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You did it: MassResistance supporters stepped up to the plate for year-end $10,000.00 matching donation - in just 3 days!

And more still coming in!

POSTED: January 3, 2015

You did it!

At approximately midnight on Dec. 29, we announced that a generous donor had offered to donate $10,000 if we could raise an equal amount by midnight Dec. 31.

We had just 3 days! Credit cards were processed via our website. Checks could be mailed but had to be dated and postmarked by Dec. 31. We posted it on the website, Twitter, and Facebook page, and sent it to the email list.

What a great response! Within minutes credit card donations began to come in.

As of Friday’s mail (Jan. 2), we had received donations totaling $11,256.02. By the time all the mail comes in, the total will likely be much higher. Donations have come in from all across the U.S. and as far away as Australia!

Going forward for 2015

Of course, this is only a small part of our annual budget. But is shows how committed people are to the work we do.

Paul Diamond, the UK's leading pro-family attorney, addressed the MassResistance banquet in 2011. We are continuing to work with activists around the world!

And we are committed to doing big things in 2015 – fighting the culture war head on: We are working with dynamic activists in more states and foreign countries, especially taking on the battle in state legislatures (and a few national Parliamants). We have powerful new information and reports we’ll be posting. We’re helping set up MassResistance local chapters. We plan to work more closely with churches. Watch for our re-designed website. And there’s a MassResistance banquet in the works!

Thanks again for your continued support!

And you can still DONATE to MassResistance.
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Continuing the fight: Rather than write a lengthy post on what MassResistance has been doing this past year, we put it into this quick 77-second video:


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