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'Transgender' mom and dad: The next wave of LGBT propaganda coming to schools?

The war on truth continues. Can we confront it?

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June 21 2016

Father's Day propaganda. Boston Globe photo of "transgender dad" at work.

The incoherent war on truth continues.

On Father’s Day the Boston Globe, the major newspaper in New England, featured a lavish front-page article about a father who had “transitioned to a female”. There was an accompanying article by his son – a Boston Globe videographer – who describes that he is now accepting his father’s new “gender” after years of horrible anguish that even caused the son to change his last name.

Father putting on women's makeup. [Boston Globe photo.]

The articles are laden with sentiments of “tolerance” and “acceptance.” But they can’t avoid mentioning the years of emotional pain that this “transition” caused the man’s wife and three sons. Like so many LGBT stories, this exposes the father’s actions as ultimately self-centered and narcissistic.

The linguistic gymnastics in the article are quite frightening. As the son relates:

I got a call, and it was my dad. She was full-on screaming in a man’s voice. My dad initially took on an extreme falsetto voice, but when she gets excited, or laughs, she goes back to a guy’s voice.

Is this the new frontier of the LGBT movement’s deconstruction of the natural family? Will kids in school soon be taught that their father (and mother) can either be male or female?

By the time the thought police are through, your kids will probably be used to it.

The next stop on the “transgender rights” train

We’ve all seen the flood of “transgender” themes in recent television shows and movies. And of course there’s been the Bruce Jenner media circus. But that only barely touched upon the “fatherhood” aspect.

Parents of schoolchildren are barely catching their breath over the concepts of schoolchildren using “genderless” locker rooms and bathrooms, playing on opposite-sex sports teams, wearing opposite-sex clothes, and having their names changed by the school to comply with their “gender identity” (even without their parents’ knowledge). Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there.

How NOT to confront this

Unfortunately, most pro-family groups across the country, both national and statewide, have taken an approach to “fight” this in a way that we consider almost completely ineffective.

They don’t tell the uncomfortable truth: That “transgender” people are delusional and have serious mental health issues that should be addressed, and that the behavior constitutes a perversion. Instead, they talk about “bathroom predators” and “privacy rights”, which are only peripheral issues at best. And they accept the premise that there should be "acceptance" and "accommodations" for "transgender" students or adults.

Why? It’s because they don’t want to appear intolerant or bigoted. And they’re fearful of incurring incur the wrath of the LGBT movement by directly opposing their ideology. As a result, as we’ve all witnessed, most pro-family groups actually concede that “transgenderism” is a legitimate concept, but then say that “we want our religious freedom rights, too.” (However, they only talk in general terms. They’re afraid to say exactly what the specific religious issue is.) It makes their argument seem weak or even empty.

Similar to introducing “two mommies” or “two daddies” to schoolchildren 20 years ago

We saw this pattern before in the 1990s. Parents had barely caught their breath over the“gay and lesbian” concept being pushed in the high schools (along with newly “out” homosexual teachers, “AIDS education” and condom handouts), when the LGBT movement without warning pushed the idea of “diverse families” with “two mommies” or “two daddies” (especially in the early grades). Of course, it followed the political push for homosexual “civil unions” which featured article after article in the  mainstream media about homosexual parenting.

The “gay couple” parent concept quickly was brought into the high schools, through intensive day-long “gay and lesbian awareness” programs. Then elementary school teachers began using so-called “teachable moments” and LGBT story books to introduce it to kids as young as kindergarten age.

How did the mainstream pro-family groups react to this? They never described homosexual behavior as something detestable, but rather “something we disagree with on religious grounds” and because “every child needs a mother and a father.” These groups opposed legalizing civil unions but caved on the more informal homosexual “domestic partnerships.” Later, they opposed “gay marriage” but supported civil unions and adoption by homosexuals. It’s proven to be the road to hell.

Now, they are capitulating on the "gender identity" issue, accepting this fraudulent concept and acquiescing on the word "gender" (instead of the accurate word "sex").

Let’s start with being honest

In our experience going back over 20 years, the only approach that actually works is telling the truth – especially when the pressure is on to bend and compromise. It does take more guts, and you’ll certainly get called nasty names. But it gets results.

This sign, from our California MassResistance protest of the Target shareholders meeting, may not be fancy, but it makes the point that needs to be made.

And from there, you need to continue to be uncompromising and unrelenting in your interaction with the officials involved. As they say, it’s not rocket science, but you can’t chicken out.

The battle is before us. We need to fight it.


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