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POSTED: November 16, 2014

Most people don’t know that major corporations in America are funding the massive push to introduce homosexuality and transgenderism into the elementary school grades, pass laws across the country to criminalize Christian belief in the workplace, force “gay marriage” through the federal courts, viciously harass pro-family groups, and much more. They're companies you likely buy from.

This is what the average parent and citizen is up against. It’s time to say: We’re not taking it any longer.

At the center of this effort is the world’s largest and wealthiest LGBT advocacy group, the (Orwellian-named) Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Based in Washington, DC, it has a multi-million dollar annual budget to force its agenda on society.

This Saturday evening, Nov. 22, 2014 HRC is holding a lavish fundraising banquet in downtown Boston. Major companies are sending high-level representatives, donating thousands of dollars, and playing a big role in the event. This is one of the largest of the many events HRC is holding across the country. HRC calls this “one of the largest fundraisers in the country.”

This is the banquet's advertising logo.

Boston area corporations that are sponsoring this include Staples, CVS, Citizens Bank, and Liberty Mutual Insurance, and dozens more. (See below.)

What these corporations are paying for

Make no mistake: HRC is very serious about changing your family and all of America. But they couldn’t do it without funding from corporate America. Here’s just part of what that money pays for:

1. Fascist-like campaigns to harass and threaten individual pro-family leaders, their families, and their organizations

  • A disgusting campaign of hate targeting the individual leaders of pro-family groups that includes crudely drawn “wanted posters,” and absurd lies about them. (See our report.) They also post information encouraging homosexual activists around the country to contact and harass them and their families, and if possible get them fired from their jobs.

    HRC's crudely drawn "wanted posters" are used to demonize individual pro-family leaders.
  • This campaign has incited death threats using language that is so vile – including mentions of rape, excrement, and mutilating body organs  – that they can’t be quoted here. One pro-family activist targeted says he’s afraid to leave his wife and young child alone in his house.

2. Funding to homosexualize children in the nation’s public schools

  • A sophisticated program targeting elementary schools across the country -- to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism in the minds of children. This includes a reading list of “gay family” books for young children.

    This is from HRC's website -- and example of what they are doing in
    elementary schools across the country.

  • Organizing events in high schools across the country such as national "Coming Out Day” to persuade students to identify as homosexual, bisexual, or transgender.
  • “Training” sessions for teachers across the country to give them techniques to push homosexual and transgender issues in their K-12 classrooms.

3. Funding and grassroots roots lobbying for laws across the country to criminalize Christian belief and morality and push transgenderism into public places:

  • Lobbying efforts in cities like Houston, TX to pass transgender “bathroom bills” allow men to go into women’s’ restrooms and locker rooms.

    HRC's blog keeps their members up to date on their well-funded lobbying efforts across the country.

  • Funding for lobbying efforts in states and towns across America like Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, (recently in the national news) for laws that force Christian ministers to “marry” same-sex couples or face fines and jail terms.
  • Funding of massive lobbying effort in Congress for national legislation that would criminalize businesses that have pro-family values regarding homosexuality and transgenderism.
  • Funding for “enforcement” of oppressive laws against Christian businesses by instigating expensive lawsuits against them if they don’t comply.
  • Funding to overwhelm local citizens attempting to repeal oppressive laws that were pushed through in their towns.

4. Support for federal court cases around the country to overturn the popular votes of citizens on“gay marriage”

  • Conducting expensive public propaganda campaigns in the media leading up to the court hearings to sway the judges.

    The HRC website documents their "successes" helping federal courts strike down constitutional amendments voted on by the people.

  • Helping the Obama administration select “gay-friendly” federal judges during the appointment process.

What are you going to do when your child comes home from school reading homosexual books? Are you going to be the next one who is sued -- for a huge amount -- for standing up for your beliefs at your own business? How do you feel watching federal judges force “gay marriage” in state after state as the voters watch helplessly?  Well, you can do something.

What you can do NOW

There are 22 corportions sponsoring the HRC fundraising dinner in Boston.

Four companies are major sponsors or “hosts”. For now, we’re focusing on those. They need to hear your outrage and reconsider that decision. Are you going to make your voice heard?

1. Sign our PETITION

2. Call and/or email these four companies:

(See calling/emailing instructions below)

Citizens Bank – donating $25,000

Chairman and CEO- Bruce Van Saun

Phone: 401-456-7000
(Dial 0; when operator answers ask for Chairman’s office.)


Write to CEO at:
Citizens Financial Group
1 Citizen’s Plaza
Providence RI 02093
Website   FaceBook

Liberty Mutual Insurance – donating: $25,000

Phone (complaints): 800-344-0197


Chairman & CEO: Charles Clough, Jr.

Write to CEO at:
Liberty Mutual Insurance
175 Berkeley Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Website  FaceBook

Staples – donating $18,000

Phone: 508-253-5000
(Dial 0; then dial 4 for “customer relations specialist”)

Chairman and CEO- Ron Sargent


Write to Chairman at:
Staples Corporate Headquarters
500 Staples Drive
Framingham, MA 01702
Website  FaceBook

CVS Health – donating $10,000

(A division of CVS pharmacy)

CEO- Larry Merlo  
Phone: 401-765-1500 
(Dial #; then dial 9; then dial 0; when operator answers ask for “the executive secretary”)


Write to CEO at:
CVS Health
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Website  FaceBook

Here’s what to say – via phone and email:

Sample: Email Subject:
Your company is funding attacks on families

Sample: What to say / body of email:
Paste into body of email the text below and edit if you wish. You can also say this when calling.

(If you are a customer, by all means mention that.)

I am outraged that your company is taking part in the Human Rights Campaign fundraiser in Boston on Nov. 22. By doing this, you are helping fund vicious personal attacks on pro-family leaders which have led to death threats. You are funding homosexual programs and books for vulnerable elementary school children, and the destructive transgender push in Americaís schools. Youíre paying to pass laws that force Christian business owners to face fines and jail terms for professing their belief. And you are sending a message to parents and citizens across the country that you donít want their business.

(Your name, city, state)

(Note when calling: Some of these companies record incoming calls. Some may ask you for your telephone number. We hope that won’t stop you!)

Other companies sponsoring the banquet (most have headquarters in New England):

EMC Corporation  Website  FaceBook

Biogen Idec  Website  FaceBook

Accenture  Website  FaceBook

BNY Mellon  Website  FaceBook

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care  Website  FaceBook

Sun Life FinanciaWebsite  FaceBook

5 Star Travel Services  Website  FaceBook

Amgen Medicines  Website  FaceBook

Morgan Stanley  Website  FaceBook

Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts  Website  FaceBook

Delta Dental of Massachusetts  Website  FaceBook

eLearning Innovation  Website  FaceBook



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