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Boston Catholics demanding the name of “St. Patrick” be removed from upcoming “St. Patrick’s Day Parade.” Openly homosexual groups again being included by organizers. Sign petition!

Insulting to Catholic religion, dishonor to Catholic saint, say local Catholics.

POSTED: March 10 2016

The Boston-based Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, in conjunction with MassResistance, is calling on people of faith everywhere to demand that organizers of the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade remove the name “St. Patrick” from its title.

OUTVETS in last year's parade. [All photos by MassResistance]

This will be the second year that two openly homosexual groups, OUTVETS and Boston Pride, with their “gay” banners and other distinctive mannerisms (men dancing together, etc), will be part of it. (OUTVETS is a contrived "gay veterans" group created by employees of the Mayor of Boston specifically for the purpose of getting into the parade.)

Last year's Boston Pride contingent in the parade made sure everybody saw their rainbows.
These two "dancing boys" from the Boston Pride group were arm in arm for much of the time. That's probably pretty tame campared to what we'll see this year.

In recent decades St. Patrick’s Day Parade organizers across the country have caved in to the demands of the radical homosexual movement. They now allow openly homosexual floats, banners, and marchers. They blatantly ignore the feelings of religious Catholics, families with children, and others who have come for decades to see the parades. Boston was the last holdout of such parades around the country.

C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts told MassResistance:

Permitting homosexual groups destroys the traditional character of the parade and erases whatever remains of its Catholic identity. They are exploiting the name of a Catholic saint to promote public acceptance of their sexual behavior and anti-Christian ideology. It is impossible and dishonest to honor St. Patrick by showcasing those who see the Catholic religion and its morality as an enemy to be defeated.

On March 2 he also sent a press release to the Boston media which the Boston Globe mentioned in an article posted later that day.

The Catholic Action League's logo portrays Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Boston.

Everyone can get involved!

To confront this, press releases are just the beginning. This must be confronted by good people! This year’s parade is scheduled for March 20 (on Palm Sunday!). So the Catholic Action League and MassResistance are encouraging everyone to make their voices heard.

An online petition has been set up for everyone  -- whether you live in Boston or not – to sign.  The results will be personally delivered to the parade organizers (who purport to be Catholic).


You can also visit the parade’s website and contact them here.

Turncoat Council leaders subverted the majority to make the parade “gay”

The parade is organized by the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council. A majority of the Council members actually have strongly opposed the inclusion of homosexual groups. But the group’s turncoat leaders, working closely with the pro-“gay” Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, and Congressman Stephen Lynch of South Boston, worked to undermine the will of the group. There was pressure and intimidation. And then when the Council votes were held, many dissenting members weren’t properly notified of the meetings, and “new” members suddenly appeared to vote the “right” way. It was sleazy and disgraceful.

Starting back in 2014 Walsh strategized with MassEquality about ways to force the parade organizers to capitulate.

“The Irish Mayor of Boston forcing this on an Irish parade – I don’t understand his way of thinking,” a Council member told MassResistance. “He’s got a lot of growing up to do.”

Piling on the indignities

To add further insult, this year’s organizers have named as honorary Grand Marshall of this year’s “gay” St. Patrick’s Day parade the late John J. “Wacko” Hurley, who recently passed away. Hurley was the parade’s Council Commander who led the court battle in the early 1990s for the right to include or exclude any groups from the parade. The City of  Boston tried to force them to include homosexual groups. In 1995 Hurley ultimately won a 9-0 US Supreme Court ruling in his favor.

“It is a slap in the face of everything that Wacko Hurley fought so hard for,” said Phil Wuschke, a Council member and former chief parade organizer. “Many of us are very angry.”

The fact that the Council leaders are war veterans, who are caving in to political correctness, is particularly galling to many of the members.

Also adding to resentment, last month the Mayor of Boston ordered that the parade route through South Boston be shortened to an extremely abbreviated route used last year, as an emergency because of the enormous snowfall. But this year there is no snow, and the shortened route will miss passing many historic landmarks, say Council members. The Mayor insists it’s necessary to save money on police support and cleanup. According to news reports, the Mayor is considering forcing entire parade route to be moved from South Boston to Downtown Boston.

After years of boycotting the parade, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh marched in it last year since it now included "gay" groups.

Since last year’s phony vote to allow openly “gay” contingents, many long-time Council members have become disgusted and stopped participating, one Council member told MassResistance. One result of the internal bitterness was the recent stepping down of last year’s Council Commander Brian Mahoney, in January, who was a major force in engineering the votes. The interim Council Commander is Bill Desmond.

Long time parade groups now staying away

Many of the traditional groups are refusing to march in the parade again this year. For example, for two decades, the float of Saint Patrick blessing the children from the Immaculate Heart of Mary School was practically the trademark of the parade. But they are staying away, as well as several other Catholic religious groups and a number of military groups, including artillery groups, we’ve been told.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary School's float of St. Patrick had been synonymous with the South Boston parade for over 20 years. But not now.

Last year, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary School even produced a great video titled “The Leaving of Boston” of a song they’ve written and performed about their reasons for leaving the parade!

We’ve also been told by an insider that Catholic funders of the parade have stopped donating, and the parade is very short of money -- an unusual situation for them.

Change the name to “Evacuation Day Parade” . . .

The parade is officially known as the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day / Evacuation Day Parade, (also commemorating the Evacuation of the British army from Boston on March 17, 1776 during the Revolutionary War). So just call it the Evacuation Day Parade, we’re saying.

Don’t just sit on the sidelines.

We’ll keep you up to date on the progress.


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