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Posted: 11/8/2006

Massachusetts General Election - Nov. 7, 2006

Legislature & Statewide Races - VOTING RESULTS & Analysis


Legislature - OPEN SEATS - Incumbents not running again.


Legislature - INCUMBENTS being challenged.


Legislature - OTHER RACES not listed above.


Statewide races: Governor, Attorney General, US Senate.


Governor's Council.

[UPDATED: 11/8/06 6:30 pm]

The Deval Patrick tidal wave swept the statewide races and just about all the Legislature races. The Republicans and pro-family Democrats lost every open seat but one (they won two open seats if you count Gale Candaras as being "pro-family"). They couldn't even beat the worst liberal rep incumbents in conservative districts. A lot of it was due to the incompetence of the Republican Party and others, and also the huge money and organization on the other side.


(Our hats are off to Jay Barrows for a great campaign -- gutting it out and winning an open seat against a candidate heavily funded and supported by MassEquality, the teachers union, and the other usual players. Good job!)


But to be fair, a lot of very good candidates were simply swept in the tidal wave of people who decided to support Deval Patrick, and then pulled the "D" lever for everyone else, too. (In the general election, unlike the primaries, there were few "good" Democrats running against "bad" Republicans.)


Just like in the primaries, the homosexual lobby poured money into many key races -- over a million dollars, according to the Bay Windows homosexual newspaper. Mostly it was a flood of slick mailings, but there were a lot of other things, too, behind the scenes. The Republicans' failure to respond hurt in several close races. As you know, the homosexual lobby spends more money in our Legislative races than the Democratic Party, Republican Party, or the teachers unions.


And don't get us started on the State Republican Party. While the Democrats are at least doling out some substantial funds to their legislative candidates, the Republicans invested everything in the governor's race, and generally let everyone find their own funding and local support. (So what's new?) As a result, the Republican Party lost seats in both the Massachusetts House and Senate. (And thanks for all your help, Mitt!) Unfortunately, a lot of very capable and intelligent candidates suffered for it.


Note: In list below, incumbents are in ALL CAPS. Green means "good";red means "bad" and black means we weren't sure yet. Of course, this being Massachusetts, good and bad can be very relative terms, depending who else is running and other factors. For party designation, R=Republican, D=Democrat, G=Green/Rainbow, L=Libertarian, and U=Unenrolled/Independent/etc. Also, the order that the candidates are listed in each race corresponds to how the Secretary of State lists them.


Legislature - OPEN SEATS - Incumbents not running again:

House - FIRST BRISTOL (Foxboro/Mansfield/Norton) - [Rep. Virginia Coppola (R) ]

51%  R - FRED "JAY" BARROWS, 370 Pratt St., Mansfield

49%  D - CLAIRE B. NAUGHTON, 4 Everett Ln., Foxborough

Pre-election comment: It would be shame to see this fairly conservative Republican seat go south. Naughton is 100% pro-liberal, pro-homo, etc., and strongly endorsed by MassEquality and all that crowd (and getting a lot of money from them and the teachers unions). Jay Barrows is just the opposite, and probably reflects the district much more.

House - FOURTH BRISTOL (Rehoboth, Seekonk) - [Rep. Philip Travis (D) ]

57%  D - STEVEN J. D'AMICO, 81 Briarwood Dr., Seekonk

43%  R - STEVEN S. HOWITT, 425 Pine St., Seekonk

Pre-election comment: We still don't know what to make of this. D'Amico seems pretty solidly in the culture-of-death camp, endorsed by MassEquality, etc. Howitt was endorsed by MassEquality when he ran in 2004, but seems to have moved conservative on a lot of issues, including marriage, school vouchers, etc.

House - FOURTH BARNSTABLE (Orleans, Provincetown) - [Rep. Shirley Gomes (R) ]

56%  D - SARAH K. PEAKE, 7 Center St., Provincetown

44%  R - AARON R. MALOY, 81A Finlay Rd., Orleans

Pre-election comment: This seat has apparently been Republican for over 100 years. Peake, a Lesbian activist who supports public nudity, got 43% when she ran in 2004 and has a strong Provincetown base. Maloy is an open homosexual who says he opposes same-sex marriage, and thus is being seriously dissed by his sexual co-practitioners. We suggest writing in Gerry Studds as a protest vote.

House - FIFTEENTH ESSEX (Methuen) - [Rep. Arthur Broadhurst (D) ]

61%  D - LINDA DEAN CAMPBELL, 42 Sugar Pine Ln., Methuen

28%  R - ROBERT A. ANDREW, 522 Lowell St., Methuen

11%  U - KENNETH A. HENRICK, 22 Jewel Cir., Methuen, Pro-Life, Conservative, Veteran

Pre-election comment: Henrick describes himself as "Pro-Life, Conservative, Veteran." Andrew's very good, and has a chance to win this. Campbell believes in civil unions. Let's hope for the best.

House - THIRD HAMPDEN - (Agawam) - [Rep. Daniel Keenan (D) ]

50%  D - ROSEMARY SANDLIN, 90 Granger Dr., Agawam

40%  R - ROBERT A. MAGOVERN, 144 Birch Hill Rd., Agawam

7%    U - JOSEPH F. SCHEBEL, 71 Columbia Dr., Agawam

3%    G - OWEN R. BROADHURST, 96 Elbert Rd., Agawam

Pre-election comment: The teachers unions, homosexuals, and every other left-wing group are pouring money into Rosemary Sandlin. Magovern and Schebel are both good conservatives. As we've said, Magovern is one of the few non-RINO members of the Republican State Committee, so you know they won't be putting any money into this race.

House - TWELFTH HAMPDEN (Springfield/Wilbraham) - [Rep. Gale Candaras (D) ]

59%  D - ANGELO J. PUPPOLO, JR., 44 South Shore Dr., Springfield

41%  R - CHRISTOPHER R. LEISEY, 15 Wright Pl., Wilbraham

Pre-election comment: Leisey says all the right things. We don't know much about Puppolo.

House - SIXTH MIDDLESEX (Framngham) - [Rep. Deborah Blumer]

49%  D - PAM RICHARDSON (write-in)

35%  R - NICOLAS SANCHEZ, 13 Redcoat Rd., Framingham (write-in)

9%    U - DAWN HARKNESS (write-in)

5%    R - JIM RIZOLI, 49 Pond St., Framingham (write-in)

1%   U - TOM TIERNEY (write-in)

1%   U - GERALD BLOOMFIELD (write-in)

(NOTE: The late Rep. Blumer got 18% of the actual votes, but under the rules none of those votes counted. The tally above represents the other votes, which did count.)

Pre-election comment: As you probably heard, Rep. Blumer tragically died in an auto accident a few weeks ago. No one was on the ballot against her. And she was, shall we say, very liberal. The way the rules work, her name is still on the ballot, but any votes for her don't count. So whoever gets the most write-ins wins. Nicolas Sanchez, a professor at Holy Cross (and a great candidate) who ran in 2004, was picked by the Republicans, in caucus, to represent them in the race. Jim Rizoli, a first-rate longtime activist who's big on the illegal immigration issue, tried to get on the ballot in September as a write-in, but fell 30 votes short, and he's back in the race. The Democrats picked Pam Richardson to run for them. Dawn Harkness is a well-known local lesbian activist. At this point, we don't know anything about Bloomfield or Tierney.

Post-election comment: The Deval Patrick machine ran huge, well-funded sticker campaign for Richardson. They had hordes of people, worked out of Patrick's offices and were at the polling places in force for the whole day. Among other things, they told people with Sanchez stickers not to vote for him because he's a "conservative Republican".

House - TWENTY-FOURTH MIDDLESEX (Cambridge/Belmont/Arlington) - [Rep. Ann Paulsen]

68%  D - WILLIAM N. BROWNSBERGER, 6 Stella Rd., Belmont

32%  R - M. ELIZABETH (LIBBY) FIRENZE, 64 Winn St., Belmont

Pre-election comment: This is a very easy choice for us. Let's hope that Belmont conservatives for Firenze can out-vote the libs in Cambridge and Arlington for Brownsberger (tho we're not holding our breath).

House - TWENTY-EIGHTH MIDDLESEX (Everett/Malden) - [Rep. Ed Connolly (D) ]

60%  D - STEPHEN STAT SMITH, 53 Clarence St., Everett

40%  U - JOSEPH F. HICKEY, 20 Raymond St., Everett

Pre-election comment: Joe Hickey is a surprise Independent who's a very strong contender in Everett. Very good on the issues, a good replacement for the late Rep. Connolly. Smith (who nearly won in 2004, with 49%), is endorsed by MassEquality and would be a complete disaster, .

House - SEVENTH PLYMOUTH (Abington/E.Bridgewater/Whitman) - [Rep. Kathleen Teahan]

52%  D - ALLEN J. McCARTHY, 10 Rolling Hills Dr., East Bridgewater

48%  R - R. ANDREW BURBINE, 30 Lantern Ln., Abington

Pre-election comment: Another very clear choice on the issues for the voters. This is Ned Kirby's old district, so there are conservative roots here. So even though Kathleen Teahan, who's been in for the past decade, is pretty horrible, Andrew Burbine could conceivably pull this off.


51%  D - THOMAS J. CALTER, III, 26 Rosewood Dr., Kingston

49%  R - OLLY deMACEDO, 8 Parks St., Kingston

Pre-election comment: Olly is Rep. Vinny DeMacedo's (R-Plymouth) brother and, we're told, first rate! He got on the ballot as a write-in in the primary -- where he actually beat someone who was currently on the ballot! Go Olly!!

House - THIRD WORCESTER (Fitchburg) - [Rep. Emile Goguen (D) ]

77%  D - STEPHEN L. DiNATALE, 150 Walton St., Fitchburg

23%  R - EDWARD L. NIEMCZURA, 97 East St., Fitchburg

Pre-election comment: Oh, man! Why couldn't we persuade Emile Goguen to run just one more term?

House - SIXTH WORCESTER (Southbridge/Charlton/Spencer) - [Rep. Mark Carron (D) ]

55%  D - GERALDO ALICEA, 13 Deer Run, Charlton

45%  R - DAVID M. SINGER, 2 Keely Dr., Charlton

Pre-election comment: Geraldo Alicea favors a vote on marriage and parents' choice for sexual education, but supports homosexual civil unions, hypodermic needle sales, and in-state tuition for illegal aliens. But we're big fans of David Singer. He's 100% on the issues, and is very principled and not afraid to tell the truth (a rarity on Beacon Hill).

House - TENTH WORCESTER - Milford/Mendon/Hopedale - [Rep. Marie Parente]

65%  D - JOHN V. FERNANDES, 320 Purchase St., Milford

35%  R - ROBERT P. BURNS, 101 Mill St., Hopedale

Pre-election comment: Fernandes beat our great friend Rep. Marie Parente in the primary, and we're we're still bummed out about that. He's a lawyer connected to land developers, and is got huge donations from builders. He "strongly" supports same-sex marriage, according to interview and thus got help from the usual suspects; left-wing labor unions, Unitarian churches, etc. We like Robert Burns a lot, but this is a strongly Democrat district.

Senate - Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin (Pittsfield/North Adams) - [Sen. Andrea Nuciforo(D)]

71%  D - BENJAMIN BRACKETT DOWNING, 123 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield

25%  R - MATTHEW W. KINNAMAN, 165 Mandalay Rd., Lee

4%   G - DION C. ROBBINS-ZUST, 20 Reservoir Rd., Richmond, Green-Rainbow Party

Pre-election comment: Kinnaman is a very impressive guy, for many reasons besides ideological. If he doesn't win this one, maybe we should just give that end of the state to New York and let them live under Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Senate - First Hampden & Hampshire (Springfield/East Longmeadow) - [Sen. Brian Lees (R) ]

60%  D - GALE D. CANDARAS, 643 Tinkham Rd., Wilbraham

40%  R - ENRICO JOHN VILLAMAINO, III, 834 Somers Rd., East Longmeadow

Pre-election comment: Rep. Gale Candaras is trying to move up to the Senate. To tell you the truth, she's not as bad on the issues as we've been saying. We're haven't quite given her a "green" but she's not a disaster by any means. Villamaino is an aide to Brian Lees, and is pro-gay marriage, we understand, though he's said he favors voting on the marriage amendment. He's very good on the other issues we know about. At least he'd help the new Gov. Healey maintain a veto in the Senate. (Well....)


Legislature - INCUMBENTS being challenged:

Of the incumbents being challenged - 38 House members and 12 Senate members - we picked out some of the interesting races to highlight during the campaign.

House - FIRST BARNSTABLE (Brewster/Dennis/Yarmouth)

52%  D - CLEON H. TURNER, 54 Sea Meadow Dr., Dennis [INCUMBENT]

48%  R - RICHARD W. NEITZ, 11 General Holway Rd., Yarmouth

Pre-election comment: Cleon Turner, is in his first term, is an ultra-pro homo supporter in a pretty conservative district. Dick Neitz is a legitimate conservative. And Neitz got 49% against Turner in 2004. Guess what could happen when the constituents start to realize this? Well, the gay lobby has figured it out, too, and is pumping a huge flood of puffy pro-Turner mailings into the district -- of course, talking about everything except their favorite issue!

House - SECOND BARNSTABLE (Barnstable/Yarmouth)

56%  D - DEMETRIUS J. ATSALIS, 170 Tobey Way, Barnstable [INCUMBENT]

44%  R - WILLIAM L. CROCKER, JR., 50 Birchill Rd., Barnstable

Pre-election comment: Will Crocker was a local radio announcer down on the Cape who decided he wanted to do some good, so he's immersed himself into this campaign full-time. Atsalis has sold out to the liberal establishment on the main issues. Judging from past races, Atsalas is vulnerable, and Crocker is running very hard. This could come out very well.

House - EIGHTEENTH ESSEX (Andover/Boxford/Georgetown/Haverill)

59%  D - BARBARA A. L'ITALIEN, 5 Harper Cir., Andover [INCUMBENT]

41%  R - LAWRENCE "LONNIE" BRENNAN, 9 Hamilton Ter., Georgetown

Pre-election comment: Barbara L'Italien is so pro-homo that her picture is on the gay lobby's websites -- and they're certainly pouring the money into this race. Lonnie Brennan is exactly the kind of guy you wish would run for state rep in every district. He's a family man, businessman, down to earth, lots of energy, goes to local school committee and city council meetings, and not afraid to speak the truth.

House - TENTH HAMPDEN (Springfield)

79%  D - CHERYL RIVERA, 67 Rowland St., Springfield [INCUMBENT]

15%  R - GEORGE VÀZQUEZ, 19 Salem St., Springfield

6%   U - KYLE A. BURNS, 52 Fremont St., Springfield

Pre-election comment: Sometime soon we'll post the video of Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Rivera's (as she now calls herself) hideous raging tirade on the House floor against Rep. Phil Travis, when Travis merely spoke in favor of not funding the horrific "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" that the legislature sleazed into law as a "budget item" -- so they could avoid having to hold a public hearing and debate it. She screamed about her life as a lesbian, how no one understands her lifelong trauma, and on and on, and anyone who disagrees is a "bigot." She's really bad. Anyone would be an improvement.

House - FIFTH MIDDLESEX (Natick/Sherborn/Millis)

65%  D - DAVID PAUL LINSKY, 66 Rathbun Rd., Natick [INCUMBENT]

35%  R - WILLIAM W. WHITTLESEY, 64 Greenwood St., Sherborn

Pre-election comment: Will Whittlesey got on the ballot as a write-in, which is pretty impressive. (You have to persuade 150 people to show up, get a Republican ballot, and write your name in properly.) He's a 100% solid guy, a young father who's sharp as a tack. David Linsky, who actually sponsored a bill this year to remove the penalties for bestiality, got the MassResistance award for the worst legislator.

House - TWENTY-NINTH MIDDLESEX (Watertown/Cambridge)

72%  D - RACHEL KAPRIELIAN, 158 Spring St., Watertown [INCUMBENT]

25%  R - KEITH ALLAN MERCURIO, 144 Bellevue Rd., Watertown

3%   U - THOMAS A. GEARY, JR., 8 Angela Ln., Watertown

Pre-election comment: It's interesting that Keith Mercurio started out years ago as a Kaprelian supporter. But in 12 years on Beacon Hill, Rachel Kaprielian has become completely disengaged from the average person in this working-class district. From tax increases to funding for homosexuality in the schools, Kaprielian follows the liberal establishment's marching orders. And they're pumping money into this race to help her. Mercurio is really a breath of fresh air. He's young, really understands the issues, and has a lot of energy.

House - FOURTH NORFOLK (Weymouth)

71%  D - JAMES MICHAEL MURPHY, 483 Middle St., Weymouth [INCUMBENT]

29%  R - ROBERT MONTGOMERY THOMAS, 848 Washington St., Weymouth

Pre-election comment: We wish all the races presented the problems this one has. James Murphy voted with us on the crucial vote in July to sustain the veto of the hideous Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth -- and he stuck with us on the reconsideration vote. But he slips on legalizing hypodermic needles and some other stuff. Bob Thomas is a hundred percenter on the issues and would do well at the State House.

House - SIXTH PLYMOUTH (Duxbury/Halifax/Hanson/Pembroke)

53%  R - DANIEL K. WEBSTER, 694 State St., Hanson [INCUMBENT]

48%  D - GREG HANLEY, 18 MacKenzie Orch., Pembroke

Pre-election comment: Rep. Daniel Webster has been a reliable performer on Beacon Hill, a very solid guy. Greg Hanley is running as a fairly conservative Democrat . . . but we're not really sure. Don't take a chance. Support Webster!

House - THIRD SUFFOLK (North End/Boston)

79%  D - SALVATORE F. DiMASI, 220 Commercial St., Boston [INCUMBENT]

21%  R - KENNETH JOSEPH PROCACCIANTI, 34 Clark St., Boston

Pre-election comment: As you know, DiMasi is the Speaker of the House and has been there seemingly forever. But he's so sleazy and horrible that we love to dream about him getting beat by a brash young Republican -- Procaccianti -- who's actually much more connected to the people in the district, and pretty decent on the issues. One thing's for sure, Procaccianti's running a hard, serious campaign. And DiMasi isn't taking it too seriously. It'll be fun to see what happens.

Senate - THIRD MIDDLESEX (Waltham/Bedford/Concord/Lexington/Sudbury)

64%  D - SUSAN C. FARGO, 7 Minebrook Rd., Lincoln [INCUMBENT]

36%  R - SANDRA B. MARTINEZ, 1 Carter Dr., Chelmsford

Pre-election comment: This is our favorite Senate race. Susan Fargo is not only disconnected from her district, she's disconnected from planet Earth. (Of course, that could describe about two-thirds of the current state Senate.) Sandi Martinez is running a superb campaign. She was born and grew up in the district, and really knows it. And she knows the issues and has lobbied at the State House. There's nothing not to like about her.


75%  D - BRIAN A. JOYCE, 95 Hinckley Rd., Milton [INCUMBENT]

25%  R - JAMES J. ALDRED, 21 James Tighe Rd., Randolph

Pre-election comment: Brian Joyce has been universally disliked (or worse) in pro-family circles since he completely abandoned his principles a few years back, and did a 180% turnarund. Now he's pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-taxes, you name it. Aldred, tho admittedly not pro-life, is very good on all the other issues. For example, he believes in the opt-in approach for parents regarding sexuality programs in the schools, as opposed to opt-out. He'd be a huge improvement.

Senate - PLYMOUTH & NORFOLK (Weymouth/Duxbury/Hingham/Marshfield)

64%  R - ROBERT L. HEDLUND, JR., 54 Longwood Rd., Weymouth [INCUMBENT]

36%  D - STEPHEN A. LYNCH, 69 Central St., Marshfield

Pre-election comment: We're not really too woried about Bob Hedlund, but Lynch has the same name as a somewhat popular Massachusetts Congressman, so this race could be troublesome.

Senate - SECOND SUFFOLK (Mattapan/South End/Chinatown/Mission Hill/Roxbury)

72%  D - DIANNE WILKERSON, 74 Howland St., Boston [INCUMBENT]

28%  R - SAMIYAH DIAZ, 2 Douglass Park, Boston

Pre-election comment: This is one of those races from hell -- you'd love for both of them to lose. Both are extremely pro-homosexual, anti-marriage, etc. Wilkerson, the incumbent (currently out of jail) was too incompetent to get signatures properly, so she had to get the homosexual lobby to run her write-in campaign for her.

Senate - SUFFOLK & NORFOLK (Roslindale/Dedham/Norwood/Dedham)

69%  D - MARIAN WALSH, 80 Brook Farm Rd., Boston [INCUMBENT]

31%  R - DOUGLAS E. OBEY, 435 High St., Westwood

Pre-election comment: Marian Walsh is the female version of Brian Joyce, actually probably worse. Formerly pro-family, she now gets big awards from the homosexual lobby for her water-carrying efforts for them. She was a co-sponsor of the Parental Notification Law back in 1994, but now opposes that concept. On the surface, Obey is much better on the issues. But he supports making homosexual civil unions into law, is not pro-life, and has lost the support of a lot of local pro-family types.


Legislature - OTHER RACES not listed above:

These are races where incumbents were being challenged by candidates who we felt were relatively weak. Obviously, we were wrong on a few of these -- in Lincoln/Wayland/Sudbury, Rep. Susan Pope got beat (we should have known something was going on -- we saw Conroy's signs everywhere we looked in that area). And some of the other races were very close!


70%  D - ERIC T. TURKINGTON, 4 Sheeps Crossing Ln., Falmouth [INCUMBENT]

30%  R - JAMES R. POWELL, 449 Lamberts Cove Rd., West Tisbury


77%  D - DENIS E. GUYER, 1 Haworth St., Dalton [INCUMBENT]

23%  U - STEFAN G. RACZ, 131 State St., Buckland


54%  R - JOHN A. LEPPER, 311 Newport Ave., Attleboro [INCUMBENT]

46%  D - KATE M. JACKSON, 93 Spruce Ln., Attleboro


87%  D - ROBERT CORREIA, 1290 Plymouth Ave., Fall River [INCUMBENT]

13%  L - RAYMOND P. LEARY, JR., 200 Goodwin St., Fall River


64%  D - WILLIAM M. STRAUS, 8 Nashawena Rd., Mattapoisett [INCUMBENT]

36%  R - PETER F. WINTERS, 854 Point Rd., Marion


64%  D - ROBERT M. KOCZERA, 119 Jarry St., New Bedford [INCUMBENT]

36%  U - DENNIS G. DALLAIRE, JR., 61 Kearsarge St., New Bedford


69%  D - STEPHEN R. CANESSA, 400 Prescott St., New Bedford [INCUMBENT]

31%  U - MARK A. HOWLAND, 4371 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford


79%  D - ANTONIO F.D. CABRAL, 212 Maple St., New Bedford [INCUMBENT]

15%  U - ROBERT K. GARDNER, JR., 15 Berkley St., New Bedford

6%    U - CARLOS FELIX, 21 Social St., New Bedford


62%  D - HARRIETT L. STANLEY, 130 Indian Hill St., West Newbury [INCUMBENT]

38%  R - EVAN JAMES O'REILLY, 1 Cherry Ln., Georgetown


81%  D - MARY E. GRANT, 868 Hale St., Beverly [INCUMBENT]

19%  U - DONATO H. PAGLIA, 3 Summer St., Beverly


69%  D - JOYCE A. SPILIOTIS, 85 Gardner St., Peabody [INCUMBENT]

31%  R - JASON C. HARDING, 14 Tuckers Ct., Peabody


81%  D - JOSEPH F. WAGNER, 131 Edward St., Chicopee [INCUMBENT]

19%  U - RONALD R. SLISKI, 455 Chicopee St., Chicopee


77%  D - SEAN CURRAN, 101 Miller St., Springfield [INCUMBENT]

18%  U - MEGAN ANZALOTTI, 6 Wellfleet Dr., Springfield

5%    L - ROBERT J. UNDERWOOD, 83 Cherrelyn St., Springfield


82%  D - PETER V. KOCOT, 30 Drewsen Dr., Northampton [INCUMBENT]

18%  R - JOHN A. ANDRULIS, 486 Haydenville Rd., Northampton


60%  R - ROBERT S. HARGRAVES, 21 Temple Dr., Groton [INCUMBENT]

40%  D - CAROL L. BOUSQUET, 55 Littleton Rd., Ayer


82%  D - PETER J. KOUTOUJIAN, 33 Harris St., Waltham [INCUMBENT]

18%  R - DARA POURGHASEMI, 16 Gormans Ct., Waltham

House - THIRTEENTH MIDDLESEX (Lincoln/Sudbury/Wayland)

51%  D - THOMAS P. CONROY, 265 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland

49%  R - SUSAN W. POPE, 28 Moore Rd., Wayland [INCUMBENT]

Comment: This was a real shocker!!


77%  D - THOMAS A. GOLDEN, JR., 24 Munroe St., Lowell [INCUMBENT]

23%  R - MATTHEW LEWIS PRAHL, 1461 Pawtucket Blvd., Lowell


89%  D - ALICE K. WOLF, 48 Huron Ave., Cambridge [INCUMBENT]

11%  R - HENRY R. IRVING, 23 Bigelow St., Cambridge


66%  D - JAMES B. ELDRIDGE, 195 Arlington St., Acton [INCUMBENT]

34%  R - KEVIN C. HAYES, SR., 81 Lawton Rd., Shirley


73%  D - LOUIS L. KAFKA, 95 Erin Rd., Stoughton [INCUMBENT]

27%  R - LYDIA E. WIENER, 68 Oak Hill Dr., Sharon


57%  R - SUSAN WILLIAMS GIFFORD, 11 Lincoln Hwy., Wareham [INCUMBENT]

43%  D - MARGARET A. ISHIHARA, 55B Minot Avenue, Wareham


63%  D - ROBERT J. NYMAN, 20 King Phillip Ln., Hanover [INCUMBENT]

37%  R - TIMOTHY M. GILLESPIE, JR., 49 Olde Forge Rd., Hanover


84%  D - MARIE ST. FLEUR, 45 Hartford St., Boston [INCUMBENT]

16%  R - ALTHEA GARRISON, 644 Dudley St., Boston


81%  D - MICHAEL J. MORAN, 161 Bigelow St., Boston [INCUMBENT]

19%  R - RUSSELL EVANS, 1038 Beacon St., Brookline

House - FIRST WORCESTER (Holden/Hubbardston/Princeton)

69%  R - LEWIS G. EVANGELIDIS, 215 Newell Rd., Holden [INCUMBENT]

31%  D - NATE KAPLAN, 45 Twin Hill Rd., Hubbardston


62%  D - JENNIFER L. FLANAGAN, 42H Meadow Pond Dr., Leominster [INCUMBENT]

38%  U - CLAIRE M. FREDA, 117 Debbie Dr., Leominster


69%  D - ANNE M. GOBI, 98 Mechanic St., Spencer [INCUMBENT]

31%  R - STEPHEN J. COMTOIS, II, 35 Webber Rd., Brookfield


74%  D - JAMES B. LEARY, 76 Hillcroft Ave., Worcester [INCUMBENT]

26%  R - JOSEPH D. RICE, 61 Burncoat Ter., Worcester


60%  D - JAMES E. TIMILTY, 5 Burrill St., Walpole [INCUMBENT]

40%  R - MICHAEL L. ATWILL, 95 York Rd., Mansfield


82%  D - MARK C. MONTIGNY, 94 Hawthorn St., New Bedford [INCUMBENT]

18%  U - RAIMUNDO DELGADO, 965 Tradewind St., New Bedford

Senate - CAPE & ISLANDS (Cape Cod)

63%  D - ROBERT A. O'LEARY, 154 Indian Trl., Barnstable [INCUMBENT]

37%  R - RICARDO M. BARROS, 1431 Iyanough Rd., Barnstable


85%  D - STANLEY C. ROSENBERG, 38 Webster Ct., Amherst [INCUMBENT]

15%  R - MICHAELA L. LeBLANC, Smith College Gardiner House, Northampton


76%  D - STEVEN C. PANAGIOTAKOS, 191 Sanders Ave., Lowell [INCUMBENT]

24%  R - BROOKS T. LYMAN, 328 Townsend Rd., Groton


73%  D - HARRIETTE L. CHANDLER, 97 Aylesbury Rd., Worcester [INCUMBENT]

27%  R - PAUL E. NORDBORG, 10 Sumac Cir., Holden


68%  D - EDWARD M. AUGUSTUS, JR., 87 Lakewood St., Worcester [INCUMBENT]

25%  R - RICHARD J. PETERS, 635 Grafton St., Worcester

7%    U - JOHN M. LAZZARO, 9 Jacklyn Rae Dr., Millbury








Pre-election comment: What a terrible situation! We're not at all excited about Kerry Healey, but Deval Patrick is so profoundly hideous, that what can we do? Patrick has not only promised the homosexual lobby everything they'll ever want, but he's personally raised some big money for them. He's spoken at their fundraisers -- most recently as the keynote speaker at the fundraiser dinner for the "Human Rights Campaign" national homosexual group, which hands out "coming out" literature in Massachusetts high schools and is fighting David Parker's efforts in Lexington for parental notification. Healey and Hillman hosted a Planned Parenthood event at the Republican State Convention, plus they support homosexual civil unions, etc. But like her predecessors, Healey has the relative good fortune to be running against the New England equivalent of Castro. And forget about Mihos and Grace Ross.
(And then there's a movement to write in Rev. Michael Carl, 109 Eutaw Ave, Lynn, MA 01902 -- an actual conservative, who says he's willing to take the job if elected. See our radio show this weekend for more on that. . .)

Post-election comment: The staff at MassResistance did not compromise our principles. We all wrote in Rev. Michael Carl. It's about time people resisted all that "lesser of two evils" baloney.


73%  D - MARTHA COAKLEY, 46 Coolidge Rd., Medford

27%  R - LARRY FRISOLI, 67 Bright Rd., Belmont

Pre-election comment: This is an EXTREMELY important race. Martha Coakley is the current Middlesex County District Attorney, so she has a track record. And it's horrible. Rabidly pro-homosexual. Announced in "Bay Windows" homosexual newspaper that she supports same-sex "marriage" and would try to subvert "1913 Law" preventing out-of-state gays from "marrying" here. We could go on and on, trust us. Larry Frisoli is just the opposite -- the AG candidate from heaven. For example, Frisoli took on the Jeffrey Curley case and fought NAMBLA, when Martha Coakley wouldn't touch it. Frisoli gets it. Coakley is completely in the tank.


69%  D - EDWARD M. KENNEDY, 50 Marchant Ave., Barnstable [INCUMBENT]

31%  R - KENNETH G. CHASE, 87 Pine St., Belmont

Pre-election comment: It's hard to battle the Kennedy machine, but Ken Chase is unquestionably an excellent guy to take his place in Washington, and who would actually represent the everyday people of Massachusetts instead of the liberal fringe. The Boston Globe, amazingly, gave him great reviews in his debate with Kennedy, tho endorsed Kennedy anyway (but of course).



Most people don't know much about the Governor's Council, but they're an important cog in government. All judge nominations have to be approved by them. And any judges being removed by a Bill of Address also need to pass through them. There are five contested races, tho we don't know a whole lot about most of the candidates. In general -- given the quality of judges we've been getting here in Massachusetts -- a rule of thumb for Governor's Council is always vote against the incumbent.


58%  D - CAROLE A. FIOLA, 307 Archer St., Fall River [INCUMBENT]

32%  R - PHILIP C. PALEOLOGOS, 368 Whitlow St., New Bedford

10%  U - PAUL R. VIVEROS, 1392 Slade St., Fall River

Pre-election comment: Paleologos is an excellent candidate. Howie Carr describes Carole Fiola as a "flyweight."


67%  D - KELLY A. TIMILTY, 52 Murray Hill Rd., Boston [INCUMBENT]

33%  R - MICHAEL W. McCUE, 475 Williams St., Mansfield

Pre-election comment: Michael McCue is definitely someone we need in that group!


68%  D - MARY-ELLEN MANNING, 162 North St., Salem [INCUMBENT]

32%  U - TIMOTHY P. HOUTEN, 86 Maple St., Middleton

Pre-election comment: Mass. Citizens for Life lists Houten as "pro-life" according to their recent candidate survey.


64%  D - MICHAEL J. CALLAHAN, 500 Salem St., Medford [INCUMBENT]

20%  R - WILLIAM JOHN BARABINO, 16 Byron St., Wakefield

8%   U - ROSEMARY A. MACERO, 22 Leonard St., Somerville

8%   U - TED SARANDIS, 1 Seal Harbor Rd., Winthrop

Pre-election comment: Ted Serandis is the famous local radio personality ("Ted Nation", now running for Governor's Council, who Howie Carr says "will make it hot for them" if elected. Good! Howie describes Callahan as "America's Bartender." But Barabino is the one that everyone says is the one we should endorse, a guy with strong values.


59%  D - THOMAS T. MERRIGAN, 23 Plum Tree Ln., Greenfield

22%  R - MICHAEL FRANCO, 7 Primrose Ln., Holyoke

19%  U - MICHAEL T. KOGUT, 92 Magnolia Ter., Springfield

Pre-election comment: Mike Franco is first-rate. We would move to Holyoke to vote for him!