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“The Big Evil”

How very bad things are able to happen. The progressives' mass-subjugation tactic for silencing people and destroying their will.

November 22 2016

Most people who study propaganda techniques are familiar with “the big lie”. Its basic psychological premise is that people will generally not believe a small lie, but if a gigantic lie is repeated over and over, people will question their own capacity to discern things and end up believing it. It was first described by Adolph Hitler in his writings, and later refined and put to use on a large scale by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda.

The “Big Evil” is a variation on that tactic:

If a government or other institution commits a profoundly evil or immoral act with great fanfare or public knowledge, people would normally tend to react in horror. They would speak out and find ways to confront it.

But suppose a profoundly evil or immoral act was done methodically and with no unusual commotion -- as if it was simply a part of completely normal operations. Suppose everyone with any connection at all to it acts as if nothing were out of the ordinary. And anyone who has even the slightest negative reaction is severely treated as if he is a bad person, an “enemy” of the good, incompetent to judge such things, mentally unstable, or is even publicly admonished or punished in some way. You are treated as if you are less than human.

That psychological tactic has a powerful effect on a community or a nation. It instills a fear among people to say anything. Instead, people get a sense that maybe the authorities are right and that their gut feelings were misplaced. After all, these are the people in trusted positions. How could they possibly that wrong, or evil?

There is a further effect that is even more pernicious. Those brave enough to criticize it – in situations where they feel they can – do not say the obvious: that a great evil or immoral act is taking place. Instead, they discuss it in inoffensive language, using pseudo-rational arguments to counter something that is at its core irrational.

In any case, the community is effectively emasculated from confronting the actions of the government or institution, and eventually is subjugated to its dictates.

This “Big Evil” technique was used effectively by Lenin and Stalin, as documented in “The Gulag Archipelago” and similar works, and also by Mao Tse-Dung in China during the Cultural Revolution. And it has been a staple in “progressive” totalitarian regimes to the present day.

Two examples in our time are “gay marriage” battle and more recently the transgender “bathroom” battles. The LGBT movement and the major institutions of society uniformly declare these as “civil rights” issues that no loving person would dispute, and are extremely vicious in intimidating those who disagree.

The effect: Large numbers of people have lost their bearings on these issues. People who do stand up will “rationally” debate the meaning of marriage or how children need two parents, but will not talk at all about the horrific moral, medical, and psychological issues with homosexuality. Similarly, they will politely expound on “men in ladies’ bathrooms” and “religious freedom” but will not talk about the lunacy of “transgenderism.” In both cases the battle is relatively quiet and orderly, and the Left ultimately wins.

Another example is the latest wave of “health” and “sex-ed” programs in schools, with extreme explicit and pornographic sexual, homosexual, transgender themes being presented to children as young as elementary school age by public school officials. School officials and school boards treat this as simply another academic subject that parents have no qualifications to judge, and they are dismissive and hostile toward those who say anything negative about it.

The effect: Most parents who find out are in a state of denial, and simply don’t want to think about it. Parents who are willing to face school committees usually politely complain about “inappropriate material” and “parental rights” instead of screaming about the horrific psychological and emotional rape that’s being perpetrated on children’s minds. (Their bodies are often victimized later, after they’ve absorbed the lesson that LGBT “sex” is normal and healthy.)

A further example: The Obama administration effectively homosexualized the entire American military that way. (They have even ordered the full participation of "transgender" personnell.) The stories that have been coming out are dreadful. Yet, the entire Republican Congress (as well as virtually all of the conservative media) have been afraid to say a single word about it.

In all the above cases, the citizens are psychologically harnessed from reacting normally to horrific things being done in their community and their nation.  


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