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Powerful homosexual lobby pushes “gay marriage” law through final votes in Finnish Parliament at lightning speed.

Opponents vow to overturn it next year after national elections with new Parliament.

POSTED: December 17, 2014

It was reminiscent of what we've seen in some places in the US in the last few years.

Facing a backlash and uprising by pro-traditional values legislators as well as anger by Finnish citizens across the country, the homosexual lobby in Finland flexed its muscles and forced the final votes on the “gay marriage” bill in Parliament at lightning speed. The bill was pushed through in just a few days after the Nov. 28 “first reading” vote -- instead of the usual several weeks or months that all other laws normally take.

Homosexual activists yelling outside Parliament had signs in both Finnish and English, presumably for the foreign press.
[Photo: Helsinki Times]

However, the new law does not take effect until 2017. Thus, the door is still open for the new Parliament (following the April 2015 national elections) to repeal it. Given the very close votes this time and passionate feelings among legislators, this could very well happen.

A bumpy road to get the bill before Parliament

The vote in Parliament came after 2½ years of attempts by the homosexual lobby to bring it before the full Parliament. It was rejected twice in committee. In  2013 the homosexual lobby was forced to gather 166,000 signatures to get it back into Parliament for a full vote.

Once a bill gets before the full Parliament, Finnish legal procedure requires that it go through three steps to become law: It must (1) pass a full “first reading” vote, (2) a vote of a committee of party leaders called the “Grand Committee”, and then (3) another full “second reading” vote. This process invariably spreads over a period of months.

The Finnish Parliament on a "normal" day.

As we reported last week, on November 28 the bill passed the “first reading” full vote by a narrow 105-92, despite a very large bipartisan push by legislators to stop it. The pro-family opposition assumed that the next steps would take place in early 2015 or even after the 2015 elections.

Ramming it through with no debates, discussion, or amendments

But that’s not what happened. Once the bill got through the first vote, the homosexual lobby apparently put its considerable force into getting the leadership to ram it through as fast as possible with none of the usual debate, discussion, opportunity for amendments, etc.

The average Finnish citizen -- like in the U.S. -- expects their government to be open and honest, especially with highly charged issues. But unfortunately that doesn't always happen.

On Dec. 3, the Grand Committee, the “deliberation” body, quickly took it up and quietly passed it 17-8, in one day. It was barely reported in the media, and many legislators and pro-family activists didn’t find out until days later. Soon afterwards it was announced that the “second reading”  would take place the following Friday, Dec. 12.

The swift Grand Committee vote and equally hurried planned “second reading” vote angered activists. It became obvious what was going on. Here’s what the leader of the pro-family religious coalition emailed us after the Grand Committee vote:

"I have told you true procedure that legislation should proceed step by step. However, the homoseksual lobby pursues their agenda so viciously that they seem to be able to bypass established rules over and over again.

The homoseksual lobby pushed their agenda through and consequently, the Grand Committee voted favoring the same sex marriage law. Now it is the second time in the Big Assembly and by Friday 12.12.2014 it will be settled. Two parties KD and PS are trying to stop that on Friday! We will see what happens. Some think that the time is too short for this. . . If that's the case then it will be postponed till the next Government formed in the time of the election 2015."

A few days before the “second reading” vote, we received this note. There was still hope that the vote would ultimately be postponed until after the elections:

"There is a great uncertainty what is going to happen. Some of our men in Parliament feel that the whole matter will be postponed till the next Government. Homoseksuals they feel that they can do it now! We will see what happens and I will let you know!

God bless you Brian! We appreciate your support - thank you! I guess most we can do now is to pray and trust God! "

But the opposite happened. According to some news reports, the Grand Committee vote dampened the energy of some pro-family legislative leaders from continuing the fight in the “second reading” vote – that it was now inevitable. When the vote took place, it passed by an almost identical margin as the first time. So speculation in the press (and in the pro-family ranks) immediately went to how the issue might be played out in the upcoming elections and the next Parliament.

Thus, the day after the final “second reading” vote to pass the bill, the pro-family leader emailed us his observations:

"Voting in our Parliament went 101 to 90 in favor of the same sex marriage. [First vote was 105-92]  Situation is somewhat confusing! Homoseksual lobby says one thing and our representatives another thing. But I suppose, and it seems that the final yes or no will be postponed till the next Government formed in 2015 elections.

I keep my eye on this situation and let you know what happens. Standing together in this worldwide battle in Jesus' Almighty Name!"

As we’ve reported, many of the political leaders are very passionate about stopping this issue. And citizens are so outraged that 12,000 of them have resigned from the Finnish Lutheran Church over the Archbishop’s support for the “gay marriage” bill. And this outrageous political stunt by the ruling Parliamentary leaders will certainly add fuel to the fire.

So it’s widely expected that the “gay marriage” bill will play a prominent role in the elections. And a new Parliamentary coalition in 2015 could very well repeal the law before it goes into effect.

They clearly got a lot of help from th international homosexual movement in this. The U.S.-based "Human Rights Campaign" was certainly on top of this.

This kind of underhanded and arrogant behavior is typical of the homosexual political movement around the world. They believe in the power of threats and brute force, that the ends always justify the means, and that laws and traditions can be ignored and discarded if it leads to their twisted vision of “social justice.”  But maybe this time it will backfire against not only the homosexual lobby but the legislators who did their bidding.

We’ll keep you informed.

The Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki. The Lutheran Church has lost thousands of members over the "gay marriage" issue.


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