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Texas MassResistance parents holding public meeting in Austin library on Saturday Aug. 12 – to inform city’s parents about radical LGBT agenda in elementary schools

Hundreds of flyers about meeting passed out in local neighborhoods.

Local TV station airs report about upcoming meeting.

Hate-filled liberals create ‘attack’ website against parents – may disrupt event.

[NOTE: Full report coming up on Aug. 12 meeting -- with photos & video!]

August 11 2017

The front side of the flyer passed out door-to-door in Austin -- the Austin Independent School District (AISD)..

What should be done when a very radical homosexual-transgender program is being pushed on young elementary school children by their teachers, without parents’ knowledge?

Texas MassResistance parents in Austin aren’t just standing around. They’re taking action! They’ve organized a public meeting this Saturday for parents and citizens to explain exactly what’s happening, where it’s coming from, and how they can mobilize to stop it. They’ve formed a local parents’ group to coordinate everything.

Not surprisingly, the liberals in Austin are fuming mad that parents would challenge their control of schoolchildren. They’ve responded with a torrent of hate and intimidation tactics. But the parents aren’t backing down at all.

The horrific “Welcoming Schools” program

At issue is an extremely offensive LGBT program called “Welcoming Schools” that is funded and pushed into schools by the national homosexual organization “Human Rights Campaign.” In collaboration with the city’s liberal school officials, it’s now in 24 elementary schools in Austin. But it’s also being implemented in schools across the country.

“Welcoming Schools” is an intense program for elementary school teachers to train them how to effectively introduce homosexual and transgender concepts into the minds of very young children. It uses psychological reconditioning techniques to cause children to accept and internalize cross-dressing, “gay” families, homosexuality and lesbianism, and a range of other LGBT behaviors. It also encourages children to question their "gender". It includes well-crafted strategies such as role-playing, games, videos, and discussions.

Part of the training materials for elementary school teachers in Austin.

Parents are purposefully not told about this. Teachers are even taught how to deflect concerns and criticisms when parents ask questions. The program is portrayed as part of required “anti-bullying” and “keeping students safe” efforts which makes it easier to intimidate those who challenge it.

The true nature of “Welcoming Schools” was exposed when one of the teachers who went through the training in an Austin elementary school contacted MassResistance several months ago. But almost no Austin parents have known about it. (One Austin school, Kiker Elementary, recently removed it after parents were informed and they confronted the school administration.)

In addition to “Welcoming Schools”, parents have found out that the Austin school district also has plans for a “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) type of program for the schools, to begin next May.

Over the past several months, the Texas MassResistance parents in Austin, including the teacher who exposed it, have given presentations about the “Welcoming Schools” program at churches, conferences, and even testified before the State Legislature.

Promoting the informational meeting

But now it’s time to really get parents informed and involved. The public meeting is at Austin’s Pleasant Hill Library on Saturday, Aug. 12 at 2:00 p.m.

The Pleasant Hill Library

This past week dozens of parents went door-to-door in Austin neighborhoods and passed out 1500 flyers. They’ve contacted churches and various pro-family groups. They’ve also gone on local radio stations and Internet radio.

Going door-to-door. A parent leaves a flyer at a house in Austin.

They set up a website, Concerned Parents of Austin, which has lots of good information about the sexuality agenda in Austin schools and what parents can do about it. It is a perfect way for local citizens to educate themselves about what’s happening.

The home page of the Concerned Parents of Austin website.

The Left’s reaction to the upcoming meeting: unhinged anger and hate

When the parents began passing out the flyers door-to-door in the neighborhoods, the pro-LGBT liberals pretty quickly got unhinged over it and mobilized to attack the parents. Within a day or so, the reaction was very heated.

There was a torrent of hateful social media posts attacking the flyer and the upcoming event. It was filled with anger, disinformation, and lots of flawed reasoning. Much of it was the same broken record that they use everywhere: Anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot, hater, etc. They also encouraged their own people to attend the meeting.

In an effort to mock the parents and confuse the public, the liberals set up a nearly identical website to the ones the parents had made – using the same layout, styles, photos, etc. They titled the site “Not Concerned Parents of Austin”. They re-captioned the opening photo, “Protecting our children from the consequences of ignorance.” The posts on the site include the kind of lame “facts” that professional LGBT activists often use. They suggest that parents read the pornographic children’s sex book, It’s Perfectly Normal and also Heather has two Mommies.

Lame knockoff. The pro-LGBT activists went to the trouble of copying the parents' website -- but with their own hateful rhetoric.

Local TV station weighs in

The social media firestorm got the attention of the local ABC affiliate in Austin, KVUE-TV, which broadcast a report on the flyer! They interviewed the teacher who exposed the "Welcoming Schools" training. They also interviewed an Austin school official, who downplayed it by saying that it “isn’t curriculum” – which is technically true but very misleading, since the training instructs the teachers to incorporate the LGBT propaganda into all subjects.

Watch the TV report here. (Note, wait for the popup "click here" ad to end.)

From the KVUE-TV report on the Flyer.

All of this publicity increased interest in the issue! Within six days the Concerned Parents of Austin site had over 10,000 people (e.g., unique visitors) go to it!

All set for Saturday’s public meeting!

This is the kind of bold action that should be replicated across the country! We plan to get you a full report on what happens.

The way things are looking, the meeting room in the Pleasant Hill Library will likely be filled. Even mainstream news reporters have called about attending. And people will hear things they’ve probably never heard before about what’s really happening in their local elementary schools. Will the Left try to disrupt it? We don’t think it would be a very wise move for them.

These Texas MassResistance parents are special! They are well organized, smart, and pretty fearless. They’re definitely not intimidated by the unhinged liberals. They are doing what parents everywhere should be doing – rallying the community to confront the destructive, insane ideas being fed to children.


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