Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

California MassResistance, our new chapter, takes to the streets and protests outside Target store! A big success!

Not deterred by store security, police, or harassment by leftists.

See VIDEO of pro-family protesters standing up to "social justice" radicals!

Customers outraged when learning about new "bathroom" policy.

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May 17 2016
Arthur Schaper, director of California Mass­Resistance, leads the protest outside of the Target store in Torrance, CA, last Saturday.
[All photos by MassResistance]

Our newest chapter is California MassResistance, based in the Los Angeles area. Just officially formed this month, it has started off by taking to the streets! Last Saturday, May 14, they staged a successful demonstration and protest in front of the Target store in nearby Torrance, CA, led by the new group’s fearless director, Arthur Christopher Schaper.

Pro-family people are reacting to Target’s outrageous “transgender bathroom” policy in various ways. They’re signing petitions and sharing articles. But that’s not enough.

There’s nothing quite like actually protesting and engaging people in front of a big store on a busy day. The California activists came from Torrance, and also neighboring towns of Upland, Long Beach, and Bellflower. The store is located right on a wide public sidewalk – a perfect place for a group to stand with signs and leaflets.

It was quite successful! Not surprisingly, the Target management wasn’t pleased, nor were local liberals who stopped by. They did their best to chase the protesters away, but California MassResistance wasn’t about to be intimidated!

Great VIDEO:
Pro-family activists standing up & not giving an inch!
(3 min 20 sec)

An uncompromising message

Besides holding signs, California MassResistance handed out flyers listing some of the documented horror stories of men in women’s restrooms, changing rooms, and similar facilities. The protesters also engaged with passersby, mostly customers coming in and out of the store.

We strongly believe that the message to the public regarding the “bathroom” issue is important. For example, MassResistance differs from the mainstream pro-family groups in our willingness to confront the “transgender” ideology. To illustrate the difference: One national pro-family group has released a public statement saying that,

[Target should] have separate men’s and women’s restrooms and changing areas as you always have, and then you have a family bathroom for transgender people, and everybody’s happy.

But MassResistance doesn’t compromise with the radical ideology. Arthur’s message is to Target is:

Transgenderism is a disorder, not something to be accommodated, not something to be recognized or celebrated.


Target management tries to intimidate protesters

Several times, Target staff members came out and told the protesters they had to leave the area. They also had the store’s security staff order them to leave. But the protesters refused. They correctly insisted that the sidewalk was public property.

As Arthur related,

I arrived a few minutes before the beginning of our protest. One of the staff at the store saw my signs. Right away, he told me to leave. I refused, telling him that the sidewalk and the front of the building is a public place, and I have a First Amendment right to protest.

Later, the store called the police. But that didn’t work, either. The police officer acknowledged that the demonstrators had a right to be there and protest. He told them that he simply wanted to serve as a liaison between the protesters and the store’s management. The police were actually quite reasonable with the protesters, and relatively curt with the Target people who insisted they be arrested or forced to leave.

Torrance police officer agreed that protesters have a right to be there!

Angry liberals scream, swear, steal sign

What would California be without angry, intolerant liberals? A pair of young women came and started screaming and swearing at a few of the protesters. Our people stood their ground and engaged them right back. Then one of the women grabbed a man’s sign and started running off. But when a few of our people actually chased her, she panicked and dropped it. She clearly wasn’t expecting that.

"Tolerance" in action ...

From the video (above):

Angry liberal, with friend, screams and swears at protesters. But protesters argue right back. So she grabs one of their signs and starts running away.

Many people were shocked to find out what Target is doing

A surprising number of people were not aware of the controversial and absurd new policy instituted by Target until informed by the protesters. Then, several people specifically said that they would not be coming back to Target to shop.

This woman, with her husband, said, "When I realized what this is about, I turned around and came out of the store. I've got other places I can shop."

We need more real activism!

All in all, it was a great success – and a great experience. There is a certain exhilaration to actually going out and protesting in public on an important cause. As Arthur told us afterwards, “One protester shared that he was scared to demonstrate. At the end of the event, he told me that this effort built up his confidence.” And it shows both the radical Left and the general public that we are not afraid of them, and we mean business.

The pro-family movement in general does too much talking and emailing, and not enough doing. But it’s usually the “doing” that makes a difference. And we plan to do a lot more -- not just on the sidewalks, but at school board meetings, city halls, state capitols, and wherever else it’s needed!


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