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Virginia-MassResistance becomes first state chapter of MassResistance! Already fighting hard on several fronts.

More chapters to follow?

POSTED: January 30, 2015

Exciting news: Virginia-MassResistance has become the first MassResistance state chapter. It was formed this past year and is off and running! It has an incredible website ( and is fearlessly tackling the hard-hitting issues across the state of Virginia. It’s very exciting! They are doing first-rate work.

Over the past few years people in several states – and a few foreign countries – have contacted us about forming chapters and taking on the MassResistance brand of activism in their areas. This is hopefully the first of many.

Virginia MassResistance was founded and organized by Linda Wall. Linda is an ex-Lesbian who has a very powerful story of her own (see her page on the website and her recent article about how she was freed from homosexuality). We’ve known her for several years. She understands the battle and the culture war, and is not afraid to take it on.

Linda Wall, head of Virginia MassResistance

The Virginia MassResistance website has already become a wealth of information on the homosexual and transgender agendas as well as the oppressive LGBT movement. But more than that, Virginia MassResistance is on the front lines in that state with its great activism.

Here are just some of the things that Virginia MassResistance has been doing:

1. Exposing Virginia’s new “female” Commissioner of Public Health – is actually a man.

The Governor’s new Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Marissa Levine, was until recently known as Dr. Mark Levine, and was married with a wife and children (may still be married). Thus, the leading authority for public medical and mental health standards, policy, and procedures in Virginia is a man masquerading as a woman.

As Dr. Mark Levine (right)


as Dr. Marissa Levine (left)

But that part of the new Commissioner’s background has been widely suppressed and ignored by the mainstream media. Shockingly, as Linda told us, before Virginia MassResistance and others began informing people, “no one we talked to anywhere knew about it.”  When people do finally find out they are invariably outraged.

Not even state legislators knew about it. When Virginia MassResistance distributed a (rare) news article and information sheet to all members of the Legislature, they were so skittish about it that none of them were willing to respond. The fact that the Virginia Legislature is now dealing with a bill to ban “transgender” discrimination makes the politicians even more uncomfortable about this subject.

VIDEO of Virginia Health Commissioner  (4 min 18 sec)
(Note the masculine voice and hands.)

In addition, Levine is a rabid pro-abortion advocate who, according to reports, is working to loosen or completely remove regulations on abortion clinics so those not currently in compliance can remain open.

Press Release sent out by VA-MassResistance

More info on VA-MassResistance website

2. Helping parents fight LGBT demands to force co-ed restrooms and lockers in a public school -- and organizing local pastors to continue the battle.

In October 2014, state and national homosexual groups converged on the Gloucester, VA, School Board. They had identified a “transgender” student at Gloucester High School and were demanding that the school allow this particular girl who now claims to be a boy to use the male restroom and locker room facilities.

The ACLU quickly followed up that demand with a strongly worded letter warning that the Board could be in violation of Title IX, a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in schools unless they allow it.

At its November 2014 meeting, the School Board discussed the matter and instead proposed a policy that flatly rejects those demands, but offered to provide a one-person restroom that  anyone could use. They tabled further discussion and their vote until the December meeting.

At the December 9 School Board meeting, Linda Wall of Virginia MassResistance came and joined dozens of parents and others. They greatly outnumbering the LGBT activists. They passionately made their case in favor the policy – i.e., for not backing down to the LGBT demands. Linda gave testimony about her deliverance from homosexuality and alerted the School Board to the tactics of LGBTactivists to mislead the public with misinformation, overblown statistics and cover-ups.

Our side was successful. The School Board voted 6-1 in favor of the policy. Particularly noteworthy was that they rejected the contrived “civil rights” claims by the LGBT activists!

A parent addresses the Gloucester School Board on Dec. 9 whild Linda Wall (just behind, in white and black sweater) looks on.

Unfortunately it’s still not over. On Dec. 20 the ACLU filed a formal “discrimination” complaint with the US Dept. of Justice. They want the federal government to force the school into submission. So far the Gloucester School Board is not backing down. Linda talked to them, and they told her they’re just waiting to see what the DOJ says.

But Linda isn’t taking any chances. Last week she met with five local pastors, including a parent at the school. And these pastors are bringing other pastors into the fold. There will likely be a larger grassroots meeting within the next few weeks.

This won’t go down without a huge battle, that’s for sure.

3. Helped kill oppressive anti-counseling bill filed in Legislature by LGBT lobby!

It’s happening in states around the country again this year. The LGBT lobby filed an oppressive bill in the Virginia Legislature to ban counseling of minors on homosexual and “sexual orientation” issues. These bills are particularly odious because many children have been molested and desperately need help dealing with it. But even if the children and their parents want help, it would be denied them under penalty of law.

Virginia MassResistance got right to work. Last week Linda Wall – speaking as an ex-Lesbian -- came to the Capitol in Richmond and gave powerful testimony against the bill before the Senate Health and Education Committee. And when she told them that “not everyone wants to be homosexual,” she said, “the place got so quiet.”

The testimony was successful! The bill was defeated in the committee hearing! It’s dead for this session.

Linda Wall at the Virginia State House.

4. Exposing Governor’s radical pro-LGBT agenda in Virginia.

When liberal Democrat Terry McAuliffe squeaked past conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli a year ago to become Governor of Virginia, people knew they were in for a rough ride. At this point most people don’t know just how bad it is.

So Virginia MassResistance is exposing McAuliffe’s pro-LGBT agenda on the website. He’s been very busy issuing pro-LGBT executive orders, officiating at lesbian weddings, participating in “gay pride” events, promoting “gay” tourism in Virginia, and much more.  

Linda tells us that there should be at least one clear message from this: “Christians should stop voting for Democrats -- at least in Virginia."

The Governor of Virginia performs a lesbian "wedding."

5. Working with medical school to educate new doctors on the transgender medical agenda harming children

The transgender medical agenda against young children has become one of the most heinous practices in medicine. We’ve exposed what’s happened at Boston Children’s Hospital in the past. But now there are approximately 30 clinics and hospitals doing some form of transgender medical procedures on children.  

Linda has spoken with doctors on the staff of the Liberty University Medical School in Lynchburg regarding the hormone blockers that are being used on children, and is preparing to deliver more information. They have been very receptive to her. It is shocking material that they agree most medical students never hear about.

Taking up the activist philosophy!

Linda Wall and Virginia MassResistance are taking up the successful MassResistance philosophy, which differs significantly from the mainstream pro-family movement in America. We are not mushy and moderate when it comes to telling the truth. We are not worried about standing  behind God and religious values. We’re not cowed by the infantile anger of homosexual activists and the totalitarian chokehold of the Left. We can no longer be afraid to confront the forces destroying children, families, and society.

More chapters coming up?

We think this new phase of the movement is just beginning! As we mentioned above, we are talking with serious activists in several other states and even other countries. We hope to announce more chapters over the coming weeks and months.


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