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Radical Planned Parenthood sex-ed school bill -- being voted in Mass. Senate tomorrow, Wednesday Nov. 18!

You can still take action NOW (see below)

POSTED: Nov 17 2015

Planned Parenthood’s radical “comprehensive sex ed” bill, S2048, which has outraged parents across the state, will be before the full Massachusetts Senate tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 18. There is a separate House version that has not been voted on yet.

Planned Parenthood has been mobilizing their activists to lobby the legislature as hard as possible to pass their bill.

Wednesday is the last day of “full formal” sessions of the Massachusetts Legislature until January, when it continues its 2-year session. Bills not passed this week – including the House version of this bill -- will still be active until December 31, 2016.

Push for radical “comprehensive sex education”

Making their version of “comprehensive sexuality education” mandatory in all Massachusetts schools has been a major goal of Planned Parenthood in every legislative session since at least 2006. In every session (so far), MassResistance and others have been able to successfully lobby to get the bill stopped in committee. But this year they are pushing extraordinarily hard.

Planned Parenthood even started a separate website,, to promote this horrible bill among youth!

A major part of that objective has been to mandate the use of the Department of Education’s odious “Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks” document, written in 1999, which outlines objectives for teaching in grades K-12 about sexuality, broad homosexual issues, “family life”, mental health, birth control, abortion, and other controversial topics. Currently, the document is optional.

On June 30 Planned Parenthood had a huge "lobby day" at the State House. Attorney General Maura Healey, an "out" lesbian and sex-ed supporter, addressed the group.
[MassResistance photo.]

What this bill does

Planned Parenthood’s goal was clearly stated during their testimony at the June 3, 2015 public hearing. They want to require that any school in Massachusetts that offers sex education at all, would have no choice but to do the full Planned Parenthood approach. The school would not legally have the option of offering a lesser version of sex-ed that the parents might be more comfortable with.

The Senate bill, S2048, “An Act Relative to Healthy Youth” does some very disturbing things:

  1. It replaces the current Parents Notification Law (originally written by MassResistance/Parents Rights Coalition).  The required notification to parents would be narrowed from from the general “human sexuality issues” to the specific “comprehensive health education provided by the school.”
  2. It continues to be “opt-out” – which has caused enormous problems for parents, instead of the widely-preferred “opt-in”.
  3. It mandates that homosexual sex “education” be taught to students.
  4. It mandates that contraception be taught.
  5. It makes the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks document the de facto standard for schools to use.
  6. It introduces the often confusing terms “medically accurate” and “age appropriate” which school officials have been able to use and manipulate with great latitude to serve their agenda, by cherry-picking their “experts”.

Amendments to bill being offered by Republican Senator

Sen. Bruce Tarr, (R-Gloucester) has offered several pro-family-oriented amendments to S2048. These will be taken up on Wednesday when the Senate debates the bill.

The amendments include:

  • Make all the material “opt-in” rather than “opt-out” – which is how just about everything else is done in schools, and what most families want. This is by far the most effective amendment.
  • If the “opt-out” is left in, a different amendment would require 30 days’ notice before putting kids in any of the classes.
  • A requirement that any outside contractor teaching comprehensive sexuality be certified by the state every year.
  • Include instruction on “the consequences of pregnancy and responsibilities of parenthood”.

Unfortunately, Republican amendments to Democrat-sponsored bills do not have a history of success in the State House. But we applaud Sen. Tarr for his efforts and hope for the best.

What you must do RIGHT NOW:

This bill needs to be stopped. Planned Parenthood knows exactly what it wants to do with your children. If they get this passed, they will move their sexual, homosexual, and pro-abortion agenda as deep as possible into the schools.

Bill 2048 will be taken up by the State Senate on 11:00 am on Wednesday morning. If possible, make calls before then.

Tell them: We don’t want Planned Parenthood’s radical agenda in our schools at all. At a minimum, it should be “opt-in” for parents. DO NOT pass S2048.

1. Call the Senate President’s office: 617-722-1500 
Email: [email protected]

2. If you live in Massachusetts find your Senator HERE and call now!

You can watch the Senate Session live streaming HERE starting at 11:00 am EST.:

We will let you know what happens!

Planned Parenthood volunteers hear speakers at their June 30 lobby day in the Massachusetts State House to push for the sex-ed bill.
[MassResistance photo]


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