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There is no Santa Claus for the front-line pro-family movement

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POSTED: Feb 12 2016 UPDATED Feb 16 2016

Homosexual activist groups receive over $100 million per year from US foundations, corporations, and individuals. It is used to aggressively and vindictively force the LGBT agenda into the nation’s schools and our laws, as well as businesses, government, culture, and the media. And they’re working toward the $200 million level for 2017. They’re also receiving considerable funding from government agencies for LGBT-affirming programs. Within just a few decades the LGBT movement has become an unbelievably powerful force.

There is a massive nationwide push by LGBT foundations to fund programs to indoctrinate young schoolchildren in their schools.

And what is there to try to stop this onslaught?

Much of the pro-family movement that’s reacting to the LGBT onslaught involves think tanks, scholarly writing, and regurgitating bad news reports and endless commentary – what some cynically call “the pro-family echo chamber.” There are also annual conferences and rallies, but topics (such as the health issues) that might be considered “anti-gay” are scrupulously avoided. Many of these are national organizations with multi-million dollar budgets, huge mailing lists, professional fundraisers, and wealthy donors. When they engage in the battle, they often unintentionally facilitate the other side’s successes with their bland, non-offensive, and compromising messages.

There are also a lot of “mainstream” pro-family/conservative groups in states across America. Although they don’t have millions of dollars, they have fairly nice offices and good staffs and decent budgets. But they mostly don’t get their hands dirty. They’re careful to be “respectable” and “positive” and moderate. They do not want to be thought of as “anti-gay.” As a result, rich businessmen have no problem writing big checks to support them. They hold banquets, have rallies, and (politely) lobby legislators. But they don’t really accomplish much.

Finally, there are what many call the “front-line” pro-family groups. They are willing to directly oppose the LGBT onslaught on society. They don't whitewash their message. They help parents and citizens confront school officials, legislators, corporations, and others who trying force that radical agenda on innocent children and adults. MassResistance is one of those groups. We also work with other front-line pro-family and parent groups across the country (and in several countries overseas) confronting the LGBT agenda in the schools, fighting their efforts to change the laws, and reporting first-hand on their outrageous activities.

Homosexual foundations are funding a multi-million dollar effort to infiltrate churches. Here's a contingent in a recent Gay Pride Parade in Boston. Christians in Alabama have already asked MassResistance for help stopping it. [MassResistance photo]

The common denominator

There is one common denominator between all these front-line groups – both in the US and abroad. They all do what they can on almost no money at all. They are universally rejected by the “big donors” of the conservative movement. Sometimes they have to borrow money to pay their expenses. But they are on the front lines of the battle.

How does this rejection of front-line activists by the “big donors” of the conservative movement play out? It has become worse every year. Here are just a few notes from the last few months:

  • Donor boycott of Stand4Truth Conference. On Oct. 23, 2015, the one-day “Stand4Truth” conference was held in Salt Lake City. The subject was “Understanding homosexuality – the political incorrect truth.” The Utah pro-family establishment was shocked that such a topic would be discussed. They persuaded local wealthy conservatives not to help fund it. As a result, the organizer lost several thousand dollars that she had put up herself. That same week in Salt Lake City there was another, much larger pro-family conference that specifically avoided criticizing homosexuality. Several million dollars were raised from wealthy Utah conservatives to fund it.
  • The truth about pro-family foundations. The homosexual movement raises enormous money from liberal foundations. But no one we’ve worked with in “front-line” groups has ever been able to raise any money at all from conservative foundations, despite tireless efforts. During that October week in Salt Lake City we happened to talk to a retired fundraiser who had come back and raised over a million dollars for the large pro-family conference. He admonished us we were all wasting our time trying to get such help. Most conservative foundations, he said, are organized for tax purposes, not for fighting the “culture war”. Also, it’s an insider’s game -- they give money to people they already know, for their (safe) pet causes. Most people we’ve talked to since have agreed.

    From the Ford Foundation website. Money flows to radical causes from left-wing foundations. Sadly, it's a different story for conservatives.

  • No help with Houston vote. In the city-wide vote in Houston on November 3, a group of pro-family conservatives engineered an overwhelming 61%-39% victory to defeat a transgender rights “bathroom” bill. This happened even though Houston is one of the most liberal cities in America and had a three-term lesbian mayor. They were outspent 3-1. Almost all of the LGBT funding poured in from big donors outside of Texas. But national wealthy conservatives ignored it. The pro-family group luckily included some well-connected people and was able raise money themselves, mostly from the Houston area.
  • The cold shoulder from D.C. money men. During December, we had a chance to talk with a number of wealthy conservative donors in the Washington, DC area, introduced to us through various contacts. We gave an emotional pitch for funding to help stop the radical LGBT bills coming up soon in the Massachusetts Legislature that would harm children, etc. They complimented MassResistance for our work. But they didn’t want to touch it. They made it clear that they were more interested in funding pro-family causes (or pro-life causes) with more celebrity status and less risk of harassment from the LGBT radicals. They told us, “Good luck.”
  • Backing out of donation commitment. Recently two local donors offered MassResistance donations of $10,000 and $5,000. Then we started taking on the battle in the Mass. State House to confront the LGBT lobby. Suddenly, both seem to have gotten cold feet. Neither of them will take our phone calls or answer our emails regarding their promised donations. We’re not the only group that has happened to.

Several other local wealthy donors have told us that they really love what we do, but they’re afraid to donate large amounts of money to groups like ours that might attract “controversy.” Instead, they give their big donations to “safe” pro-family groups.

Paradoxically, we have had a big upsurge of donations from “regular” people across the US and even in other countries. The average person is probably more directly affected by the radical LGBT lobby than the wealthy. Average people seem to understand the seriousness of the “culture war” much clearer. They often have children and grandchildren in the public schools, affected by “trans” bathroom policies and homosexual indoctrination. And they’re very happy that there are those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and confront it.

We must change our funding strategy

For all the above reasons, we all must change our funding strategy, or none of the front-line groups will ultimately survive. Unlike the radical LGBT movement which supports its aggressive activity almost completely with huge donations, there is no Santa Claus for the front-line pro-family movement.

Thousands of individuals with modest donations must take their place. In doing so, you become part of the solution – part of the very important resistance movement taking on this terrible but necessary battle.

This is a strong model for carrying on a “ground war”. On the Left, uses it. And the socialist candidate for president, Bernie Sanders, raises millions from individuals. Our side can do that, too!

Become a supporter! Even just one donation a year (we run our “funding” year from December to December) makes you a part of the fight.


Pro-family activists protest outside the hospital that fired Dr. Paul Church because he told the truth about the "gay" lifestyle. How long will front-line groups be able to continue?



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