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Finnish Parliament to vote on “gay marriage” this Friday, Nov. 28. MassResistance materials being used nationwide to fight back.

Pro-family religious coalition fighting hard. Close vote predicted.  

POSTED Nov. 26, 2014

This Friday, Nov. 28, the Finnish Parliament will vote on “gay marriage” after two years of fighting back in Parliamentary committees by pro-family religious forces. This week,  the pro-family religious coalition has been broadcasting more material from MassResistance across the country.

The battle for marriage is in Finland this week, and the pro-family religious coalition is fighting fiercely.

As we reported back in July, the Finnish Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee voted 10-6 to reject the "gay marriage" bill. The vote followed lobbying by coalition members and the distribution of MassResistance materials to members of Parliament. In addition, the MassResistance video “What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts” was broadcast on national TV in May, with Finnish subtitles.

But the lobbying by the homosexual groups has also been strong. Parliament recently re-convened and because the bill was filed as a “citizens’ initiative” they will take it up for a full vote. The date was set for Nov. 28.

Close vote is predicted

On Saturday, the activist group sent this email to Brian Camenker of MassResistance:

Chances are about fifty - fifty. According to some estimates 99 are for the same-sex marriage, 79 stand for the traditional family values and 21 are uncertain what to do. We trust that God will give us victory. Humanly speaking we do our level best to persuade those 21 members to stand with us . . . Thank you Brian for standing with us in this battle!

Scott Lively’s video on nationwide Finnish television

The pro-family coalition is not pulling any punches in this struggle!

On Tuesday, MassResistance received an email from the Finnish TV7, a Christian cable-TV network that broadcasts throughout Finland and Estonia, and is also seen in Sweden.

They said that because of Friday’s upcoming marriage vote they want our permission to broadcast Scott Lively’s powerful speech “The Global Threat of Homosexuality”, which we host on our site, and that they would add Finnish subtitles to it.

Pastor Lively gave this talk at the Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
in Sacramento, California on January 15, 2012. The video was so powerful that it was banned by YouTube. It's now posted on the MassResistance website (and also available on DVD).

We immediately gave them permission, and Scott concurred. The Finns are obviously are very serious about educating their citizens and taking on this fight. This is one of the most powerful speeches about the radical homosexual agenda and its dangers to society ever given, in our opinion.

MassResistance video still making waves across Finland

Since it was broadcast nationwide in May, the MassResistance video “What ‘gay marriage’ did to Massachusetts’ -- with Finnish subtitles -- has been posted on the Finnish TV7 website and occasionally re-broadcast.

On Wednesday we received the following email from the leader of the religious coalition:

Hi Brian! Here is TV7 internet address to see your video. It has opened eyes of so many all over the country. We thank God and you for this video strengthens our cause very much so!  Standing together with you in this battle in Jesus' All Powerful Name!

As it is everywhere else, the homosexual movement has lots of money and lobbying power. But the Christians in Finland are determined to stop them. One of the things that we think makes a difference is that these religious leaders are bold enough to tell the truth without fear.

WATCH: MassResistance VIDEO for Finland
Posted on Finnish TV site and broadcast on Finnish national TV.

Battle in Parliament for over two years

Friday’s vote caps a 2 ½ year battle by the Finnish pro-family religious coalition Parliament for over two years on this issue. In March 2012 the homosexual lobby first submitted “gay marriage” legislation to Parliament, but after an 11-month struggle it was defeated in the Legal Affairs Committee in February 2013.

In the Finnish Parliament it hasn't been as easy as the homosexual lobby expected.

Then the homosexual movement tried a different approach. They collected 160,000 signatures and re-introduced it in December 2013 as a citizens’ initiative. But in June 2014, after another battle, the Legal Affairs committee recommended that it be rejected. It now goes to the full vote of Parliament.

We will keep you informed on this.


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