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What really goes on at a school “gay straight alliance” club event – Part II

Recruiting kids to outside adult-led “gay” clubs; special “gay sex” aids; “gay” partner violence warnings & victim support groups

Targeting middle school and high school students!

Caution: graphic content

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June 8 2016

GLSEN, the national homosexual activist group which organizes and runs "gay straight alliance" clubs in schools across the country, was a big part of this event. [All photos by MassResistance]

Most people have no idea what goes on in the “gay straight alliance” (GSA) clubs in high schools (and now middle schools!) across America. Parents are told that these are simply “support” groups for youth. But in fact, it’s worse than anyone realizes.

As we’ve often warned people, these clubs bring kids into contact with radical homosexual and transgender activists. They encourage kids to feel comfortable engaging in homosexual and transgender activity. They provide the kids with sexually-oriented literature and paraphernalia, and a heavy dose of destructive LGBT ideology.

In our last post, we reported on the taxpayer-supported  “Massachusetts Youth Pride” event, an annual gathering for middle school and high school “gay straight alliance” clubs from across the state. It was held on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the Boston City Hall Plaza. We were able to see first-hand what they’re really teaching the middle school and high school students whom they attract to these clubs, and the aberrant adults who are involved.

In that report and our accompanying video we showed some of the sexual paraphernalia being handed out to the kids. But there was a lot more.

Here are a few more of the “topics” from that event:

Recruiting kids to outside gay “youth” clubs run by adults

For the LGBT movement, the next step after a school GSA is to get kids to join outside homosexual (and transgender) organizations.

Since those groups are not connected with any public schools, they are free to do what they want without any supervision or age limit of participants. Their “official” age range is usually from about 12 years old to between 22 and 29 years old – a dangerous mix of aggressive young adults and children. And the adult leaders of the groups can be any age.

Here is some of what the kids were tempted with:

Marching in the "Youth Pride" parade that day. These outside youth groups always seem to have a lot of adults hanging around.
Recruiting kids for a metro west group.

(Sign on table of lesbians kissing says "Love is Love".)
It seems like every region of Massachusetts has its "gay youth" group.
BAGLY -- the Boston group run by a man who wears women's clothes --is the original sponsor of this annual event and was a big participant again this year.

Handout: BAGLY recruiting boys "25 and younger" to "weekly meetings on MSM (males having sex with males) topics".

Handout: "Queer and trans" group (up to age 22) inviting kids to their weekly "social and support" meetings. Note: "Trans Women" means males claiming to be females. GNC means "gender non-conforming."

Handout: Attracting kids 14 to 18 for a "media project."

Handout: Note that this is for homosexual "youth" ages 14-24. A recipe for problems, to say the least. Note the services include HIV testing, and free condoms and dental dams (see below).

Special condoms for casual (and anonymous) anal sex

We almost didn’t include this because it is so disturbing. But this is what adult LGBT activists are giving to middle school and high school students -- along with their constant “gay is OK” message. (Caution: very graphic.)

The latest "safe sex" information that the LGBT activists are telling kids is to insert a so-called female condom in one's rectum before going out for casual or anonymous homosexual sex. (A "female condom" is made to be inserted in the vagina before heterosexual sex.) Apparently, this is especially important when boys are consorting with adult males who may not feel like putting on condoms themselves.

Thus, a condom package labeled "Catcher's Mitt for anal sex" was given out to kids at the Youth Pride event. The package consists of a cardboard sleeve over a female condom. On the back of the sleeve are instructions for inserting the female condom in the rectum.

"Catcher's Mitt for anal sex" - the "internal condom" for boys.

Instructions on back of sleeve for putting the "internal" condom into the rectum before going out for homosexual sex.

Note that you can also use a "sex toy" to insert condom.

It also suggests the user "get ready solo -- minutes or hours before sex," i.e., anonymous homosexual sex.


"Catcher's Mitt" sleeve covers an actual "female condom", which boys can simply pull out, open, and insert.

And more . . .

"Female condoms" were also given out along with the regular male condoms -- presumably for boys to use.
This flavored dental dam, also given out with the condoms, is meant to protect kids during oral-anal sex (or lesbian oral sex).

Regular condoms attractively packaged for kids. One is in a packet with anal lubricant and other instructions, labeled, "Admit One -- Ticket to Fun."

The other is labeled, "In case of fire use One."

This is your government at work! It's also where all the "Safe Schools" and the LGBT non-discrimination policies have led.

Warnings about LGBT partner violence

This is a chilling reminder about the often violent nature of homosexual relationships  (which are statistically much worse than normal ones). At virtually every LGBT-related event – including most youth-oriented events -- there is literature about “gay” domestic violence given out and referrals to support groups. Youth are particularly vulnerable to "gay" sexual violence – including rape -- from their “adult partners”. It can be extremely vicious.

This has become such a problem that the Massachusetts State Budget now has line-item amounts of hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund “LGBT domestic violence” programs.

But this is the environment that GSA clubs are ultimately moving innocent and vulnerable kids towards.

"The Network la Red" seems to be at all the LGBT events giving out LGBT partner violence material.
A sample of the partner abuse literature given out.
The LGBT medical group Fenway Health also spends a lot of resources on fighting "LGBTQ domestic violence".
These free "Violence Recovery Program" folding mirrors from Fenway Health were a big hit.
A program specifically targeting youth violence.
Homosexual partner rape is a big topic. These were given out to kids by the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

This is what they're not telling you about the "gay" clubs in the schools.

As disturbing as all of this is, it's not all there was at the Massachusetts Youth Pride event that day.

We have more posts from that event coming up: What they gave to the kids about transgenderism, religion,  diseases, and more.


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