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See for yourself: Vicious, brownshirt tactics by LGBT activists against local Christians who criticize the "gay club" in their high school.

The true face of the crowd that publicly talks about "love" and "tolerance" -- full of hate and bigotry.

CAUTION: Obscene material

POSTED: March 12, 2016

The LGBT movement has begun a vicious, obscene social media campaign against local townspeople in Franklin County, Tennesses, because they have objected to the "gay" GSA club recently put into the high school. Below is an example of one family that being victimized. John Wimley, a local parent, spoke out against the GSA club.. They are attacking him and his school-age daughter, and trying to get his local car-repair shop closed down.

Posts attacking Mr. Wimley and his daughter:

Posts trying to hurt Mr. Wimley's car repair shop business by posting obscene "ratings."

Attacking Mr. Wimley personally:

This person who wrote the post below appears to be a student at the University of the South who is lashing out at Mr. Wimley because of a comment he may have made about University students trying to intimidate parents. This kind of hateful adolescent-like rant is common from homosexual activists. Note that those who despise religion often purport to be Bible experts!


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