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MassResistance and Catholic Action League pressure on Knights of Columbus leads to media fireworks!

POSTED: March 31, 2015

Normally, a contingent deciding not to march in a parade would not be the least bit newsworthy. But liberals hate to lose, especially when it involves their political or social agenda.

The headline on the left-wing Catholic News Agency website.

So when the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus abruptly pulled out of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade two days before the event – and on the same day a second homosexual group was added to the parade -- it got liberals' attention. (This was despite the fact that the Knights did not broadcast this news, but merely mentioned it on their website.)

As we know, the decision by the Knights to pull out of the parade was not about upholding Catholic principles regarding homosexual activism in a Catholic event. The Knights were not bothered by that. It was rather the result of an overwhelming flood of anger and outrage from faithful Catholics across the country -- generated by MassResistance and the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts.

The liberal media reacted first, then the conservative media responded!

** Boston Globe article: Knights of Columbus pull out of St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The morning after the Knights’ announcement, the Globe published an article suggesting that the Knights had dropped out to avoid the “controversy” of homosexual groups also being included. The Globe made no mention of any pressure put on the Knights by Catholics, even though the Catholic Action League had sent them multiple press releases about it over the past week.

** Boston Magazine article:
Wait, Why Did the Knights of Columbus Skip the St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

The day after the parade, Boston Magazine posted this ludicrous article dissecting the Knights’ statement on their website about pulling out of the parade. The article concludes that the Knights purposely crafted the wording, Orwellian style, to avoid mentioning their real reason: the homosexual groups. Like the Globe, Boston Magazine paints a picture that is completely at odds with the truth. Par for the course for the liberal media.

** Catholic News Agency

The Catholic News Agency is allegedly conservative. (However, their parent company, EWTN, receives funding from the Knights of Columbus.) They found out why the Knights actually dropped out and they didn’t like it. So they published a nasty article attacking C.J. Doyle (head of the Catholic Action League), MassResistance, and even the conservative ChurchMilitant.TV show, which had commented on the issue. This is particularly unprofessional because the article uses unnamed, unverifiable sources for their quotes and information. And then they twisted the whole situation to make it look as if the Knights were doing a good thing by marching with homosexual groups in a nominally Catholic parade.

From the Catholic News Agency article: 'Smear campaign' pushed Knights out of St Patrick's parade

“The fact is that Doyle and his group created a scandal,” the source said. “The Knights were marching in defense of the faith, and did not want to leave the parade because they wanted someone in the parade to continue to stand for Church teaching. They believed that pulling out of this parade would abandon it entirely to non-Catholic elements, and that this would not be helpful to the evangelization of the people of Boston.”

“But in the end, Doyle and his group generated so much misinformation and so many attacks that the good the Knights were trying to do was literally overwhelmed by his claims …”

“The lack of charity by these people who called themselves Catholics was stunning,” someone who knew several of the Knights receiving the calls told CNA. “And it didn't help that groups like MassResistance and the Michael Voris' Church Militant picked these allegations and ran them uncritically.”

** ChurchMilitant.TV

Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV is a nationally known faithful Catholic activist and journalist who pulls no punches when it comes to exposing the destructive liberal influences in the Church. On his program “Mic’d Up” he featured Brian Camenker of MassResistance and C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League to talk about the Knights of Columbus pull-out (a victory for conservative Catholics), the outrageous Catholic News Agency article (above), and more.

Watch video HERE of interview with Camenker of MassResistance and CJ Doyle of Catholic Action League.

[NOTE: Interview starts at 46:12 in video]

** The New American article:
Boston's St. Patrick's Parade: Gays In, Knights Out, CALM Stormed

The conservative website and magazine The New American covered the Knights of Columbus issue very well. It certainly included more information than the local “mainstream” media did.

** The Immaculate Heart of Mary School

“The Leaving of Boston” -- We had to include this! 

For 25 years, the giant float of St. Patrick from the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Still River, MA, along with the school’s band, has been the hallmark of the parade. But this year they pulled out, rather than compromise their Catholic faith. So the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary composed this song, “The Leaving of Boston”, to tell the story.

Watch video:

Fare thee well, St. Patrick's Day Parade
South Boston fare thee well
We are standing for our Catholic faith
And the Saint that we love so well . . .



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