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Mass. General Election
Voter Guide 2014 & Results


POSTED: Oct 30, 2014
UPDATED: Nov 5, 2014

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Newly updated! This is your election guide and candidate ratings for the November 4, 2014 Massachusetts general election in Massachusetts! We've hope that as a pro-family voter you will find this useful!

Need to find your district and your candidates?  Find out HERE.

* Asterisk before candidate's name indicates incumbent.

Candidate ratings (by color):

• Definitely vote for
• Pretty good
• Fairly bad
• Terrible
• Not enough information

Candidates with "Definitely Vote For" rating are, to the best of our knowledge, pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, as well as good on general pro-family issues. And consider voting for "Fairly Bad" candidates if the others are "Terrible".

PLEASE NOTE that this year the bar for being rated "Definitely Vote For" is lowered considerably for Republicans. To our knowledge, every GOP incumbent and nearly every GOP challenger candidate supported anti-family Charlie Baker at the GOP State Convention and/or worked to subvert pro-family Mark Fisher's campaign for Governor. In other words, for the promise of money, etc., there's a lot of selling out of principles that goes on, even worse than the national GOP. So we have to grade on a curve.

Special thanks to Lonnie Brennan and the top-notch research done on his website when we needed more info on a candidate.

Endorsements and votes, etc:

As we do every election cycle, we've included key endorsements and votes. You can tell a LOT about politicians by who publicly endorses them.!




= Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
= Endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts
= Endorsed by MassEquality homosexual lobby group
= Endorsed by Bay State Stonewall ("gay") Democrats
= Endorsed by MassAlliance - including unions, far-left groups, etc.
= VOTED for Transgender & Hate Crimes Law in 2011
= SPONSORED new Transgender bill "public accommodations" in 2013
= VOTED for or SPONSORED unconstitutional new Buffer Zone bill 2014
= Endorsed by Massachusetts Citizens for Life


MCFL endorsements are often seriously flawed and are for reference only. For example, MCFL endorsed 16 state representatives who also voted FOR the unconstutional new buffer zone law! They do not specifically ask candidates if they are are "pro-life." They also did not endorse Scott Lively, the only pro-life candidate for Governor.

MassEquality endorsements do not include several strongly pro-gay legislators, presumably because they are in "safe" seats.

Political Parties:

Officially, there are at least there are a total of 10 different political parties or affiliations. Most of them we've lumped under "Independent". Here's what we've included:



= Democrat
= Republican
= Independent
= Green-Rainbow
= Libertarian

On voting your conscience. One of the reasons that the "gays" and others -- especially the pro-abortion activists -- have power and influence is that they are very serious about who they choose to support and vote for. Could you imagine a passionate pro-choicer voting for an in-your-face pro-life candidate? We can't either.

But the pro-family movement is different. Every election season we're angrily scolded by the RINOS that we must vote for candidates , just because they're "Republicans,"who can't stand us and who merrily support what we abhor And if we don't vote for them, we're told, the sky will fall and civilization will end.

Enough of us cave in to that so that the rest of the time nobody takes us seriously and nobody listens to us. And we end up with elected officials (and Party officials) who ignore us. Don't let that happen again this year.

Trust us, it's a GREAT feeling to vote for someone you really believe in, rather than someone you're told to vote for.

What if you don't like any of the candidates in a race? It's all right to leave that race blank. We do it a lot. Why waste a vote on the "lesser of two evils" and leave the polling place feeling rotten? Blank votes send a message because they're tabulated and included in the totals.