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The crisis in pro-family activism -- and what we’re doing about it.

POSTED: May 13, 2015

There’s never been a bigger need for uncompromising activism to confront the radical agendas being forced on families, children, and religious believers.

This is what goes on in midde schools and high schools across America when nobody fights back.

But across the country (and beyond), front-line pro-family groups and major activists have been disappearing from the scene. Their knowledge, skills, and energy can’t be replaced.

The latest casualty was Bill Whatcott, a superb Canadian activist who even won important court cases in Canada’s infamous “human rights tribunals.” In March, Bill finally moved overseas because he could no longer support himself in that work. His fundraising skills didn’t match his activist skills.

Mike Heath, another unwavering pro-family leader, led two successful statewide ballot fights against the homosexual movement in Maine. But in 2009, the mushy pro-family establishment declared him to be “too controversial” and his major donors fell away. Without funding he couldn’t continue running his organization. Then in 2012, the homosexual movement there pushed through their “gay marriage” referendum.

We could name other outstanding activists in the US who have had to drop out in recent years. Without them, their organizations withered, if they continued at all. We know of at least one fearless pro-family group that’s on the verge of closing.

Now more than ever, money is the biggest problem for our side’s front-line groups. Our opponents get massive infusions of money from not only wealthy donors, but also corporations and government. But most wealthy conservative businessmen have made their peace with the radical LGBT movement and increasingly stay away from “anti-gay” pro-family groups. (Many businessmen have freely admitted this to us.)

As a result, lots of pro-family organizations have softened their approach (e.g., using “pro-marriage” rhetoric but avoiding criticism of homosexual behavior). They want to be seen as polite and not as expressing any outrage. Many groups have shrunk considerably in size, while others have begun moving toward less controversial pro-family political issues.

But not MassResistance. We are actually expanding.
This month we are bringing on a new staffer. We are broadening our base of hardcore activism. We are getting ready to hit even harder, with an important new project underway. This all requires funding..

So we are looking to you -- average people – to support our crucial work. There are more of you than LGBT or left wing activists.  You are the ones who will help win this war!

We have set a modest but very important goal to ramp it up.

A loyal donor has told us that if we can raise $20,000 by the end of this month - May 31 - he will add $5,000 (probably more than he can afford to give) to make it a total of $25,000.  He believes in this cause that much. Will you join him?

NOTE: WE MADE IT! Thanks to 115 great people we crossed the finish line with $20,274.00! (And we've already started using it to ramp up our activism!) THANK YOU to everyone who helped us do this. And to those who didn't get to it . . . you can still donate and help MassResistance fight the battle!

This will jumpstart a range of exciting and uncompromising activities. And it includes critical money to update our 10-year-old computers, and other necessary equipment.

Think of yourself as helping buy new round of hardcore activism. There is so much to do this year! Issues to be confronted. Battles to be fought. We can accomplish much more with a lot less than the average establishment pro-family group, and certainly with far less than any left-wing groups. And you can count on us to do it without compromise.

Here are two ways you can help us make this May 31 goal:

1. Non-tax-deductible gift. To MassResistance:  You donate by credit card online HERE or mail a check to MassResistance, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454.

2. Tax-deductible gift. To Parents Education Foundation, which funds our research and education work.  You can mail a check to: Parents Education Foundation, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA  02454. Or to give by credit card, call our office at 781-890-6001.

It’s the best “culture war” investment you can make!

You've all seen the bills we've filed in the Legislature and the graphic school surveys that we're confronting. Rather than write a lengthy post on what else MassResistance has been doing this past year, we made this quick 77-second video:


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