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MassResistance files strong pro-family bills in Massachusetts Legislature!

To protect children and parents from radical agendas in the public schools

March 7 2017

For over a year, MassResistance has been going across the state educating people about the LGBT agenda in the schools and the issues these bills would protect parents from!

Across the country, public school children are being overwhelmed by the radical LGBT, sexuality, and abortion agendas – and parents are virtually powerless to interfere. In Massachusetts, MassResistance is facing this head-on.

In the Massachusetts State House the new 2017-2018 legislative session is underway. MassResistance has written and filed three strong pro-family bills – with both Republican and Democrat support. These bills are designed to directly protect children and parents from the radical agendas in the public schools.

Moreover, over the past year we have been laying the groundwork across the state to educate and mobilize parents and citizens to take this fight directly to their elected officials and get these bills passed.

Here are the bills: (Note that two have similar titles; but the bill numbers are important to remember.)


Bill H2883: “An Act regarding parental consent”

(Formerly HD3366)

This important bill has two parts:

(1) Prohibits schools from referring students to outside (adult-run) LGBT organizations or abortion groups without parents’ knowledge and consent

For years, school officials have been steering kids to outside hardcore homosexual and transgender organizations, also abortion and sexuality groups such as Planned Parenthood, without parents’ knowledge or consent. These groups are run by anonymous adults not connected with the schools. This has allowed these radical adults to prey on vulnerable children, often with nightmarish results – and the parents are left to deal with the consequences.

(2) Protects children from sexually graphic and psychologically intrusive surveys on personal and family issues, without parents’ knowledge and consent

Schools have been asking children as young as middle-school age to fill out surveys with psychologically intrusive questions about themselves (and their family). These include questions about sexual, homosexual, and transgender behavior, drug use, criminality, feelings of suicide, and more. These surveys are blatantly unscientific and are often worded to make the child feel “abnormal” if he’s not engaging in these behaviors or activities. Here is a sample. Here is another sample. Here is a third sample.

This bill has a dozen co-sponsors and bi-partisan support in the State House.

Read the text of bill H2883.


Bill H295  “An act regarding parental notification and consent”

Strong update of state parental notification law. Requires schools to get opt-in by parents (to replace opt-out) for their children to be exposed to a range of offensive topics in school, including sexuality issues, homosexuality, transgenderism, sado-masochism, and others.

Known as the “Parents’ Rights Opt-In Bill,” this has been badly needed for years. It amends the current parental notification law, Ch. 71 Sec. 32A, written by Parents' Rights Coalition (now MassResistance) and passed in 1996, expanding upon it and modernizing it to address current issues and topics being pushed in schools. In addition, it makes these controversial topics "opt-in" like other school topics. The current "opt out" approach is easily subverted and made difficult by schools. Parents will now have the control they desperately need.

Read the text of Bill H295.


Hill H256  “An Act regarding surveys in public schools”

Protects schoolchildren from graphic and intrusive surveys on personal issues.

(This bill has the same text as Part (2) in HD3366 above.)

State Rep. Colleen Garry, a Democrat, filed this bill for us last session. She felt it was so important that a strong bill like this be passed, she re-filed it again this session! She is also a co-sponsor for HD3366, above.

Read the text of Bill H256.


The fight will be across the state, but will end up here.

Why strong bills are very important

In state legislatures across the country pro-family groups tend to fight a defensive war. Either they are either (1) battling to stop the latest radical bills by LGBT groups and Planned Parenthood, or (2) they are filing bills to extract some “religious freedom” or “privacy rights” from the legislature, and which are purposefully watered down to appear “reasonable” and avoid directly confronting the LGBT lobby.

MassResistance takes a different approach. We believe it’s best to state exactly what you want and fight for it. It has a much better track record of success. It actually makes the argument a lot easier than trying to hide behind soft rhetoric and mushy logic. And even if the bills don’t pass, it sends a strong message to legislators.

Educating and mobilizing people to fight for their rights

If you live in Massachusetts and have been active in your church group, Tea Party, or other political organization, you have probably seen our MassResistance booth that contains a wide range of valuable and critical information on this issue and opportunities for activism. Organized by Diane Splitz, a mother whose child was terribly affected by these radical school programs, the booth has been at events all over the state. We plan to be at as many events as possible.

And that’s just the beginning of what we have planned to take on the Legislature this year. The time for being complacent is over. It’s time to protect vulnerable children and give parents the rights they must have.

Diane at the Mass­Resistance table at one of the events across the state!


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