Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

South Africa pro-family activists thank MassResistance for help in fight against limits on pro-family expression!

Special section on MR website being considered.

POSTED: July 21, 2014

Free speech for pro-family individuals and groups is now being suppressed in South Africa, but activists are determined to fight back.

South Africa has become a battleground for pro-family groups.

MassResistance was first contacted a year ago by pro-family activists in South Africa. Over the past decade, South Africa has become the “leading” country on the continent pushing “gay rights” and accommodating its laws.

As has happened in the US, Canada, and other countries, when the law recognizes "gay rights", there is an inevitable next step -- the increasingly harsh suppression (through legal means or otherwise) of any speech or writing that criticizes the homosexual agenda

Here’s what our South African contacts recently wrote to us:

In South Africa they have a "human rights commission" so anything that opposes the pro-gay laws can be termed hate speech. That is why we thought it was a good idea to have approached MassResistance as you are outside of the country.

So we’ve been working with them on confronting this. One idea we’ve been talking about is setting up a special page on the MassResistance website for South African pro-family activists.

Here was their reaction:

We do feel your offer of a South African section on the Mass Resistance website would be great. People generally here keep quiet about gay marriage etc. I think they are not aware of that agenda, and would rather not talk about it.  Having a platform where people can speak freely about the gay agenda in South Africa would be a big help.

In the meantime, we’ve encouraged them to organize and speak out in ways they feel are safe. That’s very important, we told them.

South Africa is a "gay rights" leader in Africa, yet does not want to antagonize neighboring countries which don't agree.

South Africa and the UN’s “Protection of Family” resolution

On June 26, the United Nations “Human Rights Council” adopted a resolution on “Protection of the Family” which (surprisingly) defines the traditional definition of the family as the “natural and fundamental unit of society.”

The USA and Great Britain voted against it. But South Africa –- likely not wanting to antagonize other African countries –- voted for it!  Immediately after it passed, not surprisingly, the international homosexual movement expressed their outrage.

But in South Africa, our newly energized pro-family friends publicly congratulated the government as loudly as they could. Apparently, it felt great.

On July 11 they sent us this email:

We, the South African people would like to take this opportunity in thanking Mass Resistance in affording us the chance to say; A Big "THANK YOU" to South Africa in helping the United Nations to vote for the "Traditional Family" along with other countries. South Africa needs to follow through by doing away with their pro-gay-laws, specifically when it comes to erroneous LGBT degenerate marriages which are NOT a God given right and not a human right.

MassResistance gives the voiceless of South Africa a platform to express their views freely. (The majority that do not have a voice in South Africa yet)

We will continue to work with the pro-family activists in South Africa. And we’re working through the technical issues of providing certain countries a special place on our MassResistance website (including the cost of setting it up, which we’re hoping to raise funds for soon).

It’s a great first step.