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Texas MassResistance submits powerful resolution on LGBT issues for national Southern Baptist Convention this month

To clarify so-called “gay identity” and the right to reparative therapy

June 6, 2018

The Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting takes place June 12-13 in Dallas. And Texas MassResistance Baptist activists are coming with a bold statement.

According to many of its members, the Southern Baptist denomination – the largest and historically most conservative branch of Baptists – is facing turmoil. There is great concern that social liberals have become prominent in the church hierarchy.

One church leader has submitted a resolution to condemn as unbiblical the left-wing “social justice” movement, which he says is infiltrating the church. Over the last few weeks, a major conservative church leader was unceremoniously fired from his institution (on questionable charges) by his Board, which appears to be under intense pressure from others.

The national LGBT movement has spent millions of dollars over the last few years in a sophisticated campaign (often working inside seminaries) to push their agenda into conservative churches throughout the Deep South.

According to Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, leader of Texas MassResistance and a professor at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, this has opened up a “slippery slope” of unbiblical ideas being promoted by the LGBT movement that are gaining ground “at a frightening pace” within the Southern Baptist denomination.

Literature normalizing "gay Christianity." The LGBT movement's propaganda targeting conservative churches is very sophisticated and relentless.

A bold resolution before the Convention

Thus, Dr. Lopez and a group of other Baptist Texas MassResistance activists felt compelled to take action. Over the last few months they composed a bold resolution on the LGBT issue titled On Ministry and Counseling to Lead People from Homosexuality to Heterosexuality, which they have submitted to be taken up by the Convention.

It definitely is a strong statement. The fact that it will likely be controversial is a sad commentary on our current state of affairs.

The resolution is quite detailed, but the main points of the resolution can be summarized:

  • There is a false ideology that claims that homosexuals are “born gay,” “have no choice” in their sexuality, and “cannot change” even if they want to.
  • The claim “I am gay” are words that celebrate a defilement, contrary to Christ’s teachings, and are untrue. Christ never gave license to sodomy, and thus repentance is called for.
  • The Lord designed humans in His image, to be heterosexual and not homosexual. Homosexuality is a rejection of God’s design of the human body.
  • There are powerful organizations working to criminalize and punish people who help others turn away from homosexuality. They have already succeeded in criminalizing valuable “reparative therapy” (sometimes called “conversion therapy”) in many parts of the United States. This criminalization threatens many Christian ministries and their obedience to God.


  • The Southern Baptist Convention will express its unequivocal support to offer loving assistance to people suffering from same-sex attraction, so that they may turn from homosexuality to heterosexuality.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention rejects as heresy any claims that God makes people homosexual, or that God wills that anyone should encourage or support a homosexual identity.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention exhorts Christians neither to be indifferent nor to support homosexual identity politics, but rather to support all Christian brothers and sisters who seek the church’s help in turning from homosexuality to heterosexuality.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention supports the unfettered right of pastors, churches, biblical counselors, and biblical counseling ministries to assist any person seeking freedom from the sinful bondage to disordered homosexual desires.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention resists all legislative, judicial, and executive efforts of any government to restrict or prevent counseling that churches would provide to help people turn from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

On one hand, this is very strong stuff. But on the other, it’s completely obvious and normal. It’s rather frightening that it needs to be said at all.

Not exactly Biblical, but can be very compelling to people who aren't well grounded.

What happens now?

Will this resolution see the light of day for a vote on the convention floor? No doubt, there will be forces trying to squelch it as quickly as possible. But this is an extremely important issue that needs to be part of the Convention’s discussion and decision-making, say many Baptists. It’s a foundational issue and can’t be subverted for long.

Of course, if they were to pass this, the mainstream media would become unhinged. And the leadership may be afraid of that. According to Dr. Lopez, many Baptist leaders don’t even believe that change is possible! But it would likely give a lot of hope to many homosexuals who are struggling. And in fact, change absolutely is possible.

The first step is the Convention’s Resolutions Committee. This is where the first confrontation will be. (If you know any of its members, feel free to contact them.) After that, we’re told, it goes to the floor.

Dr. Lopez has already discussed this on the Janet Mefferd Radio Show, which is a great outlet for conservative Christians. Hopefully, more conservative media will discuss it in the days leading up to the annual meeting.

Many think Dr. Lopez should be put on the main platform of the Convention to tell his message to all the attendees!

We will keep you informed on this!

Make no mistake: When a religious denomination embraces the LGBT agenda this (above and right) is just over the horizon.
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"Welcoming and Affirming Baptists" marching in Boston Gay Pride parade. Will Southern Baptists become like the liberal Baptist denominations?


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