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New transgender “bathroom” law, signed by GOP Governor, already changing life in Massachusetts

Male prison guard can use female locker rooms despite objections from women

Employees who disagree forced to take diversity training

“I’m transgendering and they’re coming along for the ride”

August 9 2016

Sgt. "Sarah" Stowe at home next to his clothes closet. {Photo: Boston Globe]

Even though it technically doesn’t go into effect until October 1, the new Massachusetts “transgender bathroom” law is already beginning to force change into society.

Just a month ago, on July 8, Massachusetts GOP Governor Charlie Baker signed the outrageous “transgender bathroom” bill into law. It was no secret that like all LGBT “non-discrimination” laws, this represented yet another legal hammer to impose a perverse agenda on an unwilling society.

Now the LGBT movement and the pro-homosexual Baker Administration are turning up the heat.

Today’s Boston Globe features a chilling article: In state first, a prison guard becomes a woman.”  It is about Sgt. Paul Stowe, the first prison guard to “transition to a female” on the job. He began his “transition” last fall. He now is officially called “Sgt. Sarah Stowe.”

Like everyone else, the average prison employee knows how absurd this is. It is impossible for a person to change his or her sex. People can easily see that those who attempt do so have psychological problems. But now a government gone insane is forcing employees to pretend to believe an obvious lie – or be fired.

Here's how everybody at work knew Paul Stowe. [Photo: Boston Globe]

Not surprisingly, the Globe article leaves out any pro-family point of view – as if it doesn’t exist. But what it does describe is very distressing.

No tolerance for disagreement

The article outlines how the prison authorities made sure that every employee fell into line no matter what their beliefs were or how it affected their emotional state.  (The Globe, of course, refers to the man as “she” in the article – as the other employees are also now required to do.)

The natural reaction that people have to a man dressing up as a woman, or acting out any unhealthy sexual perversion, is a certain amount of derision. The obvious solution has always been, if you don’t want that kind of negative attention, don’t do it.

But as the Globe reports, peoples’ natural instincts must be re-programmed by the State:

When she complained about the barbs and snubs, Stowe’s work unit was sent to a class on transgender issues. During the session, some in the class made disparaging remarks about transgender people, according to one corrections officer who asked not to be identified because he fears a rebuke from the department.

And then there are the locker rooms …

At first, the womens’ strong disagreement with a man using their locker room and restroom was tolerated, though overruled by the administration.

[W]hen Stowe started using the women’s locker room last fall, some complained to the union and to prison administrators that she was creating “a hostile work environment” … others wrote letters to the governor and complained to the Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union.

DOC [Dept. of Corrections] spokesman Christopher Fallon acknowledged that “there were concerns raised by female officers with regard to privacy in the locker room,” but said the superintendent addressed them with [the] complainants.

But the new “bathroom law” puts that issue to rest. Don’t even bother complaining.

From the start, Stowe was legally protected from being fired: The state passed a law in 2011 prohibiting gender identity discrimination in housing, employment, public education, and credit.

But not until Governor Charlie Baker signed a transgender public accommodations law on July 8 was she protected from discrimination in public places, including bathrooms.

As a Department of Corrections spokesman revealed, it gets even more insane. Since Stowe is now a “woman” he can’t do strip-searches on men. But presumably, he would be allowed to do strip-searches on women, since he “is” a woman and is allowed to use women’s locker rooms and showers (though he now works in a men’s prison).

“I’m transgendering and they’re coming along for the ride”

Stowe started his “transition” last fall. Since then he has had laser surgery and electrolysis to permanently remove facial hair, had “female” breast implants, and is taking female hormones. He hopes to have surgery for a “sex-change” next summer, according to the article.

Does Stowe think about how this affects the people he works with every day? As the Globe reports:

“It’s such a huge relief knowing that I now have protections against being discriminated against and that I have the same equal rights as any other American,” Stowe said.

Since her journey began in the fall, Stowe has stuck with her plan to take it slow. She described her experience on the job as “a work in progress: I’m transitioning, and they’re coming along for the ride.”

Stowe’s attitude toward the other people at work is typical of the LGBT movement: It’s about Stowe and his feelings. It’s about using the “anti-discrimination” law to change society. It doesn’t matter how this might affect anyone else on the job.

Part of the international LGBT movement

Finally, as we suspected, Stowe isn’t just a random guy who wants to dress in women’s clothes on the job. It wasn’t an accident that this was so well orchestrated. He appears to be well connected to the larger LGBT movement. As the article reveals, Stowe is even attending an international LGBT conference this month:

Stowe was recently chosen to be one of 400 people to attend the first international LGBT Conference for Criminal Justice Professionals in Amsterdam in August. For the first time in a long time, she says, she is happy.

A prison guard flying to Europe for an international conference? Things are rarely as they seem. This is a classic example of how the well-funded LGBT movement works.

What they also don’t tell you

The mainstream media consistently leaves out the tragic and disturbing dark side of “transgender” behavior resulting from their dysfunctional psychological state and unbound sexual practices. For example, according to a 2013 CDC report, the highest percentages of newly identified HIV-positive persons were among transgender persons (almost all biological males – “transwomen” as the CDC calls them).

Coming to your school or workplace next?

Is this just the beginning of what we can start to expect throughout society, and certainly in the public schools? Will anyone have a choice in the matter? They are certainly trying to make all of us “go along for the ride.”

We believe that this train can be derailed. But one thing is for sure: it will take people willing to stand up and be counted.

In your face, Massachusetts! Here's how the article appeared in the Boston Globe print edition, Aug. 9, 2016.


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