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Let them feel the heat: California MassResistance continues to confront elected officials on college anti-religion bill, and more.

Making sure they know that a "Yes" vote was unacceptable

Governor has two more days to sign (or veto) SB 1146

See videos below!

UPDATE: California Governor Jerry Brown signed Bill SB 1146 into law late Friday afternoon, Sept. 30, just hours before the legal deadline. He also signed two terrible other anti-family bills that had been passed by the legislature. Full report coming up.

September 28 2016

Running away. State Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell (right) with aide quickly walks away from California MassResistance activists who want to ask him about his "Yes" vote on SB 1146, during his "meet and greet" event.

MassResistance continues to lead America’s pro-family movement in confronting elected officials who force the LGBT agenda on citizens, and push other anti-family legislation.

On Aug. 31, the last day of the session, the California Legislature’s pro-LGBT leadership  was able to twist enough arms to pass SB 1146, the oppressive LGBT anti-religion bill affecting the state’s colleges.

The Governor has until Sept. 30 – two days from now – to sign it or veto it. On one hand, the Governor saw that leaders of many Christian colleges caved in and actually supported this bill. But California MassResistance,, and other groups have been rallying people across California to demand that he veto it. 

California MassResistance activists looking for State Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell, who disappeared at his own "meet and greet" event rather than answer questions about his vote on SB 1146.

It’s also very important to send a clear message of citizen outrage to legislators – especially the ones our group met with on this bill -- who still voted to pass it. And we need to applaud those who took a risk and voted to stop it.

This more confrontational approach sets a needed psychological tone, and works much better than the established pro-family strategy of only being “nice.” There is a time and place for everything! But unless we send them a strong message, they have no reason to discontinue their bad behavior.

Below: A few quick videos of activism and more!

Over the past few weeks, California MassResistance has been active not only on SB 1146, but other important pro-family fronts. Here’s just a sample:

1. WE APPLAUD: CA Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Manhattan Beach)

Let’s start off with the positive! Republican David Hadley represents a moderate-to-liberal district, and is running in a very tight race for re-election. Two years ago he barely squeaked into office by beating an incumbent Democrat by only a few hundred votes. That same liberal Democrat is running against him now.

But after California MassResistance visited his office in July about SB 1146, he did the right thing and voted “No” on it. He could have simply abstained and it would have been the same as a “No” (the way the California assembly works). But an actual “No” vote made a statement.

But that’s not all. On Aug 27, he held a town meeting in his district and strongly defended his vote. He is really outstanding! California MassResistance was there, and videotaped his remarks. He is a real hero!

VIDEO: Assemblyman David Hadley defends his "No" vote on SB 1164
(3 min 26 sec)

"We don't need Christian colleges and universities to be bullied to achieve a diverse and tolerant society," said Hadley.

2. WE CONFRONTED: CA Assemblymen Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach)

Back in July, California MassResistance visited O’Donnell’s office with over 50 people, including many of his constituents, and painstakingly explained to his staff why SB 1146 was a terrible bill. They indicated that he understood and was not afraid to go against the Democrat establishment, to do what’s right. But then he voted ‘Yes”, shocking all of us.

On Sept. 9, California MassResistance and a group of his constituents caught up with O’Donnell at one of his outdoor meet-and-greet events, and asked him to explain his vote. O’Donnell refused to answer the question, and then basically ran away! Arthur Schaper, Director of California MassResistance, was not in the mood to be ignored, and kept asking and trying to catch him! He definitely got the message. Take a look at the video!

VIDEO: Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell runs away from constituents asking why he voted for SB 1164
(3 min 32 sec)

3. WE CONFRONTED: Office of  CA Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens)

Sen. Ricardo Lara, who is openly “gay” and the sponsor of SB 1146, is also Chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee. As such, he was the major force behind getting this bill passed. California MassResistance had been to his office in Long Beach before to discuss this with his staff. On Sept. 6 our group showed up again with some of Sen. Lara’s constituents to protest his aggressive push against religious citizens -- and to let him know that he has a challenger in November!.

Just in case he doesn't remember. MassResistance activists in Sen. Ricardo Lara's office with his opponent's campaign signs.

4. WE CONFRONTED: Huntington Park City Council

On an important local municipal issue:

We’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like this before! This group of corrupt politicians had just voted to expand marijuana dispensaries in the city, but at the same time voted to stop the expansion of any charter schools! People were incensed! It was clearly related to demands by special interests – the marijuana lobby and the teachers’ union.

At this month’s meeting, local citizens filled the chamber to complain. Arthur Schaper of California MassResistance got his five minutes in. He was not particularly polite. Most establishment pro-family groups would talk about being “disappointed” in their vote. Arthur called them out as a bunch criminals who should be thrown out of office. It needed to be said that way. When he was done speaking, the audience applauded!

Interestingly, the following speaker was one of the city counselors who agreed with most of the points Arthur had just made!

VIDEO: CA MassResistance rebukes Huntington Park City Council
(3 min 28 sec)

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