgender" students to use opposite-sex restrooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities.
  • Schools must allow "transgender" students to play on opposite-sex athletic teams.
  • Schools must work to remove the concept of "gender"/biological sex from as much of school life as possible.
  • Schools must provide transgender diversity training for children and school staff.
  • There should be no tolerance for other students' discomfort with transgenderism.

(3) Threatening legal action to force reluctant schools to accept it

When the homosexual lobby goes before the Legislature, a City Council, or other public entity, and asks that a "gender identity" non-discrimination law be added, they always present a very well-honed set of arguments. They talk about losing a job, or being harassed, or being denied service in a store, etc.

What they don't tell you is that they will soon use those laws go into schools and threaten them with lawsuits or other legal action if they don't accept the broad transgender agenda. We have seen that scenario take place from Maine to California.

This strategy has been so successful across America that two national pro-homosexual organizations -- GLSEN and the ACLU -- have teamed up to train activists, radical teachers, and "gay" students how to threaten and intimidate school officials that don't fully comply with their demands.

Their new pamphlet, handed out at the GLSEN conference, is relatively short and concise but effectively guides LGBT activists to everything they need to force the full transgender agenda into a school, under threat of legal action. They are quite focused in this regard. It's all very well planned and executed.

What can parents and citizens do?

As described above, most of the population only sees the end results of the homosexual and transgender activism in the schools. They have no idea what is going on inside the walls, and certainly not what's in the planning sessions and conferences.

It's hard for most people is to grasp the fact that there are people in our schools who expend so much energy perpetrating this abuse on other people's children, purposefully without parents' knowledge or consent. (After all these years, WE still have trouble understanding it.) Some people might call this "evil." We agree with that assessment.

MassResistance sees two of our most important jobs as (1) informing people what's really happening, and (2) helping them to effectively fight back. That usually means confronting the Legislature or other public officials in the schools, etc.

Shockingly, there is still more to report from this year's GLSEN Conference. We are preparing (at least) two more installments.