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The "anti-bullying" agenda comes to Massachusetts - a front for more programs from the homosexual lobby and other radical groups.

Public hearing Tuesday, May 1 at State House on a dangerous wave of bills. 

April 27, 2007

There are no less than seven bills before the Massachusetts Legislature to impose programs and regulations on the recently hyped issue of "bullying" - and an additional two bills on "hate crimes" in schools and "teen dating violence." What's going on? Aren't these topics dealt with by individual school districts, or maybe the state Department of Education?

This is part of what a frightening wave of proposed legislation in the State House that we see as the "2007 State House legislative assault" by powerful left-wing groups on our schools and rights as citizens.

These anti-bullying bills are suddenly showing up in state legislatures across the country, from California to Deleware to Massachusetts and beyond. That's because the Legislature is the most direct way to funnel money to special-interest programs.

The "anti-bullying" agenda has almost nothing to do with the actual welfare of children. It is a front for introducing more homosexual programs and other radical agendas into the public schools -- and funding the special interests that provide them -- through force and intimidation followed by your taxpayer dollars. The backers of these bills are among the most militant radical groups targeting schoolchildren.

It's become a coalition of homosexual groups along the "diversity" and feminist groups and others that come into the schools under various high-sounding titles such as "respecting differences", anti-racism, anti-teen dating violence, and anti-hate. Their messages to kids are the same as they've always been.

The same old "solutions" we've been fighting for years

We've seen it over and over. The solutions for "bullying" or "hate speech" are more pro-homosexual training, desensitizing children to homosexuality and homosexual issues, more same-sex families presented to kids, more "diversity" training, and other radical mind games pushed on kids. The solutions for "dating violence" include "dating tactics" but also with a not-subtle dose of male-hating ideology.

The solutions always include a heavy dose of banned speech.

This is what you will be pushed even harder, and with more public money, if these bills are passed. That's why these lobbies are pushing it through the Legislature -- instead of the school systems or Department of Education. It's more direct and has the force of law!

They don't really solve anything - possibly make it worse.

All of these "anti-bullying" programs have a political and ideological message. As in other politicized programs forced into the schools, there are no metrics to test if they actually affect the perceived problem they're intended to stop. No record of success or failure. In fact, many people believe that these programs make the problems worse. But as long as the "problem" continues, they can continue to expand the program to attempt to "solve" it.

For instance, the natural way people get along is by downplaying their differences and focusing on the things they have in common. But these programs usually do the opposite: they exacerbate the friction between kids by only focusing on how they're different from each other. Psychologically this is a losing battle. But they're interested in ideology, not results.

A common part of these agendas is to "prove" that the problem is more widespread than it really is by stating a very broad definition of what the problem is. For example in many of these bills the definition of "bullying" includes simply being "excluded" by others from something. That happens all the time in schools - and in life!. This way, anyone can claim to have been bullied! This is exactly what the bullying lobby wants.

Orchestrated by national homosexual group targeting children

GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) is the largest national homosexual group that targets children, and is focused on normalizing homosexuality in their eyes. The "Little Black Book" was passed out at a GLSEN conference at a Massachusetts high school.

In 2002, GLSEN introduced the "bullying" agenda as a prop for their homosexual programs in the schools. As the Boston homosexual newspaper Bay Windows reported,

For the next three years, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) will focus all of its energies on making bullying a thing of the past in America's schools. Building on the success in the seven years since its founding in such activities as forming gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in high schools, GLSEN announced June 4 that its board of directors has adopted a strategic plan to involve hundreds of teachers, students, parents, allied organizations such as teachers unions and grassroots leaders. The plan goes into effect July 1.

Since then it has gained momentum across the country. Here is GLSEN's report from 2005.

This year, the "bullying" agenda has reached its stride. Working with allied groups, GLSEN has managed to get bullying legislation introduced in several states across the country, including Massachusetts. You can tell something by the sponsors of these bills here. The core group is same radical bunch in the Legislature that's behind similar outrageous legislation, along with the requisite number of "moderate" legislators who are uninformed and misled. (It's always interesting how embarrassed these "moderates' get when we present them with the facts.)

Among some of the other groups pushing this in the State House are:

  • PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). This is one of the most radical groups in the country. It pushes homosexuality and transsexuality in the schools. It also holds an annual New England Regional conference with workshops promoting polygamy, group sex, and sadomasochism.
  • Mass. Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Uses state money to fund "gay-straight alliance" clubs clubs for kids and homosexual programs in the public schools.
  • It also appears that the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the most powerful teachers union, is lobbying for it.
A familiar pattern of deceit

The "bullying" agenda follows a similar pattern we've seen for years by the left (and especially the homosexual lobby) to get radical programs into the schools (and elsewhere).

  1. They take a real or perceived problem (such as "safety") and announce that it's an epidemic that endangering lots of people, even if we don't realize it. They'll often use phony survey results (such as the often-maligned "Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey" given to children in schools) to "prove" that the problem exists. They introduce illogical arguments, without legitimate statistics or research.

    They also use high-profile events with high emotional impact - such as school shootings - and dishonestly morph them into to their pet "problem" to build popular support. They play on the emotions of the public in order to confuse them.
  2. Then they will claim that only their programs can solve the problem, and they must be implemented immediately or people will continue to be in danger.

    As part of the sales pitch, they will insist that they need to be "pro-active" and immediately begin not only that problem, but even others that don't yet exist.
  3. If anyone challenges the validity of the programs, or the existence of the problem, those people are immediately demonized - accused of actually wanting to put people into danger. The people quickly become marginalized. This intimidation effectively keeps all legitimate criticism at bay.

It's very effective. And that's what's going on here.

Important background information on this agenda in Massachusetts

The MassResistance Blog has been researching this for the past two years, and has published a wealth of information.


Lobbying in the press

You're up against some big guns!

* Boston Globe editorial pushing the "bullying" agenda published on Thursday, April 26 - just in time for the public hearing. What a coincidence! Has the usual talking points and sober "community action" stuff to make seem necessary and legitimate

Standing up to Bullies - Boston Globe Editorial  April 26, 2007

* Boston Globe article from 2005 - Two years ago the "bullying" lobby tried the same thing. They filed a bill, staged a presentation with kids, and (of course) got the Boston Globe to help out. Luckily, the bill didn't get anywhere. This year, they're out to win.

Teens, lawmakers push antibully bill - Measure would force schools to help protect the vulnerable  Boston Globe - Sept 16, 2005

Finally, the Boston Herald injects some common sense:

A few day after this original posting, the Boston Herald published the following editorial, which says it all: