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Will the Mass. Republican Party continue to be pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, weak, and corrupt? Or will it become energized as a pro-life, pro-family, strong, competitive, and principled force?

The answer will come this Wednesday -- a crucial election for Party Chairman! Your voice can help.

January 23 2017

The entire direction of the Massachusetts Republican Party is at stake this week.

Republicans across America are celebrating the national GOP's ascent to power. But here, the Massachusetts State GOP is among the weakest, most corrupt, and anti-family in the nation. It is virtually powerless in the Legislature.

That direction can change! This Wednesday, Jan. 25, the 80 members of the GOP State Committee - who represent all the state's Republicans - will vote for State Chairman. There are two candidates: the current Chairman, Kirsten Hughes, and her pro-family challenger, Steve Aylward.

Let's take a look at the difference between them:

Kirsten Hughes:

Hughes is "pro-choice" and pro-"gay" marriage. In local media, she has attacked the State GOP's pro-life and pro-marriage platform put in by party members.

Under Hughes, the Massachusetts Republican Party has become ultra-RINO, pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, weak, and exceedingly corrupt. Here are a few things that have happened under her leadership:

  • State party had to pay pro-life gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher $240,000 in a settlement because of illegal tampering with the votes at the 2014 State Convention. Some have called that sordid affair a criminal enterprise. There was also an obvious effort by the state GOP to subvert the campaigns of Fisher and other social conservatives.
  • Nominating procedures during the 2014 State Convention were manipulated to keep conservative pro-family candidates for statewide offices off the ballot.
  • In this past general election the Mass. GOP fielded the smallest percentage of candidates for the Legislature in the entire United States. You definitely can't win if you don't run people.
  • Also in this past general election, many GOP legislative candidates got little or no funding from the State Party, even though millions of dollars had been raised.
  • Last April the state GOP establishment raised and spent over $1 million to attempt to purge conservatives in the State Committee elections - a basically irrelevant and wasteful battle. But during that same time there were three special elections for the state House of Representatives. The Democrats won all three races, one by just 150 votes, because the State GOP showed little interest in them.
  • The State GOP was hostile to the Trump campaign, and would not even allow Trump signs to be distributed from state GOP campaign offices, according to Trump supporters we spoke with.

How did Kirsten Hughes become chairman in the first place? It's a sordid story. She had been a campaign aide for Scott Brown. Four years ago Brown got her nominated to be State Party Chairman, and heavily lobbied the State Committee members to vote for her against her popular opponent, Rick Green. Brown strongly insisted he needed Hughes to be Chairman to help him run again for the US Senate from Massachusetts. She won by a slim 41-39 margin. The very next day, Brown announced he wasn't running after all, and instead moved to New Hampshire.

Steve Aylward:

Steve Aylward is strongly pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. He's used to doing the hard work of party building. Has a long history of recruiting Republican candidates across the state -- and organizing support for their elections.

In addition:

  • Steve was the Chairman of the Stop the Automatic Gas Tax Hikes successful ballot effort, which won the statewide vote despite being outspent 30-1 by wealthy liberal special interests. It has saved all of us lots of money that would have gone to the tax-and-spend bureaucrats. 
  • He is a long-time member of the Massachusetts State Committee, so he already knows the ropes.
  • He has served in elected office as Chairman of the Watertown School Committee.
  • He was Chairman of the Trump statewide "Make MA Great Again PAC" - raising money to support the Trump campaign in Massachusetts.
  • He has dedicated himself to rebuilding the State Republican Party, and has put together an impressive plan to do it.
  • He's a breath of fresh air; a strong leader, and not part of the RINO establishment!

Steve Aylward is the overwhelming favorite of the grassroots Republican activists across the state, and is endorsed by the Massachusetts Republican Assembly.

Who votes in this election?

The Party Chairman is elected by the 80-member State Committee. The State Committee includes a committeeman and committeewoman from each of the 40 State Senate districts in Massachusetts. The members are elected every 4 years on the presidential primary ballot.

You can see all 80 members here or look them up by town here.

The election is Wed., Jan. 25, at 7:00 pm at the Marriott Hotel in Newton.

And now the bad news

The RINO Republican establishment in Massachusetts is every bit as bad as the national RINO establishment. Shockingly, as of this writing 43 of the 80 committee members have publically said they'll ignore the grassroots pro-family GOP vote for Kirsten Hughes.


Robin Almgren Janet Leombruno
Brent Andersen Fran Manzelli
John Andrulis Barbara McCoy
Gordon Andrews Mindy McKenzie-Hebert
Lisa Barstow William McKinney
Brian Burke Lucas Noble
Barbara Bush Norman Orrall
Amy Carnevale Kim Palmer
Mike Case Joyce Paul
Greg Casey Kim Roy
Ryan Chamberland Matt Sisk
Brock Cordeiro Sue Smiley
Judy Crocker Kristina Spillane
Angela Davis Thomas Stanton
Vinny DeMacedo Nancy Stanton-Cross
Kathy Dewey Shaun Toohey
Jeanne Falcone Mark Townsend
Charles Grillo Jill Ussach
Sheila Harrington Lindsay Valanzola
Reed Hillman Chris Walton
Dominick Ianno Stephen Zykofsky
Jeanne Kangas  

Turncoats and traitors

Why would these elected GOP state committee members want a pro-choice, pro-LGBT person with the poor "leadership" record listed above, to continue as Chairman of the State GOP?

There are basically two reasons why State Committee members would do this:

  1. They are pro-abortion and pro-LGBT RINOs, and are fine with her record.

  2. They are "personally" pro-life and pro-family -- but have sold out to the powerful GOP establishment, which promises money and influence. Many of them also have state jobs, which further compromises their principles since Charlie Baker has made it clear that he wants Hughes to be re-elected.

What you must do

  1. Find out who your state committee man and woman are.
  2. See if either of them are on the list of 43 turncoats, above.
  3. If so, call them and email them right away!

Note: When you talk to them about it, many of them will bring up petty and absurd complaints about Steve Aylward. Don't be fooled by that cowardly tactic to avoid the truth.

As an example, both of Newton's State Committee members, Lisa Barstow and Charles Grillo, both allegedly pro-life and pro-family, have pledged their vote to Hughes. There is already a movement in Newton to make sure they don't get re-elected.


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