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"Gender identity" bathroom lunacy

In Waltham Mass: Female office worker encounters man urinating in ladies' room and exposing self.

"I couldn't get out of there fast enough."

POSTED: February 21, 2016

Yes, the "bathroom bill" danger is real. This is just one of many first-hand accounts we've heard. Here is what a female office worker recently told MassResistance:

Female office worker's "gender identity" bathroom testimony
Waltham, Mass., January 2016

Last June I went into the ladies restroom in my office building and noticed that the one door was partway open to one of the stalls. As I walked past it, I saw a man sitting on the toilet with his penis in his hand, holding it downward as he urinated. He had long hair like a woman, not at all like a man would wear. I was so shocked I turned right around and left the bathroom.

I was shaking by the time I got back to my office and the experience made me afraid to use that restroom.

Six months later, in December, I entered that restroom again when the other one in the building was fully in use. I told myself it was a fluke that I ran into that man the previous summer; that he was probably a visitor to one of the offices and it wouldn’t happen again.

As I was using the facilities, I heard someone enter the restroom and could see the top of the person’s head walking past my stall. It was the same color hair as the man I had seen the summer before. With heels clicking on the tile, I assumed it was a tall woman who worked on the floor.

The person entered the stall next to me and I could tell as soon as they started urinating that it was not a woman next to me, but a man. There is a difference in sound between how men and women urinate. There was no doubt it in my mind that the man was back, apparently dressed as a woman. I hurried to finish and as soon as I unlocked the door, I heard the man next to me get up. I got out of there quickly before he could see me.

I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Having a strange man in a public restroom unclothe himself less than a foot from you, while you are unclothed as well, is horribly uncomfortable and scary on many levels, as well as against the law – at least for now!

Now I refuse to use that restroom at all, ever again, for any reason. This has left me feeling unsafe in public restrooms. I worry about my kids using public restrooms.  I never thought like that before, I never had to.



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