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Here’s how Planned Parenthood (and their allies) defeat parents to get “comprehensive sex ed” into schools.

… And what parents can do to counter it!

Revealed: Their systematic tactics to deceive, marginalize, confuse, and overwhelm anyone who gets in their way.

Part 1 of 2

June 18, 2018

Parents challenging proposed sex-ed / LGBT curriculum in Fairfax County, VA.

For decades the national sex-ed lobby has been using sophisticated organizing tactics to defeat parents and push their radical programs into the public schools. We will show you what those tactics are (in their own words!) and explain how parents can counter them.

What we’ve all seen over the years

Sex education is very different than English, math, history, band, or anything else taught in schools. In 25 years, we have never seen a single school anywhere where it was brought in because there was a demand for it by parents.

In every case, sexuality education (now updated to “comprehensive sex ed” with LGBT components) was brought in through a targeted effort by well-organized special-interest groups affiliated with Planned Parenthood and similar organizations. It was done in a very systematic manner, as quietly as possible, using a great deal of deception to mask its radical and objectionable content.

Starting with a few key faculty members, administrators, and local activists, they would get the school authorities to let them form a formal “health curriculum committee” (or some similar name, such as “Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee” in Fairfax County, VA). They would then add many prominent community members to give it credibility (though no conservatives, of course). But the core group would control the agenda and everything the committee did. The committee would later present the School Board with a “health curriculum” which coincidently mirrored that of Planned Parenthood and its allies. The School Board would then quietly vote it in – with little dissent or serious questioning by the Board members.

But often during this process, parents would find out what the health curriculum committee was proposing. They would be shocked at the radical and vastly inappropriate sexuality, pro-abortion messages, homosexuality, “gender identity,” and other content of the proposed curriculum. Sometimes they would form a parents’ group voice their concerns. 

But when parents would try to stop it or at least get it modified, they would be thwarted at every turn, often publicly attacked and humiliated, and completely defeated. As soon as a conflict became public, there would be a well-crafted PR campaign in the schools and local media to “reach out” to parents about how “healthy” the curriculum really is (cherry-picking the non-objectionable parts), and how “backward” the parents were who objected. It was a horrible experience for parents everywhere.

Here’s what parents have been facing

Parents don’t realize it, but they have been facing a very well-oiled machine. It appears to be something local but is actually organized on a national level.

Planned Parenthood and its affiliated groups (including LGBT groups) are determined to push their radical programs on schoolchildren everywhere. They receive enormous funding from corporations and government, including even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They have devoted allies in virtually every state and local education system. Most parents cannot appreciate the degree to which these people are driven by a social and political agenda. These people do not care what the average parent thinks, or how their bizarre programs affect the lives of children. Many of them are involved with these sexual lifestyles themselves.

The strategies being used against parents

“Advocates for Youth” is a national group that acts as Planned Parenthood’s hardcore organizing arm in local school districts across the country. We have seen them publicly in action against parents’ groups, but most people have never heard of them. They almost always work behind the scenes.

Back in 2008, Advocates for Youth published a series of articles outlining the strategies and tactics they had been using for years to defeat parents who interfere with their efforts to a force sex-ed curriculum into a school. The most prominent article, Managing Controversy in Pressure Cooker Situations, was recently noted on the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction website. Since then we’ve tracked down the others from that series.

Bear in mind that every year, more radical topics are brought into sex-ed or “family life” curricula, for example, anal sex or the recent push for transgenderism. But the tactics remain the same.

Here is the main article. (Our response: See The counter-tactics by MassResistance in Part 2 of this report.)

Managing Controversy in Pressure Cooker Situations
This is the main set of tactics that sex-ed activists use to defeat parents who challenge the sex-ed agenda being pushed through. We’re sure that any parents who’ve been in this fight in their town will recognize a lot of these tactics which have been used against them!

These two additional articles are also useful for understanding their strategies and tactics against parents:

Curriculum Controversy – Lessons from the Field
This outlines their broader strategies for subverting parents during the process of bringing in the sex-ed. It discusses the creation of the curriculum committee (“a broad sex education working group”). It also has strategies for dealing with public hearings and School Board members.

Hot Potatoes: Keeping Cool in the Midst of Controversy
This is a fascinating guide for sex-ed activists on how to prepare for dealing with the press, and the questions they plan to have responses to. Basically, this reveals that they already know how shocking and objectionable this is to parents.

Parents need to take this seriously

The basic aim is to push radical sexuality (and LGBT) information to children under the guise of “health,” and have as much of it as possible be considered “confidential” – i.e., kept from the parents’ knowledge.

Once their curriculum gets in, school systems open the doors to bringing in all kinds of bizarre and dangerous groups targeting children. For example, the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction website is involved with several radical national groups. (And Wisconsin is typical in directing teachers and children to radical websites such as SexEtc., GSAnetwork, GLSEN, Human Rights Campaign, and PFLAG.)

Overall, there is virtually no limit on what these people want to push on schoolchildren. It is extremely frightening, and parents need to take this seriously. It’s important to understand that attempting to reason with these people is completely futile. They are single-minded and quite ruthless.

Unfortunately, most parents are ill-equipped to stop it. What they intuitively think is a good approach (and what mainstream pro-family groups will tell them: be polite, have a dialogue, run for school board) is usually completely ineffective. But you can fight them and win – by enlisting more community members to help, by not being afraid, and by using the right counter-tactics and strategies.

Part 2: Commentary and counter-tactics by MassResistance.


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