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How the LGBT movement sells its outrageous transgender “bathroom” bill to politicians across America.

Strategy outlined at Transgender Lobby Day in Mass. State House, for bill now before Legislature. Well-crafted emotional messaging. (See video below)

POSTED: February 17 2016

How do you sell a bill to lawmakers that would require the public (including children) to pretend that cross-dressing men are completely normal, and would force all businesses to allow those disturbed men to use women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers – with the threat of fines and even jail time for those who would complain?

Transgender activists at the Mass. State House lobby day. These all looked and sounded like men to us. [All photos by MassResistance.]

Bill H1577 is now before the Massachusetts Legislature. (Here's what it would do.) Similar bills are being pushed in cities and states across the country.

Poster advertising the "Transgender Lobby Day."

A slick, emotional, effective strategy

To successfully pass these transgender bills into law, the well-funded LGBT movement has crafted a slick, emotional, and powerful psychological message that they aggressively push at lawmakers. It’s been very effective with politicians virtually everywhere they’ve used it. But most regular citizens are only barely aware of what is happening.

Right now in the Massachusetts State House the lobbying on Bill 1577 is particularly fierce. The proponents (aided by the House and Senate leadership) are trying to get enough votes to overturn a possible veto by the Governor. When that happens, they’ll bring the bill out of committee and right to the House floor. And of course, pro-family groups like MassResistance are working hard to stop them.

LGBT activists came from across the state. It was standing room only, and the crowd flowed into the hallways.

How they’re doing it

What is their message? What are their lobbying tactics? Back on September 17, the transgender lobby put on a “Lobby Day” for their activists at the State House, where they laid it all out. MassResistance was also there. What we saw was pretty slick. Here’s what was presented to the activists that day:

  1. Use an unrelenting, emotional “Civil Rights” analogy. The pitch: It’s all about freedom, civil rights, and non-discrimination. Every possible comparison to the experience of blacks in the South should be used, and repeat it constantly.

    The "Civil Rights" message is repeated everywhere.

    This completely inverts the truth. It’s a bill based on people’s delusions and (can we say it?) sexual perversions. In fact, it takes away the civil rights and religious freedoms of people, and forces them to accept a blatant lie – that people can change their sex, and that this is a healthy, normal part of life.
  2. Show political force. Have legislators and other elected officials publicly involved. Also get the usual collection of pro-“gay” large corporations, sports team owners, unions, police departments, law firms, and non-profits to endorse it -- and then claim “widespread support” for the bill.

    Senators and State Reps supporting the transgender bill publicly lined up for photographs as the event began.

  3. While lobbying, boldly present cross-dressing men -- and women with beards -- as completely “normal”. This is done with no apologies, and without flinching. Like their false use of the civil rights metaphor, this has an eerie psychological “big lie” effect. As behavioral scientists know, when something so outrageous is calmly and repeatedly presented as true, one questions one’s own perception of reality.

    Yes, this is a woman with a beard -- who runs the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

  4. Play the victim card. That goes hand in hand with the “Civil Rights” push. They bring up lots of well-rehearsed stories of various mistreatment because of their “gender identity.”  These anecdotes often appear to be simply a reaction to seeing someone so bizarre and obviously troubled.  But the stories are used to demand special transgender “legal protection” above and beyond the normal laws that already apply to everyone.

    This man, who also goes by "Miss Transgender New England", described how difficult life can be for people who behave like him.

  5. Anyone who disagrees is a hater. This is an important emotional element of the strategy. Sometimes it’s extremely subtle, other times it’s very overt and in-your-face, depending on the situation. But because the insinuation is always there on some level, it sends a potent psychological message, even if it’s subliminal.

    Logo on shirt: "Love conquors hate." A constant theme with LGBT activists who can't articulate a good rational argument.

This 5-point formula is very powerful and has been extremely successful across the country getting politicians to buy into “gender identity non-discrimination” bills. Many lawmakers completely swallow the whole package and become advocates for the bill. Unfortunately, most citizens may have only heard bits and pieces of it in the media, and are shocked and upset when they see the result.

MUST-SEE VIDEO: This 3-minute video of Transgender Lobby Day speeches – including both politicians and transgender activists – is a very good encapsulation of their training for activists. You’ve really got to hear it for yourself!

Derailing that train

Can these radicals be beaten? We believe they can. Usually the powerful LGBT lobby is able to work almost in a vacuum, with no well-organized pro-family opposition. There is rarely a well-schooled and well-coached force of people directly confronting their dishonest and manipulative tactics. After it was voted overwhelmingly by the city council Houston, our side was able to come back and win a city-wide election. But that’s very difficult. We’re here to change it in the Massachusetts Legislature.

Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, a 66-year-old "out" homosexual who is engaged to be "married" to his 28-year-old boyfriend, told the crowd that he'd work hard to get the votes for this bill.

The next few weeks are very crucial in this fight. MassResistance will be in the thick of it. We are convinced that a well-executed pro-family lobbying approach that boldly tells the truth will beat even a well-funded LGBT strategy that is based on lies. That’s what we are doing.

Hopefully, many of you (even those outside of Massachusetts or have limited time available) will volunteer to help! We are moving forward on this right away, so please contact us


The usual unprofessional mainstream media bias. (So, what's new?)


TV Reporter Tiffany Chan of Channel 22 in Springfield interviews a man dressed as a woman (right) . . . Then she poses for a photo with him and two other male transgender activists (below).

Not surprisingly, in her report she didn't include anyone who opposed the bill.



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