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Club rules for Franklin County Schools - Passed by School Board on 4/11/16.

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POSTED: April 14 2016

The list below is relevant to the high school "gay" club. Other documents here:

6.702 - Student Clubs and Organizations

6.702.01 Administrative Procedures – Club / Organization Criteria

6.702.02 Application for Proposed Club/Organization

Franklin County Schools
Club / Organization Criteria


1. Must have a faculty advisor that is an employee of the school system.

2. Must have at least five student members who are enrolled in the school listed as members to establish the club/organization.

3. Prior to club approval, the faculty advisor and principal must meet to discuss the purpose of the club/organization.

4. Aims, objectives and constitution must be submitted in writing and signed by advisor and club members.

5. Application must be completed and reviewed by the principal and leadership team. If the club is approved at the school level, the application is forwarded to the director of schools for final approval and designation as either an academic or non-academic club / organization. If the application is denied by the principal, the faculty advisor may appeal in writing to the director of schools within 15 school days

6. The faculty advisor must have written communication from the student’s parent or legal guardian approving the student’s membership or participation in the club/organization

7. Individuals not affiliated with the school either as an employee or student may not direct, control, conduct or regularly attend meetings or an activity. Regular attendance is defined as attending a meeting or activity more than two times per school year.

8. A list of visitor(s) planning to attend a club meeting must be submitted and approved by school administration prior to the meeting. Approval will not be denied based on the viewpoint of the proposed visitor unless it is deemed necessary to protect the well - being of students and faculty

9. Once a quarter, a school administrator will attend a meeting of each established club/organization to ensure the meeting agenda is followed.

10. Meetings may only be held during non-instructional time (Faculty advisors should work together for appropriate times for students wishing to participate in more than one club).

11. Meeting times only may be posted within the school in areas designated by the principal.

12. Maintain open membership to interested students (Any restricted membership requires approval from the Director of Schools as stated in board policy).

13. Procedures for fundraisers or field trips require proper documentation and approval as established by the BOE.

14. Any proposal for a club deemed as needing special/professional assistance beyond the realm of a faculty advisor, will be determined by the principal and specifics of that individual or group of individuals reported to a counselor, social worker, etc.

15. All clubs/organizations will be reviewed annually by principal and leadership team to ensure criteria is being met and an appropriate number of student members are involved.


1. Upon recognition as a non-academic club, the club shall be provided meeting space and school resources shall be made available in a non-discriminatory manner and in accordance with the Equal Access Act.

2. Student participation must be completely voluntary. Student members can publicize the club and who to contact if interested in membership.

3. Non-academic clubs / organizations may work with community, when applicable, to help with various community projects or aid in services within community organizations.

4. Faculty advisor is to be present at all meetings to monitor and ensure discussions follow the set agenda, students sign in for the meeting, and minutes of the meeting are kept. Advisor will also ensure that all applicable Board policies, administrative procedures, and school rules are followed.

5. Agendas, student sign-in sheets and minutes of the meeting are to be kept on file by the advisor; copies will be available for school administration and the Director of Schools to review upon request.


1. The annual review process will include the following items for review:

a. The club’s aims, objectives and constitution.

b. Agendas, meeting minutes, student sign-in sheets.

c. Anyother relevant documentation provided by the faculty advisor.

2. Membership requirements must be maintained or the club/organization may be placed on probation until membership increases to a minimum of five students.

3. If a club / organization is found to not meet the set criteria, notice will be given to the faculty advisor with corrective actions that must be taken. The advisor will have 30 school days to make corrections.

4. If corrections are not made within 30 school days, the club/organization will be placed on probation based on the following:

a. First offense – Two month suspension

b. Second offense – Sixth month suspension

c. Third offense – Recognition revoked



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