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Leader of Nigeria MassResistance chapter publishes book on the African perspective on the homosexual movement

Prominent Nigerians from church, education, and business communities attend book launch event

Book has already sold out – awaits second printing!

August 25, 2017

Prominent Nigerians hold up copies of the book at the book launch event.

The leader of Nigeria MassResistance, Dominic Idio, has published a ground-breaking book exploring and dissecting the homosexual movement through African eyes. The book launch event on May 2nd drew prominent Nigerians from the church, education and business communities and was very successful. The 209-page book has already sold out and awaits a second printing!

Nigeria MassResistance is not standing still!

Africa has become a worldwide target for the international LGBT movement, most recently pushing “gay marriage.” It’s a very well-funded outside effort that has even included financial threats by the US and Europe if the governments don’t succumb. This has shocked, angered, and confused many Africans, and has caused much public upheaval. Throughout central Africa in particular, homosexuality is considered immoral and repulsive, and the family unit is recognized to be a powerful foundation for society.

Titled Dimensions of Gay Struggle – Advocacy Project Against Homosexual Agenda, the book is written to explain to the African reader what is happening around him and in the larger world context – and what people can do to deal with it.

Copies of the book on display.

Nigeria is half Muslim and half Christian. But their bond of morality on these issues is a common denominator in that part of the world, and the book serves both religious traditions.

As Dominic Idio describes:

Africa's core values which are defined by high regard to cultural and religious tenets do not contemplate the homosexual lifestyle or gay marriage of any guise. The premise of my argument is based on this fact.

My book is a personal attempt to awaken African consciousness towards resisting the fast-ravaging homosexual revolution that sets to redefine and destroy the ideals of the traditional family.

Prominent Nigerians attend book launch

The book launch took place on May 2, 2017, in an open-air TV arena at the corporate headquarters of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in Abuja. Prior to the event, the Abuja Broadcasting Corporation ran a week of public notices about the book on its FM radio station.

Over 75 people attended the event, including businessmen, the Vice Chancellor of Veritas University in Abuja, the Bishop of the Ogoja Catholic Diocese, several Catholic priests, a prominent barrister, and many others. It was a great success!

Dominic Idio, author of the book and leader of Nigeria MassResistance, describes his book to the attendees and the reasons for its publication.

From left, Monsignor Donatus E. Akpan (now Bishop of Ogoja Catholic Diocese, Nigeria) - Guest of Honor; Professor Michael Kwanashie, Vice Chancellor of Veritas University, Abuja, Nigeria - Book Reviewer.

Chairman of Occasion, Dr. Emmanuel Adamgbe speaks. He is an Abuja based businessman and philanthropist.

Book Presenter, Barrister Anthony A. Ekuma (KSJI) presenting the book to the public.

Some of the attendees taking their seats before the event.

Some of the guests gather around Dominic for a photo.

Many Nigerians see the need for such a book.

A second printing planned soon

Thanks to the radio notices and other publicity, the book has already sold out. However, Dominic told us that a second printing is in the works, and a second launch event will take place this fall in his home state of Akwa Ibom.

Until now, the book has been only available in Nigeria. But Dominic said he plans to send “a reasonable number” of copies to MassResistance for circulation in the US. We are also hoping to make the book available through Amazon at some point.

A big problem looming over Nigeria (and all of Central Africa)

As we reported last September, the book began as a manuscript passed around to a select group. It caused a lot of excitement. Thus, over the past year it was expanded and published in May 2017. It references MassResistance as an international resource for pro-family citizens!

Dominic points out that a series of events and issues have embroiled Nigeria in this issue. He listed some of them in a recent email to MassResistance:

  1. In 2009, a group of homosexuals protested the bill that culminated in the Nigeria's “anti-gay” law. This protest took place before Nigeria's National Assembly in Abuja.
  2. The former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, was highly criticized and threatened by the International Community and some international organisations, including Amnesty International, for endorsing Nigeria's anti-gay law. Some Western countries threatened to withdraw their aid to Nigeria.
  3. The LGBT movement in Nigeria is hidden, because Nigeria's Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2014 is in effect. However, homosexuals in Nigeria interface with their counterparts abroad, with a common agenda of repealing Nigeria's anti-gay law, whenever the political situation in the country becomes porous, or at least liberal enough to permit such.
  4. In February 2016, a gay couple attempted to perform the first-ever public “legal gay marriage” in Nigeria, as a political tactic. Officers of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) acted on intelligence and disrupted the event. The attempted gay wedding took place in Jiwa community, Abuja.
  5. The Church of Nigeria (formerly Anglican Communion), has pulled out of the mainstream Anglican Church on grounds of the latter's approval of same sex marriage. Archbishop Nicholas Oko, Primate of Church of Nigeria, made a landmark statement on this.
  6. Earlier this year, the police in Delta State, Nigeria arrested two homosexual teachers who have confessed to the crime of introducing homosexuality to scores of students in their school. This has caused huge anguish throughout the country.

All of this confuses and greatly upsets many Africans. Dominic Idio’s book certainly helps them understand what’s happening. We’re looking forward to the second printing! 

In the meantime, Nigeria MassResistance is moving forward!


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