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How left-wing & anti-family is Charlie Baker, the Mass GOP establishment’s candidate for Governor?

Answer: Even more than when he ran four years ago!

POSTED: August 31, 2014

Four years ago, when Baker was the GOP nominee, we did an assessment of Baker’s far-left, anti-family view and actions. Well, as we cruise into the Sept. 9 primary with Baker against conservative underdog Mark Fisher, it’s time for an update. Needless to say, things have only gotten worse.

Charlie Baker marches in Boston Gay Pride in 2010.

Behind him, in white shirts holding his signs, are the two homosexual activists who ran the "KnowThyNeighbor" website used to harass Christians who signed the Marriage Amendment referendum in Massachusetts.
[MassResistance photo]

These days it’s very seductive for the GOP across the country to think that they can avoid confrontation with the Left by abandoning their supporters’ principles on “culture war” and “hot button” issues and instead promoting on things like “good management.” But that’s wishful thinking. (See the recent post, “The Left isn’t pro-gay, it’s pro-power.”)

Nevertheless, Massachusetts is the nation’s poster child of that trend. And Charlie Baker, the Mass. GOP establishment’s torch-bearer again this year, is Exhibit A.

Charlie Baker – Establishment-backed Republican candidate for Governor

Would you trust your government to this man?

Pro-family issues:

  • To the Left of Obama! Told the Boston Globe that he is "to the left of Obama" on social issues.
  • Gay marriage. Strongly supports same-sex "marriage". Made a video about his gay brother who is "married" to another man, which was prominently featured in the Boston Globe. (Typical selfish liberal attitude -- his brother's "gay" so the rest of society needs to adapt to it.)
  • Gay pride parade. Marched in 2010 Boston Gay Pride Parade, which also included transvestites, sado-masochism groups, and numerous other depravities.

    In the 2010 gay parade Baker marched with extremely hateful anti-family homosexual "KnowThyNeighbor" activists who were also campaigning for Baker.  (They published the names of all who signed the VoteOnMarriage referendum petition so they could be harassed.) See more on that here.

    Was registered (and paid a fee) to march in 2014 Boston Gay Pride Parade, but had a “schedule conflict” and skipped it at the last minute.
  • Abortion.  Supports abortion. States bluntly, "I'm Pro-Choice. I support a woman's right to choose."
  • Supports new abortion clinic “buffer zone” bill. After the US Supreme Court struck down the Massachusetts abortion clinic “buffer zone” bill, Baker publicly supported the new (likely unconstitutional) buffer zone bill that was quickly passed by the Legislature. Nearly all Republicans in the Legislature -- even “pro-choice” ones -- opposed it.
  • Hobby Lobby contraception US Supreme Court ruling. The US Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling allows certain companies not to pay for contraceptives for their employees. Baker has said that as governor, he will use $300,000 of taxpayer money to buy contraceptives for employees affected by that ruling.
  • Transgender agenda. While Baker was CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care the company had a policy of supporting "gender identity or expression." In 2008 Harvard Pilgrim scored a perfect 100% from the national homosexual group Human Rights Campaign for its employment policies. (This means it even paid for employees' "sex-change" procedures!)
  • Homosexual agenda targeting children. While Baker was CEO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation sponsored the 2005 GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) Conference, pushing homosexuality on schoolchildren -- the same event where the infamous Little Black Book was given out. Also at the time, Kevin Jennings (later Obama's "Safe Schools czar") was still running GLSEN.
  • Gambling. Baker supports casinos. Will vote against the ballot referendum to repeal the casino law. If the Casino repeal passes, Baker has said he will begin working on a new law casino right away despite the will of the voters.


  • No new taxes pledge. Refused to sign “No New Taxes” pledge this time, though he signed it last time he ran.
  • Against tax rollbacks. In 2010 Baker opposed Question 3, which would have rolled the sales tax back to 3%. Instead, he said he wanted to roll the sales tax and income tax both back to 5%. But last September he told the Boston Globe he no longer even wants to push for those tax rollbacks, either.
  • Prop 2 1/2 override. Supported prop 2 1/2 property tax override in his town, and was major donor for override effort.
  • Quinn Bill. Supports the Quinn Bill, a gift to by the Legislature to the police unions, seen as a fiscal money pit by many conservatives.


  • Gun control. Has stated that he supports tough gun control laws.
  • Illegal immigration. In July, 2014, when the Obama Administration wanted to ship thousands of illegal immigrants into Massachusetts, Baker told the press, “I think it’s incumbent on the states to be cooperative with the federal government on this issue, given the humanitarian crisis that’s at hand.”  See Howie Carr's column asking: "It’s time for Charlie Baker to make up his mind whose side he’s on."

    Also, while Baker was CEO of Harvard Pilgrim, it gave $30,000 to the illegal alien advocate group MIRA.
  • Deval Patrick’s ideological twin? At the recent South Boston St. Patrick’s Day dinner, Massachusetts’ current far-left Governor Deval Patrick joked, “It turns out that Charlie Baker and I are identical twins.” We’re not sure it’s a joke!

As the election gets closer, we’ll keep updating this as more issues reveal themselves!

And this year Baker is joined on the statewide GOP ballot by other like-minded ultra-RINO candidates. Don’t get us started about Karyn Polito, GOP candidate for Lt. Governor, Brian Herr, GOP candidate for US Senate, and the other statewide candidates this year. It's RINO City. In many other states, this bunch could be the Democrats’ lineup and nobody would know the difference.