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State House Public Hearing on bill H97 - Part 1

LGBT lobby brings propaganda campaign to Mass. State House public hearing on "anti-therapy" bill

Destructive bill would ban "sexual orientation" counseling for youth.
Disinformation, outright lies, and hysteria.
(See VIDEO below!)

POSTED: August 28, 2015  UPDATED January 17, 3016

The LGBT movement’s state-by-state crusade to pass laws banning youth with sexual orientation problems from seeking help by therapists, came to the Massachusetts State House at a public hearing on Tuesday, July 28. The propaganda machine of activists and "experts" was there in full force!

It was standing room only in the hearing room -- with lots of LGBT activists there to make an impression on the legislators. (And we were there, too!)

Bill H97 is a major goal of the LGBT lobby in Massachusetts this year. It would make it illegal for licensed therapists to help children deal with traumatic sexual orientation issues, often the result of childhood sexual molestation, rape, or emotional abuse. Instead, the bill would only allow therapy that encourages homosexual behavior.

Read about Bill H97 here.

The LGBT lobby: The usual disinformation, propaganda, and hysteria

To discredit this important and legitimate therapy, the well-organized LGBT speakers presented a campaign of disinformation, propaganda, and ginned-up hysteria to the legislators. They labeled it as “conversion therapy”. They told lurid (and blatantly untrue) stories about children being electrocuted and other alleged abuses by therapists. They claimed that even "talk" therapy causes depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behavior (it actually heals it). And they repeated the mantra that people are “born that way” and that virtually all the problems that homosexuals suffer through are caused by “prejudice” in society -- not childhood experiences, abuse, or trauma.

It certainly revealed their inverted world-view about homosexual behavior. Most of the time their testimony seemed outrageously absurd, But by stating it matter-of-factly and constantly repeating it they've been able to sway large numbers of people.

VIDEO: "Nothing but LIES: Testimony in support of H97" (1 min 58 sec)

Some "highlights" of the LGBT testimony:

State Rep. Sarah Peake (D-Provincetown), an "out" lesbian:

"Today you will hear from people who feel it is appropriate to say that being gay, or bisexual, or transgender is something less than equal, it is something undesirable, it is something lacking in dignity."

Mental health director from "Gender Management Service" at Boston Children's Hospital

(See the gruesome report about Children's Hospital's transgender work with children.)

Said that the best way to deal with children with transgender issues is to go through a "gender exploration process." In contrast, she added, "Reparative therapy does not offer options or questions, and closes the door to exploration for healthy gender development for gender questioning youth."  One should not attempt “to repair or convert” which "leads to suicide attempts by over 50% of the youth.”

Coordinator from “Campaign to end conversion therapy” at National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Discussed alleged “electric shock” treatment. Claimed that a UN group compares reparative therapy to “torture”. Says it “defrauds” parents. Claims it causes high suicide. “This bill is a matter of life and death.”

Executive Director of Mass. Chapter of National Association of Social Workers:

“Since homosexuality is not a disorder or a disease it does not require a cure.” Instead, therapists should find ways to help youth “become more comfortable with their sexual orientation ... Just as one does not choose to be straight, one does not choose to be gay or lesbian or transgender.”

Attorney from Washington DC based homosexual group “Human Rights Campaign.”

(This is a man dressed as a woman.)

These are “dangerous practices” that must be dealt with by the legislature, not trusted to local licensing boards. (But admitted that people haven’t been complaining to licensing boards about this around the country.)

Attorney at Boston-based Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders:

“After all these years, there is still a sense that being gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender is abnormal ... Passing this bill is a message from the state that people do NOT need to change their sexual orientation or gender identity because that is not abnormal. It is a healthy, normal aspect of human development.”

Executive Director of Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

(This is a female with a beard dressed in men’s clothes.)

"By identifying these so-called therapies for what they are – fraudulent at best and categorically harmful in many instances – the Legislature will make strides in addressing the health and wellness of LGBT youth here in Massachusetts."

Pastor of a (far-left) Congregational Church in Worcester:

Said that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality, but instead the text actually refers to other issues such as rape. “As a Christian pastor, I believe that religion is at the basis of all of these problems with abuse of our LGBT persons ... Reparative therapy for our LGBT brothers and sisters is like attempting to separate Michelangelo from the art that was born in him.”

We know what’s ahead and we’ve been getting ready for it. This destructive bill is built on lies and disinformation. When most politicians realize this they don’t like it. That’s why most state legislatures so far have rejected this, though the LGBT lobby is ramping up their fight even more.

You can also follow the status of H97 on our page of bills. We’ll keep you informed on this!


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