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National Stand4Truth Conference on "Understanding Homosexuality - the politically incorrect truth" a big success!

Seen around the world! Despite efforts by pro-family "moderates" to stop it.

POSTED: Nov. 5, 2015

The inaugural Stand4Truth pro-family conference on “Understanding homosexuality – the politically incorrect truth” was as powerful and educational as expected. An All-Star team of presenters from across the country brought a wealth of information to the 12-hour long event.

Several of the presenters held a press conference to answer questions from the media. From left: Peter LaBarbera, Brian Camenker, Stephen Graham, Regina Griggs, Walt Heyer, Dawn Stefanowicz, David Pickup, Cherilyn Eagar, Peter Sprigg, Sandy Rios, Rev. Bill Owens, Janet Boynes, Pastor Dave Welch. Not surprisingly, the pro-"gay" media stayed away!

It was held in Salt Lake City on Monday, Oct. 26, the day before the 4-day World Congress of Families (WCF) conference. (We will have a full report on that, also.)

The purpose was to help people understand and confront the radical agendas being pushed on them. There were leading experts from across the country (including Brian Camenker of MassResistance). People filled the studio and also watched from around the world via streaming video.

NOTE: We will be posting the videos of the entire conference within a few days. There will also be a documentary DVD produced with additional interviews from the presenters.

Effort by “moderate” conservatives to stop the conference

Sadly, our biggest opponents were ostensibly on our own side. As we reported earlier, in order to appease the radical LGBT movement, prominent Utah pro-family establishment “moderates” (including some who were also WCF organizers) put on an aggressive behind-the-scenes campaign to suppress the Stand4Truth conference. It was shameful. Donors were told not to donate, pro-family people and even some presenters were told not to attend. Unfortunately, it took its toll; one organizer is still out thousands of dollars that she personally loaned the conference. (You can donate to the conference expenses HERE.)

Interestingly, the threatened disruption by the LGBT movement never materialized. Maybe we were too bold for them. But we did get their attention; after the conference they complained and ranted about it on their blogs and “news” sites, with their predictable childishness and anger.

Highlights of the conference

A few of the many highlights of the conference include:

  • Exposing the propaganda. Taking apart the phony “gay identity” paradigm, the false Civil Rights arguments being used to push non-discrimination laws, and other aspects of the propaganda by the LGBT movement.

    Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council.

  • Medical and psychological issues. Description of some of the diseases associated with LGBT behaviors. Examination of the homosexual movement’s issues with pornography and its push to lower the age of consent. How big business is pushing sexuality on children. The junk science being fed to people, and the medical profession’s aggressive refusal to recognize true science over political correctness.

    Getting it out!

  • The truth about reparative therapy. Fascinating descriptions of exactly how reparative therapy works wonders to heal people who want help. Explores the abuse, addictions, psychological issues, personality disorders, and unmet needs behind homosexual behavior. This is what the LGBT movement is trying to stamp out.

    David Pickup, a licensed therapist, describes reparative therapy.

  • How bad is it these days? Horror stories of unspeakable forced LGBT activism in the public schools and other institutions of society. And the ghastly situation in Canada that could be coming here soon.
  • The church reacts. What the Bible really says and how people of faith need to take action. In particular, how the ministers in Houston fought against the brutal imposition of a transgender rights ordinance, that’s been successfully overturned.

    Pastor Dave Welch of the famous "Houston Five" pastors who bravely fought City Hall -- and won!

  • The growing oppression of Christians. Prominent pro-family attorneys outline the vicious attack on religious freedom by America’s legal system and our elected bodies – and what we should be doing about it.
  • The transgender movement’s lies. Ex-Transgender Walt Heyer gave an incredible account of how his early upbringing led him into transgenderism, how he lived as a woman for many years, and how he finally got out of it.

    Walt Heyer -- ex-transgender who had sex-change surgery and lived as a woman for several years.

  • Ex-gays: Coming out of homosexuality. Four ex-gays give moving testimony about how they fell into homosexuality, and how they finally were able to leave it completely. Three parents talk about the challenges of helping children who are homosexual.

    Ex-lesbian Janet Boynes.

  • The truth about homosexual parenting. A chilling first-hand description of what “gay parenting” really does to a child.
  • How we all can fight back. Activists Brian Camenker of MassResistance and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth talk about where the pro-family movement’s strategies are failing, and what really works.

    Brian Camenker of MassResistance.

Watch the MassRestance site for the videos of the full conference!


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