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Our newest chapter: Nigeria MassResistance – taking on the battle in Africa

The first outside the US (but more to come)!

September 30 2016

The core planning group of Nigeria MassResistance at their August 14 meeting. Director Dominic Idio is third from left.

Much of the major conflict in the world over LGBT “rights” is now taking place in central Africa.

Here in the US, the church’s influence on the “culture war” is breaking down and has caused considerable confusion. But the Africans are VERY clear-headed on these issues. They get it. In countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, people are very aware of the destruction that widespread homosexual behavior brings to society and especially to children.

They'll be seeing more of this over in Africa!

Targeted by the West

As a result, this region of Africa is the target of the aggressive pro-LGBT Obama administration pressure to force this radical agenda on the country, including threats of cutting off foreign aid. At the same time the Obama administration has spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding insurgent movements in these countries to undermine the culture from the inside, often in collaboration with billionaires such as George Soros.

A "gay" demonstration to undermine the culture in Nigeria. Note that the signs are supplied by a pro-LGBT foundation in Britain.

(One result of the “inside” insurgency is the hideous “crimes against humanity” lawsuit filed in the United States by a Soros-funded Ugandan homosexual group against Pastor Scott Lively. It is clearly meant to suppress any “unacceptable” speech.)

The world’s pro-“gay” liberal media establishment is also focused on the LGBT “struggle” in that part of the world. For example, a few days ago the Associated Press published an article "exposing" how the authorities in Uganda would not allow a “gay pride” parade. at local town. This would not normally be international news.

The bias isn't subtle. Graphic used by US TV network, apparently CBS.

In 2014, feeling under siege by the international LGBT movement, the Nigerian government passed a law reiterating the country’s stand on traditional morality. This only inflamed the radicals and the Western liberal establishment even more.

These well-funded groups are as determined as the communists were generations ago to overthrow the moral order. One Nigerian LGBT activist recently told the UK Guardian newspaper: “It may take 60 years, but we have to start now”.

In Nigeria, people are becoming very concerned and angry about this pressure and money targeting their country to push the radical LGBT agenda into their society.

The roots of Nigeria MassResistance

A little over a year ago we were contacted by Dominic Idio, a Nigerian activist who had recently written a manuscript called “Dimensions of Gay Struggle – an African Perspective” The 150-page work -- to be published as a book -- analyzes the homosexual agenda in Africa. (It also references MassResistance as an international resource for pro-family citizens!)

Dominic Idio and his manuscript.

To begin, most Americans and Europeans have virtually no understanding of the powerful cultural mindset in central Africa regarding these moral issues.  As Dominic’s manuscript describes:

Through the African eyes, homosexuality is a high pedestal immoral act, best imagined or possibly practiced exclusively by animals. It is rated an inch higher than incest between close relatives, such as brothers and sisters, sons and mothers, or daughters and fathers. Myriads of such sex misconducts are categorized among the taboos of the land and must be avoided with total disdain … The family remains a microcosm of the larger society and therefore harbours core values.

Nigeria is half Muslim and half Christian. But their bond of morality on these issues is a common denominator in that part of the world.

Dominic contacted us for advice and counsel on steps he could take to help stop the radical movement that is trying to change his country and others in Africa. After reading about our successful chapters here and our uniquely uncompromising of confronting the radical agendas in the US, he became convinced that there needed to be a MassResistance chapter in Nigeria.

Nigeria MassResistance is formed and has first meeting!

In July, Dominic began organizing. People he talked to were very enthusiastic. They could see that not only Nigeria, but surrounding countries would continue to be pressured from every direction, and. And although the Nigerian politicians are doing the right thing now, the Left is very good at pressuring and manipulating public officials. People there need to have knowledge of what’s really coming at them and their country, and effective strategies to confront it. MassResistance can supply that.

The first meeting of the core group was on August 14. It was a great success!

Reading from the MassResistance website.

Discussing strategy issues.

They have organized as a “Civil Society Organization” (CSO) which has the appropriate leverage for action under Nigerian law, and are planning to set up an office in the city of Abuja.

They are already working on events to educate the public and grow their numbers, as well as discussions about strategies for activism.

Dominic is an outstanding activist and has put together a great group.

More to come!

MassResistance is working with activists in a number of other countries also, as well as states across America. There is a lot of interest in organizing to confront these radical agendas! Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks.


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