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Parents take on LGBT agenda at local Library Board meeting in Texas

Strongly tell Board (and LGBT activists): No homosexual displays targeting children!

Board to release "guidelines" for future displays

February 6, 2018

Outraged parents (and grandparents) in Temple, TX were not in any mood to allow the radical LGBT movement to target their children.

The pro-family activism in Temple, Texas is red-hot, with help from Texas MassResistance!

On Jan. 30, over 50 local pro-family citizens stormed into the Temple Library Board of Directors meeting. They came to express their outrage over last summer’s LGBT public library display which targeted children with psychologically intrusive homosexual propaganda. But more importantly, they were there to make sure the Board’s upcoming “guidelines” for future library displays are written properly.

The Temple Library Board looks ... bored. NOTE the copy of the MassResistance book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality right in front of them on their table.

At the meeting, parents presented the Board a petition with the hand-written signatures of 966 local residents who shared their outrage. They also presented the Board a copy of the MassResistance book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. The pro-family parents were brought together by their local group, Concerned Christian Citizens, which is working with MassResistance Texas.

Local citizens were signing the Concerned Christian Citizens petition right up to the start of the meeting.

Dozens of pro-LGBT activists also came to the meeting to insist that the library continue giving homosexual “information” to children, and to intimidate the parents who were objecting. They were organized by local and national left-wing activist groups.

The crowd was so large that the Board had to move the meeting to a much bigger room. Even though each person was limited to three minutes, the testimony went on for nearly three hours. You can watch the entire meeting here.

Over a hundred people showed up, and they had to move to a bigger room for the meeting.

A continuation of outrage from last October

The Library Board meets every three months. As we recently reported, at the previous Board meeting in October, over three dozen Concerned Christian Citizens parents came to the Library Board meeting to demand the LGBT promotions in the library be stopped. Several pro-LGBT activists who had heard about it also came. The parents who testified were quite emotional in their outrage over the library propaganda targeting their children. But the Board decided to take no action.

The Concerned Christian Citizens made it clear that they weren’t giving up. They announced they would be back at the Board’s January meeting along with a “Request for Reconsideration,” which they posted online. They also made it into a petition and began gathering signatures throughout the region.

When that news got out in December, the Board reacted by announcing that they are creating a “library display policy” which would be ready sometime in the spring, most likely at their April meeting.

That ignited both sides to come to the January meeting to influence that policy. The Concerned Christian Citizens want no homosexuality in the library, but are demanding at the very least that any library displays be neutral; if there is LGBT “information” there must also be information describing the severe medical, psychological, and moral dangers of those behaviors.

The LGBT activists are demanding that there be no “censorship” at all of their “information” targeting children. But actual neutrality would be a nightmare for them. So they set up an international online petition to get support for their “right” to “inform” children in the community. Both groups came in force to the January 30 Board meeting.

The usual LGBT message: intimidation, twisted arguments, false logic

The LGBT activists used the usual tactics of false narratives and logical fallacies to attempt to shame and confuse the parents, and bully the Board into doing what they want.

Before the meeting, the pro-LGBT activists began by holding their signs outside at the entrance, to attempt to intimidate the pro-family people. The parents simply looked at them; a few prayed for them.

Twisted logic and false narratives -- to confuse and intimidate the pro-family opposition. Outside the library before the meeting.

Once inside, the LGBT activists presented the Board with a printout of approximately 2,800 names from their online petition. Most of those names, we were told, overwhelmingly came from out of state and even from outside the US. It’s very common that the support for LGBT efforts to change local culture comes largely from people and groups outside the area.

Their arguments featured the kinds of emotional manipulation and twisted reasoning that have been successful for them elsewhere. They screamed about “censorship.” They used Civil Rights imagery and complained about “discrimination.” They demanded that the library make available a “free flow of information” about homosexuality for other people’s children. But they said that opposing information which “slanders” or “attacks” homosexuality must not be allowed.

Because the public library is "for everyone" then that means that LGBT activists must be allowed to push their values on other people's children?

Several speakers insisted that all children “need” information about homosexuality whether their parents agree or not, and therefore the library must be there to provide it. Some quotes: “Controversy breeds discussion, and open and honest discussion breeds learning and understanding. You can’t limit what’s in a library if it’s for the public. Knowledge is power.“

They also missaplied Christian virtues to fit the homosexual narrative, and mischaracted dangerous homosexual erotic acts as religious “love.”  A cross-dressing man testified: “I don’t know what Jesus teaches you. Jesus teaches me to love everyone. No conditions.”

Hijacking Christianity for immoral purporses. A tranny with a deep male voice tells the Library Board: "I don't know what Jesus teaches you. Jesus teaches me to love everyone. No conditions."

Several said that the library needs to be a “safe space” for homosexuality, because homosexuals are oppressed people. One speaker said that there are hundreds of churches in the Temple area, but only one public library. They want “equality.” Therefore the public library must be made “safe” for homosexual materials and information.

Pro-family people not intimidated – told the truth and demanded freedom

As absurd as the LGBT arguments were, they were presented in a slick way. Unless they are overtly opposed, one could almost accept them. Luckily, the Concerned Christian Citizens parents were prepared and unafraid to do that.

The pro-family people were pretty fearless. They were unfazed by the LGBT tactics, and didn’t pull punches in their testimony.

Joe Goodson, leader of Concerned Christian Citizens and Texas MassResistance activist, was straightforward.

If we’re going to put up a bulletin board that teaches my children to celebrate something that I’m telling them to abhor because it will destroy their lives spiritually, physically, and emotionally then we need to balance it. Here’s a good balance. [He then read several passages from the Book of Romans regarding homosexuality.] Now, if we’re going to be accused of slandering anybody, then you’re accusing the Bible of slandering.

Joe Goodson, a pastor, leader of Concerned Christian Citizens, and Texas MassResistance activist, testifies at the meeting and tells it like it is at the meeting.

Another local pastor said:

This display is propaganda, plain and simple. They falsely claim that this is censorship, and that those who disagree want to ban books, which is not true. They are simply playing the victim.

He also pointed out that the ACLU and Planned Parenthood were actively helping the LGBT people get their petitions signed.

Not afraid of political correctness. One of the pro-family signs brought to the library board meeting.

One father testified by reading a long list of gruesome CDC health statistics about the disproportionately high rates of horrible deadly diseases among homosexuals in the United States. It was clearly pretty revolting, even to the liberals. He ended it by saying:

The facts revealed by the CDC website reveals the public health crisis we are facing. The Temple public library should promote what is good for the overall betterment of our community. As responsible adults we cannot ignore the dangers, to support the LGBTQ political movement at the expense of our children. If same-sex attraction is validated by trusted adults, many children will become CDC statistics.

One mother told the Board:

Abortion, sex trafficking, showing them porn, helping them become drag queens, forcing a homosexual agenda on them. Whatever happens to the innocence of a child?

Another mother said that if the library is going to pander to the LGBT movement’s sense of being oppressed, then they need a display to show the deadly violence that the abortion industry does to pre-born babies in America. And if not, then we’re being hypocritical.

Texas State Representative Hugh Shine, who represents Temple in the Legislature, also weighed in. He told the local press that if he had known about the display he would have insisted on its removal immediately.

Rep. Hugh Shine

This is what it takes!

This kind of unrelenting and fearless pushback is what it takes to stop these public officials from continuing to harm children. Simply writing letters or politely disagreeing, which is what most conservatives do, does not work.

In most places, local Library Boards of Directors tend to attract liberals, and Temple is no exception. One Board member was openly clapping for the LGBT people testifying. But they had never seen – or imagined – anything like this: a large group of local parents taking time off during a weekday to come and be heard, and being surprisingly direct and blunt, and not cowering before political correctness.

But also, there is something very eerie about adults who support sexual perversions going to these extreme lengths to force other peoples’ children to be given their propaganda. Why are these adults so obsessed with other people’s children? That always must be confronted.

Not relenting

There are still a lot of questions about the Board’s upcoming Library Display Policy. Will it simply ban morally controversial displays or require neutrality? And if so, who will define what “neutral” is? Joe Goodson has told us his group will continue to push hard on this.

One thing we know for sure: It was only due to the unrelenting aggressive actions of Concerned Christian Citizens that the Library Board did anything at all. The Left only relents when forced to – NOT when simply exposed to the right “reasoning” by well-meaning conservatives. Texas MassResistance is in constant contact with Joe and his group, and our advice is to keep it up, and even turn up the heat! In fact, that is what parents around the country should be doing!

There’s more to come on this!


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