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Our MassResistance Texas Chapter: Dynamic pro-family activism in the Lone Star State!

Fighting battles from local elementary schools to the State Legislature

Taking on the culture war

March 24, 2017

Our MassResistance Texas chapter is firing with both barrels! The group has been in the thick of Texas pro-family battles. Both in local elementary schools and in the Legislature, they have been active in educating people across the country. And now they’re about to make an even bigger splash with a conference on April 1.

Texas MassResistance has its own great website and also a Facebook page. And they have active members across the state.

Below are some of MassResistance Texas’ latest highlights.

(NOTE: We will be posting further reports on several of these topics and issues.)

An inspiring leader of the group

The MassResistance Texas chapter was started and is led by one of the most prominent pro-family people in America, Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez. He is an internationally known writer, scholar, and public speaker, and is a Professor of Humanities at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth.

Dr. Lopez has a unique understanding the LGBT lifestyle and its aggressive agenda.  He is an ex-“gay” and was raised by his mother with the help of her lesbian partner. He was previously a tenured professor at California State University Northridge. But as a result of his pro-family writings and his criticism of the LGBT movement, he was forced to resign after a long period of hostile threats and intimidation against him (and his family) by faculty, students, and even the administration.

In the state legislature

Texas MassResistance is active in the State Capitol!

Corporate America wants him to use women's restrooms.

  • The “Bathroom Privacy Act,” SB6 in the Texas Legislature, is currently the biggest pro-family battle brewing in the state right now. It will likely turn out to be a very heated battle.

    SB6 is similar to the bill passed last year in North Carolina, and is basically common sense. It would not allow cities and towns to pass laws that force the destructive and unnatural “transgender” agenda into restrooms, locker rooms, showers of public accommodations, schools, businesses, etc. Also, it applies to government buildings, all public schools and universities, and any other school that receives state funding. It doesn’t apply to publicly owned buildings that are leased to private entities, such as sports stadiums. (Any business or private group, of course, can do what it wants.)

    The LGBT lobby and its allies in corporate America -- who are intent with forcing this radical agenda across America -- have already been fighting against the bill.

    MassResistance Texas has already been lobbying hard in the State Capitol on this, and educating pro-family citizens.

    On March 7 there was a public hearing on SB6 in the Texas Senate. MassResistance Texas was there and testified. The bill passed the committee 8-1, and on March 14 it passed the full Senate. It now goes to the House. Unfortunately, the House Speaker has disturbing ties to local big business and had been threatening to block it, though he seems to have softened on that. Texas MassResistance has plans to work hard in local districts as well as in the Capitol.
  • Supporting Bill SB3 – Education savings accounts: On March 21, MassResistance Texas testified at a public hearing for Bill SB3, which would allow education savings accounts, which would enable parents to pay for private schools with tax-free money. We told the committee this was needed to allow parents to escape the LGBT “Welcoming Schools” agenda in the public elementary schools.
  • Stopping Bill HB 1663 – Procedures for same-sex “marriages”: MassResistance Texas is also fighting Bill HB 1663, which would codify the procedures for same-sex “marriages” in Texas. The Texas Constitution still affirms: “Marriage in this state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman” per a 2005 vote by the Texas electorate.

Confronting the LGBT “Welcoming Schools” agenda in elementary schools!

MassResistance Texas has exposed the aggressive homosexual and transgender elementary school curriculum that is now being taught in many Texas schools. It is very frightening, and far beyond what most parents have ever imagined. Titled the “Welcoming Schools” curriculum, it was created and is being pushed into elementary schools by the national LGBT organization “Human Rights Campaign.” Some people have called this curriculum “demonic” and we would tend to agree.

A big part of this push involves training teachers how to intimidate conservative teachers into going along with it and how to subvert and confuse parents who find out about it and raise objections.

A MassResistance TX activist testifies at the Legislature for SB6.

Corporations vs families: MassResistance is also helping our Texas chapter expose how many of the same corporations that are fighting SB6 are also funding the radical “Welcoming Schools” curriculum -- through their lavish corporate financial support of “Human Rights Campaign.” Corporations are “proud” of funding the LGBT agenda, and even brag about it. Most Texans (and most Americans) are unaware the extent of how anti-family and anti-child these corporations are. 

Helping fight local battles

Texas MassResistance is in the trenches locally!

  • In February, MassResistance Texas helped parents in the Austin school district to persuade an elementary school principal to toss out the “Welcoming Schools” curriculum. Our group invited the parents to an informational meeting and showed them what was really happening, and what they can do about it!
  • An elementary school in the nearby town of Dripping Springs decided to allow a third grade “transgender” boy to use the girls restroom – without notifying any parents! The parents came to Texas MassResistance for help. They will be coming to our conference (see below) for information on what they can do.
  • Local MassResistance Texas activists have also been doing personal visits to churches, speaking with pastors, sending them materials, and participating in radio call-in shows.

BIG conference coming up April 1

On April 1, MassResistance Texas is holding a major pro-family training in Austin, which will include speakers from across the country. Titled, “Stand for the Sanctity and Health of the Family: Action and Education Meeting,” it will be held at the Oak Meadow Baptist Church in Austin.

If you are anywhere near this part of Texas on April 1, this is the place to be! A panel of experts and activists will arm citizens with tools to fight back on several fronts, including: LGBT school curriculum targeting young children; transgender policies in schools (including transgender bathroom access); and efforts to make Texans believe that the “gay marriage” issue is lost for good.

People will come out of this conference armed with the tools, information, and materials to take on the issues in the Legislature, schools, and the culture.

Taking on the culture war with a broad brush

MassResistance Texas and Dr. Lopez are taking on the culture war in all directions.

  • To help people understand the various aspects of the culture war, Dr. Lopez has conducted interviews with fascinating experts in various fields, which you can listen to at his podcast page, CogWatch.
  • Dr. Lopez also brings the practical insights and lessons learned from a unique conference he helped organize in London on November 11-12, 2016, titled "The New Normal." See the videos from that conference here. (Many of the participants in that conference are now helping to launch a MassResistance United Kingdom chapter.)
  • This month, Dr. Lopez has also been talking to conservative media to inform people of the work of Texas MassResistance and the upcoming conference. Two of his recent national radio appearances worth hearing are:

            The Sandy Rios Show – American Family Radio – March 15

            The Janet Mefford Show – March 13

These guys rock!

We will be reporting a lot on the exciting work of Texas MassResistance and their April 1 conference in upcoming posts.


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