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MassResistance pro-family activists converge on Mass. State House to counter transgender “bathroom” bill

Also: Calls and emails to Reps from across America!

Support for outrageous bill seems to be weakening as the truth gets out. But pressure still needed!

POSTED: February 25 2016

There have been months of lobbying by LGBT groups and shameless promotion in the mainstream media for the transgender “bathroom bill,” H1577, now before the Massachusetts Legislature, with mostly sporadic pushback by various (other) family groups.

In office of the Speaker Pro Tempore, Rep. Barbara Haddad.

But this week some cold water was poured on that madness in the State House, as the MassResistance pro-family blitz took place. Our goal: Cut through the political correctness, tell the unvarnished truth, and demand that the politicians not inflict such insanity on people, particularly women and children.

The chief of staff of Rep. James Kelcourse (right) got an earfull -- that he likely hadn't heard before!

Last week the pro-LGBT House Speaker, Robert DeLeo, told the press that he has started “polling” the 160 House members on the bill. He believes has enough votes to pass it. But he said that when he has enough votes to overturn a possible veto by the Governor, he will bring the bill to the House floor. We realized it was time to act.

Our invasion of the State House

When we asked for volunteers to help in our email last weekend, we got an overwhelming response. We put people right to work.

The “ground war” commenced on Monday and Tuesday. Teams of activists went to each Rep’s office in the State House and personally talked to staffers and Reps. They let them know in no uncertain terms why this bill is completely unacceptable. They passed out our “Ten reasons why you should vote NO on H1577,” and a list of actual horror stories of men in women’s restrooms.

The “air war” went on all week, and consisted of people from across Massachusetts – and as from far away as California, Utah, and Florida (and several other states) – calling the Reps’ offices throughout the week, and also emailing them. Many had pointed conversations with staffers and a few of the Reps. They had clear, powerful talking points destroying the other side’s absurd arguments.

What we found out . . .

The feedback we’ve got from our callers and especially from those who went there personally was very interesting. There’s certainly a segment of legislators that has swallowed the “civil rights” nonsense which the proponents relentlessly push. But overall, there’s much less support in the State House for the “bathroom bill” than it appears from the picture that the media paints or the LGBT activists like to claim. Most Reps would not say they supported it. Many said they had “concerns” (which they did not describe) or said they “are still studying it.”

Telling it like it is in office of Rep. Rady Mom of Lowell.

Several staffers told our activists that their Reps are looking to see what amendments would be added before committing.  What would such an amendment be? One Rep said that he intends to introduce a bill requiring three toilet stalls with ground-level partitions in each public restroom -- one stall for male, one for female, and one for “non-gender.” That should be an interesting debate on the House floor. What a circus!

We emphasized other emotional issues that probably caused them to think twice about committing to this bill. The list of bathroom horror stories certainly got their attention. Plus, this is an election year, and supporting something so loony shows an embarrassing disconnect between the political class and the average person. The “outsider” and anti-political correctness sentiment among voters these days is also being noted.

Going to office after office.

A few Reps admitted that they were personally leaning toward supporting it but admitted it wasn’t popular in their district. Also, it seemed like many of the young staffers of both parties were more “liberal” on this issue than the Reps themselves.

LGBT lobby not letting up, but getting uneasy

The LGBT lobby is, of course, not letting up. But they seem to be getting very uneasy. On Tuesday they sent out a hysterical email to their activists saying, “We can’t let transphobic lies and fearmongering be the last thing that our House Reps hear before they commit their votes.” It doesn’t sound like their usual air of optimism.

They’re getting their left-wing allies involved. State House News reports that the presidents of the Mass. National Organization of Women and Women’s Bar Assn. of Mass. sent a letter to all Reps this week saying: "We write on behalf of the thousands of women that we represent, to clarify once and for all, that this bill will not make bathrooms and locker rooms unsafe for women and we are not in fear of it.” They added, “There is nothing in this legislation that facilitates indecent or unsafe behavior in bathrooms." A bold faced lie, according to what we’ve already seen.

And the beat goes on. The lead editorial in a recent Boston Globe, with the usual propaganda.

MassResistance’s non-standard lobbying strategy

Last Wednesday the transgender lobby group held a big “lobby day” at the State House, which they publicized in the press beforehand. On Wednesday of this week, a pro-family group held its own well-publicized “lobby day” at State House, which had been planned and advertised for months.

Our approach is different. We think it’s more effective to put together many lobbying efforts at strategically opportune times, that are relatively quickly organized and executed, and which we don’t publicize beforehand to the general public.

Resistance activist bringing her message to the Reps in the Committee on on Public Health.

We think that this week’s efforts will have a big impact! However, we can’t let up. This odious bill must be stopped cold. There’s more work to do. If you can join the activist corps helping fight it, let us know!

VIDEO: Transgender bathroom madness: Is this the future?

We’ve already seen what will happen in Massachusetts (and elsewhere) when bills like this are passed and this behavior is “mainstreamed.”

Back in 2009, investigative reporter and videographer James O’Keefe went undercover for MassResistance at a “transgender conference” at the Peabody Marriott Hotel in Peabody, MA. Among other things, he noticed a parade of huge men in short dresses going in and out of the ladies’ restroom at the hotel’s lounge.

Here’s a video of what could be happening in hotels and restaurants across the country (and what is already happening in many places).

If this bill is passed you could be found guilty of discrimination if you simply complain, and business owners will be helpless to stop it.


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