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Homosexual movement and Planned Parenthood making final push this week in Massachusetts to pass radical, harmful bills targeting children. We must stop them!

POSTED: July 29, 2014

This week ends the “formal sessions” of the Legislature for the year, wrapping up on midnight Thursday, July 31. Ther last formal House sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. (After that, we’re all basically safe until next year!) 

But as usual, special interests are pushing hard to get their favorite bills – especially ones that have been languishing -- pushed through before that deadline.
There are two bills that pro-family forces have held off so far, but which the radical lobbies are now making a big last-minute effort to pass. It is very crucial to stop these! We need everyone’s help -– even if you don’t live in Massachusetts.

Bill #1: H 3907 – Would ban therapy for youth on homosexual issues

This is a terrible bill that the national homosexual movement has been attempting to pass around the country.  It would ban counseling for youth under 18 concerning sexual-orientation or sexual-identity issues. This could cause horrific problems for innocent, vulnerable youth -- many of whom were molested or experienced some sort of sexual trauma and who need professional help to heal and properly cope. Children and teenagers who desperately want and need counseling would be denied it if this were to become law.

You may recall back in June when MassResistance activists successfully derailed it when it was about to go to the House floor. Instead, it was dumped into the House Ways and Means Committee, which usually means it’s done for the year.

But homosexual activists are lobbying the committee to get it out this week. As a result, the committee has told us that they’re considering bringing it back to life any day now. Read more about this bill here.

H 3793 – Planned Parenthood’s bill that would force homosexuality and abortion “education” into schools.

Getting this passed is Planned Parenthood’s major goal for the year. They call it “An act relative to healthy youth.” It is just the opposite. Here is Planned Parenthood’s web page to help their people lobby for this.

This bill would force all schools to teach sexuality, birth control, abortion issues, homosexual and transgender issues, and similar subjects, in grades K-12, according to the “Massachusetts comprehensive health framework” – a document written by radical activists for the Department of Education.  Right now, using that document is only voluntary for schools. This law would make it mandatory.

Even worse, this bill also re-writes – and waters down -- the current Parental Notification Law, which we worked so hard to pass back in 1995!

This bill is also in the Ways and Means Committee, and could be brought back any day.

Please call or email the Ways and Means Committee immediately!

Everyone's help is needed!

Please tell that Committee in no uncertain terms why those two bills – H3907 and H3793 -- must not go forward!!  

You can call the Ways and Means Committee at: 617-722-2990. 

You can also email the Chairman, Rep. Brian Dempsey, at [email protected] We have been told that he reads all of his emails.

Let's stop these!!!