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Major homosexual activist in Mass. Legislature resigns to lead AIDS group. Reveals he has HIV.

Carl Sciortino disrupted a Catholic Mass in 2003 over Church's marriage stand

POSTED: June 3, 2014

State Rep. Carl Sciortino (D-Medford), the point man for virtually all the major homosexual and transgender legislation in the Massachusetts Legislature over the last decade, has resigned from his position to become the Executive Director of the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts. (Among other things, AIDS Action was the publisher of the infamous Little Black Book exposed by MassResistance in 2005.)

Sciortino testifying at State House public hearing on Aug. 12, 2013 for bill -- which he sponsored -- to ban counseling for youth on sexual-orientation issues.
[MassResistance photo]

On March 25, Sciortino told the Boston Globe that he would be leaving the Legislature and that he has HIV. His last day was April 4.

Among the various homosexual activists to serve in the Massachusetts State House in recent years there is no question that Sciortino was by far the most radical.

Sciortino introduced some of the most "cutting edge" LGBT legislation in America in the Massachusetts Legislature, including the infamous Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes law and other transgender-related laws. He worked behind the scenes getting the strongly pro-LGBT "anti-bullying" legislation passed. He also shepherded the repeal of the "1913" law (so out-of-state homosexual couples could get "married" in Massachusetts), and the ban on counseling on sexual-orientation issues for minors filed this session.

He filed a bill to force everyone's health plans to pay for expensive drug benefit coverage for HIV/AIDS patients experiencing bad side effects from their antiretroviral therapy.

But more important for the LGBT movement, Sciortino was a big part of getting millions of Massachusetts taxpayer dollars into the state budget to fund homosexual and transgender programs in the public schools, as well as funding adult-led "gay" groups targeting schoolchildren.

Sciortino was able to bring together disparate radical groups to pressure legislators, and lobbied hard himself.

Radical background before coming to Legislature

Sciortino's background was radical (and outrageous) before his tenure in the State House.

MassResistance 2004 report of Sciortino's background and rise to the State House

Some of the highlights in the above article:

  • While an undergraduate at Tufts University (Class of 2000) Sciortino was co-chairman of the Tufts Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Collective (TTLGBC), which was responsible a for number of very radical and perverted activities on campus (such as plastering the school with flyers advertising a how-to seminar on anal sex, and describing proper lubrication and use of sex toys; also holding campus discussions on "Pornography and the Queer Community" and "Monogamy, Polyamory, and You", etc.).
  • In 2003, Sciortino defiled the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston by disrupting Mass to protest the Church's stance against homosexual "marriage". According to newspaper reports, Sciortino and his homosexual lover turned their backs to the altar during Mass, kissed, and held hands as they marched out. They then held a press conference on the steps outside, further denouncing the Church.

    Sciortino (left) and his gay lover pose while disrupting Mass in Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston in 2003.

  • In 2004, homosexual groups selected Sciortino to challenge -- and beat -- Democrat State Rep. Vinnie Ciampa (D-Somerville) in the Democratic primary, as punishment for Ciampa's support of traditional marriage. The homosexual movement spent over $200,000 on that primary race and brought people in from as far away as New York and New Jersey to work the district. Sciortino beat Ciampa by a sliver of 93 votes.
  • During the 2004 general election the following month, Ciampa attempted to get his seat back in via a sticker campaign. The homosexual groups returned to Somerville and used hardball tactics to intimidate and confuse voters, and even harassed Ciampa's family. Ciampa's bid fell very far short, despite his being well-liked in the district.

    Leading up to that election, MassResistance (then known as Article 8 Alliance) mailed copies of the photo of Sciortino disrupting the Catholic church to every Democrat voter -- to help Ciampa. But the voters seemed oblivious, and sent Sciortino to the State House by a 2-1 margin!

Then in 2008, Sciortino bungled his re-election bid and failed to deliver the required 150 signatures to get on the ballot. Another Democrat candidate submitted his own signatures, so Sciortino had to run a write-in campaign against him in the Democratic primary. Normally, that would be a ticket to oblivion. But the homosexual movement came through with enormous campaign funding and lots of people to work the district, and Sciortino won the election as a write-in.

Earlier this year, Sciortino attempted to run for Congress in the special election in the 5th District, after the incumbent, Ed Markey, won the US Senate special election (which John Kerry had held). But the other candidates in that race, particularly the eventual winner Katherine Clark, were just as pro-homosexual, and the movement basically abandoned Sciortino.

What happens from here?

As Sciortino runs the AIDS Action Committee and battles HIV, he will still be a lobbying force for the homosexual movement on Beacon Hill. But he will likely be a less powerful player, which is good news for everyone else. Heading that organization is a big job that, unlike a State Rep. job, requires some real work.