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VIDEO from MassResistance in the United Kingdom:

"Be yourself: Coming out as a homophobe." Fighting back in an oppressive anti-family nation.

So-called ‘homophobia’ is illegal in the UK and can result in arrest.

VIDEO: Here’s how our MassResistance-UK chapter deals with it!

November 21, 2017

VIDEO: The British are fighting back! (6 min 49 sec)

Many of us here in the United States think that the oppressive and often fascist nature of the radical LGBT agenda is worse than anywhere. We see our children in public schools forcibly immersed in it with the threat of punishment or other retribution. People can easily lose their jobs or have their careers ruined if they don’t join in celebrating it. Business owners can lose their businesses if they don’t actively participate in it.

Sadly, it seems most conservatives here have reacted by cowering in fear of being called a “hater” or “bigot,” and moving on to some less controversial topic.

But it’s even worse in Britain.

There is no First Amendment there. There are actually laws against being “homophobic” and uttering “anti-gay” speech. These laws cover a wide swath of society and can be arbitrary, punitive, and severe.

Earlier this year our MassResistance-UK chapter was formed at the request of several key pro-family activists across the country – to help them fight back! Our MR-UK emails now reach several hundred people – and more every month.

This video, made by a prominent MR-UK activist, reflects the new attitude that is invigorating this battle in the UK – and around the world!

(Note: The video was considered to be dangerous enough that their UK-based video-hosting company – run by conservatives – told us they were afraid to post it. So we’re posting it here!)

Our MR-UK brothers and sisters are fearless. Bring on the counter-revolution!


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