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MassResistance fundraising challenge re-energized by outstanding book offer on “homosexual parenting.”

Almost halfway there by July 4th.

What the media doesn't tell you: This book will change the way you think.

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July 6, 2016

On May 28, MassResistance announced a “Memorial Day to July 4” $100,000 fundraising campaign to help fight the LGBT movement’s War on Children, and set up more state chapters and affiliates. By July 4, wonderful supporters across the US (and as far away as England and Australia) donated a total of $41,079. A big THANK YOU to all of them!

But we still have a way to go.

Outstanding news!

A psychiatrist who specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry just talked with us. He was troubled to hear that we didn’t make our $100,000 goal. He said that our work is vitally important because we are one of the few groups telling the truth in a sea of disinformation and cowardice.

In particular, he said, one of the biggest lies in society involves how the dysfunctional homosexual lifestyle – especially homosexual parenting – affects children. What does it really do to kids? In this terribly politically correct environment, even the pro-family movement avoids talking about that. They refused to even bring it up in any of the “gay marriage” legal battles. But people need to know about it!

Probably the most powerful book on this subject is Out from Under – the Impact of Homosexual Parenting, an autobiographical account by Dawn Stefanowicz. It tells the truth that the world is ignoring. It also includes a forward by two medical doctors, a psychologist, and a Senator in the Canadian Parliament.

Our psychiatrist supporter is donating 2,500 copies of Dawn’s book for this fundraising effort. So anyone who donates $50 or more will get a free copy! (See details below.)

This autobiographical account will change the way you think about this subject, which no one else wants to talk about.

What the media & liberal establishment don’t want you to hear

The media paints a whitewashed picture of “gay” family life. It’s a well-crafted image replicated in the news outlets, TV, movies, schools, and corporate America.

But it can’t suppress everything. At “gay pride” events in cities across the country (and around the world) one sees an unending stream of bizarre public depravity and disordered behavior. And the “gay” medical and mental health statistics reflect that. What are these people like at home? What is it like for children in that home? It’s not the rosy picture presented by the propaganda machine.

Dawn Stefanowicz is not afraid to tell the truth.

Here is some of Dawn’s testimony:

I grew up in a homosexual household during the 60s and 70s in Toronto, exposed to many different people in GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, Transsexual) subcultures, and explicit sexual practices. From a young age, I was exposed to explicit sexual speech, self-indulgent lifestyles, and varied GLBT subcultures.

I loved my dad. However, I felt abandoned and neglected as my needs were not met since my father would often leave suddenly to be with his partners for days. His partners were not really interested in me. I was outraged at the incidences of same-sex domestic abuse, sexual advances toward minors, and loss of sexual partners as if people were only commodities.

Over two decades of direct exposure to these stressful experiences caused me insecurity, depression, suicidal thoughts, dread, anxiousness, low self-esteem, sleeplessness and sexuality confusion. My conscience and innocence were seriously damaged. I witnessed that every other family member suffered severely as well.

It took me until I was into my 20s and 30s, after making major life choices, to begin to realize how being raised in this environment affected me. My healing encompassed facing reality, accepting long-term consequences, and offering forgiveness. Can you imagine being forced to tolerate unstable relationships and diverse sexual practices from a young age and how this affected my development?

My biggest concern is that children are not being discussed in this same-sex marriage debate.

Watch Dawn’s gripping talk at last year’s Stand4Truth conference in Salt Lake City.

VIDEO: Dawn Stefanowicz -“Growing up in a ‘gay’ household”
(Dawn's section is 11 min 50 sec long.
Video below also includes other panelists on that topic.)

Dawn also had the courage to submit an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court prior to the terrible 2015 same-sex "marriage" ruling.

Dawn Stefanowicz, who is now married with two children, is a truly amazing person. We have been honored to have known her for many years. When she heard we are giving out her book she was pleased. She emailed us:

Most people cannot imagine how very challenging it is to speak the truth in today's culture, especially from personal experiences, which you heard at Stand4Truth.  My hope is that more eyes are opened and people find freedom, love and support.

Get YOUR copy of “Out from Under – the Impact of Homosexual Parenting” with a donation of $50.00 or more. And help us reach our goal!

Big things coming from MassResistance

The War on Children by the LGBT movement is real. And MassResistance is in the trenches fighting it. From “gay clubs” in middle schools and high schools, to the elementary school “what makes a family” indoctrination, to the militant transgender agenda being pushed in schools and throughout society, and so much more. We expose it, and help parents and citizens confront it and even stop it.

More important, MassResistance is expanding with chapters and affiliates in several states to help fight the battles locally. Plus, we have other special projects in the works to help citizens stop these radical agendas.

All of our support comes from individuals like you. We hope you will consider helping us reach our funding goal!

Support our important work and get a free copy of “Out from Under – the Impact of Homosexual Parenting” with every donation of $50.00 or more.


Marching in the Boston Gay Pride Parade. Part of a pro-LGBT "welcoming" church contingent.

(Note that their shirts have Jesus with a rainbow sash.)



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