Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Homosexual movement focusing on changing our laws in 2008.  Here's what we're fighting.

The same-sex "marriage" win last summer has propelled the homosexual movement in Massachusetts to an unprecedented position of political strength. They've become entrenched in the halls of power at the State House, the executive branch, and throughout government (and in the private sector). They are flush with enormous amounts of cash to spend. They are arrogant and ready to move forward. In the last few months their main lobbying arm, MassEquality (which spends over $100,000 per month just on routine operations) has re-focused.

The next phase of their push to change society kicks in this month as the Legislature goes back into session. It includes some radical changes of our laws to better accommodate the homosexual lifestyle, and to entrench themselves even more in the public schools.

And along with changing our laws, they will be demanding more taxpayer money for a broad range of homosexual-related programs (including school-related programs) in the upcoming state budget. The heinous state-funded Commission for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth has already started organizing gay activists around the state to harangue legislators for this money.

[And if you live outside of Massachusetts - this will be coming to you eventually!]

Listed below are the major "BAD" bills before the Legislature right now (this is just a general outline; we will be doing more on these):

NOTE: A bill's path through the Legislature:
In general, bills go through several steps:

(1) being filed and sent to a committee; (2) a public hearing before a committee; (3) an "executive session" of the committee where they either "kill" it or send it to the full Legislature; (4) voted on separately by the House and Senate; (5) signed (or vetoed) by the Governor.

The critical step is #3. The vast majority of bills - both good and bad - don't get past a committee's "executive session" and get "killed" there.

As usual, many of these are couched in innocuous-sounding language, that to the layman often sounds relatively harmless.

[Also note: In some cases there are multiple bills filed that are similar or even identical. This is done on purpose to try to sneak one of them in.]


Status: The committee has not had a public hearing on any of these bills. The hearings are expected in February, or early March at the latest. After that, expect a fast-track effort to get them passed by the full Legislature.

1. Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes
H1722 - "An Act Relative to Gender Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes"

This "transgender rights and hate crimes" bill is one of the most dangerous bills ever filed. Would protect and promote a range of obscene behaviors in schools, businesses, and public accommodations. It would criminalize any critical response (real or perceived) to any sort of public or private undefined "gender identity and expression" (including bizarre public sexual behaviors). This will change society.

Homosexual lobbying groups across the state are joining together to push this. They've already had a "transgender rights lobby day" at the State House.

MassResistance is about to publish an exhaustive analysis, including the nightmare scenarios this bill would protect and promote, affecting every aspect of daily life.

2. Allow out-of-state gay couples to "marry" in Massachusetts
S1029, S800
- "An Act concerning marriage laws"

Would overturn the 1913 law which blocks out-of-state homosexual couples from "marrying" in Massachusetts. Currently, an out-of-state couple cannot be married in Massachusetts if that marriage is not legal in their home state.

Repealing this law is a major goal of the homosexual movement, in order to spread homosexual "marriage" around the country. Couples from across America would come here, get "married" and then demand (using court challenges) that their home states legally recognize those marriages because of the US Constitution's "full faith and credit" clause.

3. Repeal sodomy laws and other laws regarding morality and order
H1709, S905 - "An Act relative to the reform of archaic laws."

Would repeal the state's sodomy laws and also overturn several other sections of M.G.L. Ch. 272, "Crimes Against Chastity, Morality, Decency, and Good Order," including laws against "resorting to restaurants or taverns for immoral purposes" and committing "unnatural and lascivious acts". Being pushed by homosexual lobby.

4. Officially legalize same-sex "marriage" in Massachusetts
H1710, S918
- "An Act to protect Massachusetts families through equal access to civil marriage"

Would legalize homosexual "marriage" in statute, which is still not legal in Massachusetts, as proven by the filing of this bill.

The homosexual lobby is quietly trying to slip this bill through. The Goodridge court decision on same-sex marriage acknowledged that it couldn't change the law. (The Mass. Constitution is very specific that court decisions MAY NOT change laws. Only the Legislature can do that, and it hasn't - so far.)


Status: Both of these bills have had public hearings. The Education Committee could hold an executive session on them ANY DAY now!

5. Legally push homosexuality, sexuality, abortion counseling, etc., in schools.
H597, S288 - "An Act to provide health education in schools"

This bill is part of Planned Parenthood's 5-year plan to extend sex ed, abortion counseling, and normalization of homosexuality (and even transsexuality) in the public schools. We stopped their similar bill last session, and this time they're back with less offensive sounding version, but it's still very dangerous. Planned Parenthood has worked hard for this, getting dozens of co-sponsors!

The bill writes into law "reproduction and sexuality, mental health, family life, and interpersonal relations" as required subjects, and states that the infamous "Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework" shall be used as a guide. Having this written into state law, rather than left to individual school districts to decide, is exactly what Planned Parenthood wants. This is their springboard to push much deeper into the public schools.

They cleverly reference the current parental notification law in the bill, knowing that they can take advantage of the current law's weaknesses to circumvent it.

Read the MassResistance report on the May 29, 2007 public hearing before the education committee (with photos)

Here's the MassResistance report on this bill.

6. Force "anti-bullying" programs in schools as entrée for homosexual/transgender, hate crimes agenda, etc.
H587, H540, H454, H453, S275 - "An Act relative to bullying"

Local school districts will be required to implement "anti-bullying" programs and procedures, even in schools where "bullying" has never been identified as a problem.

The homosexual lobby has been introducing these "anti-bullying" bills across the country. This innocuous sounding plan is really a ploy by homosexual/transgender movement. They easily use these programs as an entrée for their propaganda and mini-"hate crimes" agenda. With the force of state law, schools are forced to let them in. (Not surprisingly, in the end, they have little actual effect on the alleged problems they are supposed to solve.)


Status: Both of these bills started out in the Committee on Children and Families and both were passed on to this committee, where they had public hearings. We're waiting to see what the Health Care Financing Committee does with them.

7. Require all 6th grade girls in Mass. to get controversial HPV vaccine
S102 - "An act requiring immunization of children against human pampilloma virus"

This is another very dangerous bill. Would require all 6th grade girls in Massachusetts be given controversial vaccination for Human Papilloma Virus, a sexually transmitted disease, even if parents object. Being pushed across the country by Merck drug company, in cooperation with various sex-ed groups. Many doctors are extremely concerned that the vaccine's long-term effects on the reproductive system and immune system are still unknown, and it's not adequately tested yet.

Merck has put a lot of money and effort into getting this passed here. They've had very slick lobbying events with all kinds of "experts" singing the praises of this bill. We're also seeing Merck-sponsored radio ads to soften up the public.

At the public hearing, we were very outspoken about the dangers of this, and we also brought testimony from an extremely qualified medical authority, Dr. John Diggs. We think the committee was affected by what we had to say; they clearly hadn't heard it before. They may be trying to re-structure the bill to make it more palatable.

Committee testimony by Dr. John Diggs (Adobe Acrobat format)

Letter to Committee by John O'Gorman

8. Set up tax-supported Planned-Parenthood style "health" clinics
S96 - "An Act to promote healthy behaviors"

Would use taxpayer dollars to promote Planned Parenthood and abortion services: The Dept. of Public Health "shall establish a program of community based health and sexuality education services provided by comprehensive family planning agencies" to "promote healthy behaviors among adolescents." Another vehicle to use your money to fund Planned Parenthood and help spread their message to vulnerable people in the community. Also used as vehicle for various homosexual programs, to normalize that behavior.

COMING UP: Good bills filed by MassResistance, and other important bills to watch.