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"Pro-family" MA legislators join overwhelming vote to increase funding in House 2009 budget for homosexual programs in schools to $750,000!

Raising "gay" school funding by 50 percent despite budget shortfalls

May 6, 2008

Late last Thursday evening, May 1, the Massachusetts House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to add an additional $150,000 of taxpayer money in the 2009 state budget for the Mass. Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth to use for homosexual programs in the public schools. The vote was 148 to 10.

This is in addition to the $100,000 increase which the House had voted early that morning (in a midnight session, starting the night before) for homosexual programs in the schools.

Thus, the total figure in the House 2009 budget now stands at $750,000. The House Ways and Means Committee had originally budgeted $500,000, but the full House decided to increase that by 50%!

Thursday evening roll call vote for item 7010-0005 - $150,000 increase
(148 yes - 10 no)

Thursday morning roll call vote for item 4590-0250 -$100,000 increase
(142 yes -16 no)

Budget items showing new amounts

To our knowledge, no other state in America (or anywhere) budgets even a fraction of this amount of money for homosexual programs in the schools. Massachusetts leads the world in homosexual activism in its public schools.

Where are the "pro-family" legislators?

This clearly shows that when the rubber meets the road, politicians will turn against you. There was no question at all where this money is going. But just about all of them decided to take the easy way out.

Only 10 out of 200. Rather than list the many who sold out, we'll list the few who didn't. Out of 160 House members, only 10 voted against both of these increases.  They are: (all Republicans) Reps. Jones, Rogeness, Peterson, Lepper, deMacedo, Evangelidis, Perry, Poirier, Polito, Webster.

How did this happen?

The short answer is that the homosexual lobby scares them more than we do. Think about that.

For this upcoming fiscal year, Massachusetts is facing a revenue shortfall of well over a billion dollars. Yet your legislators are willing to give hardcore homosexual activists $750,000 of taxpayer money to use unsupervised in the public schools.

The homosexual group MassEquality is already bragging that they worked overtime to pressure state reps to vote for this money. They met with them one-on-one. They leaned on them hard. They threatened them And guess what? Finally, even "good" ones caved in and sold out your kids.

How this money gets spent

This is every parent's nightmare. This money is put in direct control of the Mass. Commission for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, which includes the most radical groups and individuals in the state. The two main leaders are a woman with a beard and sideburns and a man who cross-dresses. They see their next frontier as the transgender movement, which they promote heavily in addition to homosexuality and bisexuality. They set up homosexual clubs in high schools and middle schools, fund and put on homosexual programs and assemblies, They organize homosexual curriculum in the elementary schools. They often work directly with kids, with no outside supervision. Furthermore, they intimidate and threaten school officials who balk at allowing their activities. They also put on extra-curricular activities off-campus, such as the "Youth Pride" march and the "transgender prom", alone with kids.

Transgender members of the Commission have even organized a "Trans Youth Summit" on June 28 for "youth 24 and under" (i.e., kids mixed with adults).

Using the force of law. Moreover, with the recent federal court ruling in the David Parker case, the state can "legally" push homosexuality and transgenderism as much as it wants in the schools. Schools do not have to allow any opt-out. Schools do not have to notify parents. They don't even have to tell parents after the fact what they did.

They will do all this and more with your $750,000 - being handed to the homosexual activists.

What's next?

It's not over.  The 2009 budget now goes to the Massachusetts Senate. Yesterday the Senate Ways and Means Committee began to work on it. This committee can add or take out budget items or change amounts. They've already started their work. That process should take about two weeks, we're told.

Around May 20, the Senate Ways and Means Committee will present its version of the budget to the full Senate for a vote, or for amendments.

After the Senate passes its version of the budget a hand-picked conference committee will work out the differences. Then it gets submitted to the governor.