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Massachusetts Legislature to spend $500,000 in 2009 state budget helping homosexual activists target kids in the schools.

Funds hardcore groups and their programs

April 17, 2008

On Wednesday, April 16, the House Ways and Means Committee released its 2009 budget with $500,000 that will go directly to to fund homosexual programs in the public schools.  (It's down from the $550,000 that was in the Governor's original 2009 budget.)

The money is specifically earmarked in two separate budget items that go directly fund homosexual programs targeting children in the public schools. Much of it goes to the Mass. Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth. GLSEN, PFLAG,BAGLY, and other hardcore homosexual groups are members of that commission. This money pays for things such as: last month's GLSEN Conference in Boston, the Little Black Book, the homosexual Youth Pride Day for kids, and much more.

The two budget items

Here are the two budget items. Notice the specific earmarks for homosexual programs. Both of them specifically reference the Massachusetts gay youth "commission". Item 7010-0005 also throws in the term "suicide prevention and violence prevention", which is patently false and misleading. Their method of "suicide and violence prevention" is to force the normalization of homosexuality on all kids, break down their natural defenses against it, and make them comfortable engaging in it, despite the extreme medical and psychological dangers it poses.

Department of Public Health:

4590-0250         For school health services and school-based health centers in public and non-public schools; provided, that no funds shall be expended in the AA object class for any personnel-related costs; provided further, that services shall include, but not be limited to: (1) strengthening the infrastructure of school health services in the areas of personnel and policy development, programming, and interdisciplinary collaboration; (2) developing linkages between school health services programs and community health providers; (3) incorporating health education programs, including tobacco prevention and cessation activities in school curricula and in the provision of school based health services; and (4) incorporating obesity prevention programs, including nutrition and wellness programs in school curricula to address the nutrition and lifestyle habits needed for healthy development; provided further, that the services shall meet standards and eligibility guidelines established by the department of public health in consultation with the department of education; provided further, that not less than $300,000 shall be expended for mental health and substance abuse services in school-based health centers; provided further, that not less than $350,000 shall be expended for the commission on gay and lesbian youth; provided further, that $150,000 shall be expended for the Childhood Obesity School Nutrition Pilot Project within the department of public health to initiate or maintain school lunch programs focused on diminishing the epidemic of childhood obesity; provided further, that food service providers, working with public schools, wishing to institute or maintain a school nutrition program designed to reduce childhood obesity, may submit an application to the department of public health indicating the various nutritional and educational steps the school plans to implement with the grant, not to exceed $10,000 per school per year; provided further, that eligible programs must focus on providing healthier choices for lunch programs and provide incentives and information to make healthier meal choices in the school lunch line; provided further that one or more schools may be included in an application; and provided further, that grant applications and other appropriate criteria shall be determined and reviewed by the department . . . . . . . . . . $16,440,608

Department of Education

7010-0005         For the operation of the department of education; provided, that the department, in collaboration with the commission on gay and lesbian youth established by section 67 of chapter 3 of the General Laws shall allocate not less than $150,000 for programming to ensure public schools’ compliance with the board of education’s recommendations for the support and safety of gay and lesbian students and the implementation of related suicide-prevention and violence-prevention efforts; and provided further, that not later than November 15, 2007, the department shall submit a progress report to the secretary of administration and finance, the chairpersons of the house and senate ways and means committees and the house and senate chairpersons of the joint committee on education on efforts by the department to further define and advance the strategic vision of the department, along with a detailed  implementation plan for realizing that vision . . . . . . . . . .$13,588,482

Current House version of the entire state 2009 budget - appropriations.

These homosexual activists SHOULD NOT GET ONE PENNY
of taxpayer money for these destructive programs. But they’ll get it unless you stop them.

The Massachusetts Legislature has already begun to raise taxes in the face of a $1 billion budget shortfall. It's insanity to fund homosexual activism in schools!