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The 200 Massachusetts State Senators and Representatives

. . . and how to contact them.

If you live in Massachusetts find out YOUR state rep and state senator HERE. You can also find out more information on the legislators at the State House website.


Andrews, Denise D 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Arciero, James D 617-722-2320 [email protected]  
Ashe, Brian D 617-722-2090 [email protected]  
Atkins, Cory D 617-722-2015 [email protected] probably not
Ayers, Bruce D 617-722-2230 [email protected]  
Balser, Ruth D 617-722-2396 [email protected]  
Barrows, Jay R 617-722-2488 [email protected]  
Basile, Carlo D 617-722-2877 [email protected]  
Beaton, Matthew R 617-722-2488 [email protected]  
Benson, Jennifer D 617-722-2813 [email protected]  
Binienda, John Sr D 617-722-2692 [email protected]  
Boldyga, Nicholas R 617-722-2810 [email protected]  
Bradley, Garrett D 617-722-2520 [email protected]  
Brady, Michael D 617-722-2230 [email protected]  
Brodeur, Paul D 617-722-2030 [email protected]  
Cabral, Antonio D 617-722-2017 [email protected]  
Calter, Thomas D 617-722-2020 [email protected]  
Campbell, Linda Dean D 617-722-2305 [email protected]  
Canavan, Christine D 617-722-2575 [email protected]  
Cantwell, James D 617-722-2140 [email protected]  
Cariddi, Gailanne D 617-722-2450 [email protected]  
Chan, Tackey D 617-722-2080 [email protected]  
Coakley-Rivera, Cheryl D 617-722-2380 [email protected]  
Cole, Leah D 617-722-2430 [email protected]  
Collins, Nick D 617-722-2080 [email protected]  
Conroy, Thomas D 617-722-2014 [email protected]  
Coppinger, Edward D 617-722-2304 [email protected]  
Costello, Michael D 617-722-2220 [email protected]  
Cronin, Claire D 617-722-2130 [email protected]  
Cullinane, Daniel D 617-722-2006 Daniel,[email protected]  
Curran, Sean D 617-722-2263 [email protected]  
Cusack, Mark D 617-722-2637 [email protected]  
Cutler, Josh D 617-722-2425 [email protected]  
Decker, Marjorie D 617-722-2430 [email protected]  
DeLeo, Robert D 617-722-2500 [email protected]  
deMacedo, Vinny R 617-722-2100 [email protected]  
D'Emilia, Angelo R 617-722-2488 Angelo.d'[email protected]  
Dempsey, Brian D 617-722-2990 [email protected]  
Devers, Marcos D 617-722-2011 [email protected]  
Diehl, Geoffrey R 617-722-2810 [email protected]  
DiNatale, Stephen D 617-722-2676 [email protected]  
DiZoglio, Diane D 617-722-2060 [email protected]  
Donahue, Daniel D 617-722-2006 [email protected]  
Donato, Paul D 617-722-2040 [email protected]  
Dooley, Shawn R 617-722-2810 [email protected]  
Durant, Peter R 617-722-2060 [email protected]  
Dwyer, James D 617-722-2220 [email protected]  
Dykema, Carolyn D 617-722-2210 [email protected]  
Ehrlich, Lori D 617-722-2014 [email protected]  
Fallon, Christopher D 617-722-2430 [email protected]  
Farley-Bouvier, Tricia D 617-722-2240 [email protected]  
Fattman, Ryan R 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Fennell, Robert D 617-722-2575 [email protected]  
Ferguson, Kimberly R 617-722-2263 [email protected]  
Fernandes, John D 617-722-2220 [email protected]  
Ferrante, Ann-Margaret D 617-722-2370 [email protected]  
Finn, Michael D 617-722-2637 [email protected]  
Fiola, Carole D 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Fox, Gloria D 617-722-2810 [email protected]  
Frost, Paul R 617-722-2489 [email protected]  
Galvin, William D 617-722-2582 [email protected]  
Garballey, Sean D 617-722-2090 [email protected]  
Garlick, Denise D 617-722-2070 [email protected]  
Garry, Colleen D 617-722-2380 [email protected]  
Gifford, Susan R 617-722-2976 [email protected]  
Gobi, Anne D 617-722-2210 [email protected]  
Golden, Thomas D 617-722-2020 [email protected]  
Gordon, Ken D 617-722-2014 [email protected]  
Gregoire, Danielle D 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Haddad, Patricia D 617-722-2600 [email protected]  
Harrington, Sheila R 617-722-2305 [email protected]  
Hecht, Jonathan D 617-722-2140 [email protected]  
Heroux, Paul D 617-722-2430 [email protected]  
Hill, Bradford R 617-722-2100 [email protected] will vote YES!
Hogan, Kate D 617-722-2692 [email protected]  
Holmes, Russell D 617-722-2220 [email protected]  
Honan, Kevin D 617-722-2470 [email protected]  
Howitt, Steven R 617-722-2305 [email protected]  
Hunt, Randy R 617-722-2396 [email protected]  
Jones, Bradley R 617-722-2100 [email protected]  
Kafka, Louis D 617-722-2960 [email protected]  
Kaufman, Jay D 617-722-2320 [email protected]  
Keefe, Mary D 617-722-2210 [email protected]  
Keenan, John D 617-722-2263 [email protected]  
Khan, Kay D 617-722-2011 [email protected]  
Kocot, Peter D 617-722-2140 [email protected]  
Koczera, Robert D 617-722-2582 [email protected]  
Kulik, Stephen D 617-722-2380 [email protected]  
Kuros, Kevin R 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Lawn, John D 617-722-2304 [email protected]  
Lewis, Jason D 617-722-2017 [email protected]  
Linsky, David D 617-722-2575 [email protected]  
Livingstone, Jay D 617-722-2011 [email protected]  
Lombardo, Marc R 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Lyons, James R 617-722-2014 [email protected]  
Madden, Timothy D 617-722-2810 [email protected]  
Mahoney, John D 617-722-2400 [email protected]  
Malia, Elizabeth D 617-722-2060 [email protected]  
Mannal, Brian D 617-722-2582 [email protected]  
Mariano, Ronald D 617-722-2300 [email protected]  
Mark, Paul D 617-722-2013 [email protected]  
Markey, Christopher D 617-722-2396 [email protected]  
Matewsky, Wayne D 617-722-2090 [email protected]  
McMurtry, Paul D 617-722-2015 [email protected]  
Miceli, James D 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Michlewitz, Aaron D 617-722-2240 [email protected]  
Mirra, Leonard R 617-722-2130 [email protected]  
Moran, Frank D 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Moran, Michael D 617-722-2014 [email protected]  
Murphy, James D 617-722-2460 [email protected]  
Murphy, Kevin D 617-722-2877 [email protected]  
Nangle, David D 617-722-2575 [email protected]  
Naughton, Harold D 617-722-2230 [email protected]  
Nyman, Rhonda D 617-722-2210 [email protected]  
O'Connell, Shaunna R 617-722-2305 Shaunna.O'[email protected] no ans machine
O'Day, James D 617-722-2810 James.O'[email protected]  
Orrall, Keiko R 617-722-2090 [email protected]  
Parisella, Jerald D 617-722-2877 [email protected]  
Peake, Sarah D 617-722-2090 [email protected]  
Peisch, Alice D 617-722-2070 [email protected]  
Peterson, George R 617-722-2100 [email protected]  
Petrolati, Thomas D 617-722-2255 [email protected]  
Pignatelli, Smitty D 617-722-2582 [email protected]  
Poirier, Elizabeth R 617-722-2100 [email protected]  
Provost, Denise D 671-722-2263 [email protected]  
Puppolo, Angelo D 617-722-2430 [email protected]  
Rogers, David D 617-722-2400 [email protected]  
Rogers, John D 617-722-2092 [email protected]  
Rosa, Dennis D 617-722-2396 [email protected]  
Roy, Jeffrey D 617-722-2400 [email protected]  
Rushing, Byron D 617-722-2783 [email protected]  
Sanchez, Jeffrey D 617-722-2130 [email protected]  
Sannicandro, Tom D 617-722-2013 [email protected]  
Scaccia, Angelo D 617-722-2060 [email protected]  
Schmid, Paul D 617-722-2210 [email protected]  
Scibak, John D 617-722-2030 [email protected]  
Silvia, Alan D 617-722-2060 [email protected]  
Smizik, Frank D 617-722-2676 [email protected]  
Smola, Todd R 617-722-2240 [email protected]  
Speliotis, Theodore D 617-722-2410 [email protected]  
Stanley, Thomas D 617-722-2230 [email protected]  
Story, Ellen D 617-722-2012 [email protected]  
Straus, William D 617-722-2400 [email protected]  
Swan, Benjamin D 617-722-2680 [email protected]  
Timilty, Walter D 617-722-2230 [email protected]  
Toomey, Timothy D 617-722-2380 [email protected]  
Turner, Cleon D 617-722-2090 [email protected]  
Vega, Aaron D 617-722-2400 [email protected]  
Vieira, David R 617-722-2230 [email protected]  
Wagner, Joseph D 617-722-2370 [email protected]  
Walsh, Chris D 617-722-2013 [email protected]  
Walsh, Steven D 617-722-2430 [email protected]  
Wong, Donald R 617-722-2488 [email protected]  
Zlotnik, Jonathan D 617-722-2080 [email protected]  


Barrett, MichaelD 617-7221572[email protected] probably not
Brewer, StephenD 617-722-1540[email protected]  
Brownsberger, WilliamD617-722-1280[email protected] 
Candaras, GaleD617-722-1291[email protected] 
Chandler, HarrietteD617-722-1544[email protected] 
Chang-Diaz, SoniaD617-722-1673[email protected] 
Creem, CynthiaD617-722-1639[email protected] 
DiDomenico, SalD617-722-1650[email protected] 
Donnelly, KennethD617-722-1432[email protected] 
Donoghue, EileenD617-722-1630[email protected] 
Downing, BenjaminD617-722-1625[email protected] 
Eldridge, JamesD 617-722-1120[email protected] 
Finegold, BarryD617-722-1612[email protected] 
Flanagan, JenniferD617-722-1230[email protected] 
Forry, LindaD617-722-1150[email protected] 
Hedlund, RobertR617-722-1646[email protected] 
Humason, DonaldR617-722-1415[email protected] 
Ives, KathleenD617-722-1604[email protected] 
Jehlen, PatriciaD617-722-1578[email protected] 
Joyce, BrianD617-722-1643[email protected] 
Keenan, JohnD617-722-1494[email protected] 
Kennedy, ThomasD617-722-1200[email protected] 
Lovely, JoanD617-722-1410[email protected] 
McGee, ThomasD617-722-1350[email protected] 
Montigny, MarkD617-722-1440[email protected] 
Moore, MichaelD617-722-1485 [email protected] 
Moore, RichardD617-722-1420[email protected] 
Murray, ThereseD617-722-1500[email protected] 
Pacheco, MarcD617-722-1551[email protected] 
Petruccelli, AnthonyD617-722-1634[email protected] 
Rodrigues, MichaelD617-722-1114[email protected] 
Rosenberg, StanleyD617-722-1532[email protected] 
Ross, RichardR617-722-1555[email protected] 
Rush, MichaelD617-722-1348[email protected] 
Spilka, KarenD617-722-1640[email protected] 
Tarr, BruceR617-722-1600[email protected] 
Timilty, JamesD617-722-1222[email protected] 
Welch, James.D617-722-1660[email protected] 
Wolf, DanielD617-722-1570[email protected]