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Stand4Truth 2016: Powerful conference on the truth about the LGBT movement is back this year -- Oct. 28, 29 in Houston!

Countering the lies, misinformation, and propaganda

October 16, 3016

The most powerful conference uncovering the radical LGBT agenda will be held on Oct. 28 and 29 in Houston. Stand4Truth, now in its second year, has become the epicenter of truth on this critical issue. It includes top experts from across America (including MassResistance). Last year’s initial conference was a blockbuster. But this year’s will even better!

America in 2016 is flooded with lies, misinformation, and unending propaganda on this issue. Sadly, most in the pro-family movement are reluctant – even afraid – to counter it. As a result, pro-family people are left confused and misled. This is your chance to learn the truth.

And this conference is boldly defying the threats, fear, and intimidation from the LGBT movement and its allies against anyone who contradicts them.

If at all possible you should consider coming to Houston and attending either one day or both days. But space is limited. NOTE: Licensed counselors and therapists in Texas can get Continuing Education credits for attending this conference!

Here is a sample of what you’ll learn at this phenomenal 2-day event:

The LGBT Activist Mission to Defeat Faith-based Institutions

Rev. Bill Owens, Coalition of African-American Pastors

The Heart of Homosexuality & Underlying Trauma

David Pickup, LMFT, psychotherapist

The Truth about LGBT Legal Activism

Mat Staver, Esq. Founder, Liberty Counsel

Power of the Pulpit – Equipping Congregations on the Issues

Pastor Dave Welch, President, Texas Pastor Council

The Ripping Up of Religious Rights – and What Citizens Must Do

Brian Camenker, MassResistance

The Truth About the "Born That Way" Myth

Ryan Sorba, Chairman, Young Conservatives of California

How Do I Pastor Same-Sex attracted Church Members?

Janet Boynes, Founder, Janet Boynes Ministries

The Lie that is told with the Family as the Target

Rev. Zagery Oliver, Family Foundation for World Peace

The Truth About LGBT in Education

Dr. Deborah Owens, Coalition of African American Pastors

The Truth about LGBT Institutions

Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow, Family Research Council

How LGBT Groups Use Blacks To Advance Their Godless Agenda

Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson

The Truth About LGBT Scientific Research

Dr. Christopher Rosik, psychologist

How Professional Mental Health Associations Marginalize Religious Therapists and Their Clients

Robert Vazzo, LMFT, LPCC, therapist

The Truth About Ex-Gay Ministries

Anne Paulk, Director, Restored Hope

The Truth About LGBT Television & Radio

Janet Mefferd, radio host

It’s very rare for a group of distinguished speakers like these to all be in one place. You should not miss this. This information cannot be found anywhere else.

At $25 for both days (general admission) it’s a great deal! But hurry – this will probably be sold out.

For all the information you need, go to the Stand4Truth Conference website. We will also keep you informed on developments as the conference nears. (We've been told there are plans to simulcast this; watch the Stand4Truth website for more details.) We hope to see you there!


NOTE: Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) participated last year. But this year AFTAH's annual banquet is on Oct. 28, the same day as the conference. Mission America’s Linda Harvey is the featured speaker. If you're in the Chicago area, that will be a great event worth supporting.


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