Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

Major US corporations funding vicious attacks on pro-family leaders by "Human Rights Campaign"

National homosexual-transgender group stops at nothing to push agenda in US and overseas

POSTED: September 26 2014

The vicious campaign of personal attacks on pro-family leaders by the national "gay" group Human Rights Campaign (HRC), meant to demonize and intimidate them, is backed by lots of money. HRC is not just a bunch of obscure activists. It is the richest LGBT organization in America. Who funds them? Corporate America.

If you own stock in any of these companies, speak up! And if you don't, you can let them know of their libelous attacks on people who disagree with them. And make no mistake; these companies know exactly where their money is going. Most of them are involved with numerous LGBT and other anti-family activities.

Here are the major funders of Human Rights Campaign:




These are just the major funders.

Why do so many big corporations give so much money to vicious radical groups like HRC? In many cases, the executives and people at the top know exactly what they're doing, and support it. In our experience, many of these executives don't care what the average American thinks. But in many cases they will respond to pressure, and the wrath of lots of angry customers.